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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Hey everyone!So I'm finally feeling a bit better, which is really not bad, heh I've miss being healthy again heh. Well life keeps going on, there's really nothing new to tell you guys, so yeah I'm just letting you know, I'm better still a little lethargic and coughing but as time passes by my body is getting healthy again, oh yeah there's still one week ahead for my birthday but I already got two gifts from two beauitfull people, my lovely kitty (Sephy) gave me such a beautifull card, I cried so hard when I read it, and Hinaru mailed me a cute orange and white box, my it was such a nice surprise, when the first thing I've saw was that cute box in the morning, I haven't opened it yet though, but I peeked!
Hehe, yeah I'm shameless, after all he asked me not to peek or open it before the day and I peeked ah but I didn't saw anything, it was too dark inside, darnish! XP

Thanks so much for the gifts loves, it makes me feel so loved and special, heh and I kinda do need to be reminded I'm still loved <3

Oh one last thing, Hinaru just graduated!Go congratulate [him]!Congrats once again pillow!

Enjoy the new theme everyone and I'll see you someday...

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