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Friday, April 28, 2006

yeah...why be one anyway?XDDate:April 28, 2006

So teh day has finally come, hehehe.

Aaaand since its my b-day and I have like this little myotaku tradition to give you something special today here's what I came up this year, enjoy!

and if it doesn't work somehow here's the link for you to listen:


....well for whatever reason your not able to listen to this, wither is because you don't have or they won't work speakers OR more probably don't get what I'm saying *laughs* here's what I'm saying there hehe

"Hey everyone!Shadow's here!!
....actually its shadow's voice *giggles*
How's everyone doing?Good? Thats wonderful!I'm pretty good myself....no actually, I'm exploding of happiness! *more giggling*
I know you must be thinking ďwhy the hell Iím doing thisĒ, I wanted to do something original, I was going to do a card but you know it takes much time and I thought ďhey why not doing a voice clip?Ē, since some of you havenít heard my voice yet, so hereís your chance, I know, I know this seems wierd but hey its different And original now isnít it?
I just hope you understand what Iím saying *giggles* if not, fear not! If you scroll down you have what Iíve said and you can read it, can you see it?

[Knowing how curious some of you are, Iím pretty sure your reading this now arenít you?]

I truly hope you enjoy this, though!

I had like such an amazing time last night, I got home from work and like all my family was awake and waiting for my arrive, there were so cute!There were many hugs/kisses/pinches *giggles* gooosh so much love was there it could melt the whole North Pole!Can you believe it?*again giggles*
I've got so many gifts!My mom gave me this huge book from "Mao" the chinese governer, its about his private AND all the little naughty details about what he've done, its really huge and heavy *boy again giggles*, but I'm so glad because it means my mom finally accepting my big crave for Asian stuff, although Mao is like a heavy stuff to be read *giggles* but happy with the gift nonetheless, should be interesting to read it. *I'm smilling which you can't really see...again XD*, she also gave me this two big bottles one that makes bubbles bath and another of bath gel, aww she knows me so well, I'm a bubble bath whore, that's right bubble bath whore *giggles*, my older brother gave me this big sweet pack of pamper things, you know more bath gell and the sweetest smell I ever smelled it on a champoo, I'm in love for it!I wish you could like smell me right now, I smell soooo niiiiice!*laughs*
AAAAAnd the other brother gave me Tomb Raider: The legend!!!Oh my gosh you guys can't believe how much excited I was when I got that!I was impatiently waiting for it, lara croft is a goodess and everyone knows that, the videogame its AWESOME!I wasn't expecting less, but you know the previous one did disappointed me, heh don't expect much about me lately I'll be with Lara's company exploring the tombs!*giggles*
Someone wanna come?
Aaand then after all that love session I took a well deserved bath, bubble bath of course and went straight online, after awhile everyone started to get on, (except one person though tskkkkk), I must tell you I'm the luckiest girl ever alive in this world, I was so pampered yesterday, I have the bestest BESTEST friends ever, they made me feel the luckiest and special girl, some naughty tears rolled over my face a few times with some things they said, saddly I was caught being online at 3am and I didn't want to leave, seriously!I wouldn't mind being on all night long with them! OOOOh I opened my gift with you know who, I loved my gifts wearing one of them now!Its so beautifull!Thanks you know who!

My lovedoves thanks so much for making last night so special and memorable, its craved on my heart forever... Your my boys and girls and you know how much I love you don't you?
I dreamed with you guys last night and it was such a lovely dream where were all together hugging and chatting and drinking tea!!*giggles*
I DID felt your hugs there, and it was awesome....I wish it was true though...
.....today every hour that passes I'll be closing my eyes and I'll see you all surrounding me, and I'll remember that dream.... and I feel complete *silence*

......*teary giggling* aww I better stop this or I'll like start crying hard *teary giggling* oh man Iím so silly sometimes...

*more silence* I'm silence now because I'm virtually hugging all of you!LOVEEEE YOU!!!!!*laughs*

Just one more thing though today's my Evil birthday, she's turning 16!!16!Can you believe that?!
Go to her site and give her a shout!Sheís needís....she needs to know sheís loved you know and because she's an awesome AWESOME and truly lovable girl!!
Happy birthday sweet ALexa!I hope you have many many many many many manry more years and we can be stuck and enjoying together our birthdays till you achieved 100 years old!*laughs* Have a wonderfull day love!Seriously you deserve it!

Okay I shut up now *giggles* Hope you like this and I hope I was understandable too*giggles*
Big kisses and hugs Iíll see you next year!

I giggled way to many times don't I?


Have a nice day everyone <3

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