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Monday, April 24, 2006

Darn rainSo I'm not sure why I'm updating since really nothing really happened that interesting to be told here, I guess I just felt like posting, haha. x]
But anyway let's make this usefull shall we?
Hmmm...I'm healthy again, yes you heard well, I still have those crazy and irratating coughing sessions now and then though I don't wake up or get tired so easily anymore, that's really a HUGE plus on the work I must do.

This damn flu was the worst I ever got till now, usually it only takes like 7 or 10 days right?Mine took like 3 weeks, 3 weeks!Can you believe that?
But what matters is I'm healthy once again and it feels really good to be that way!

Oh!I just remembered something!

Yesterday was such a beautifull sunny warm day, it felt like summer had finally come and it didn't rain!
My family went to this holliday here, its such a beautifull one, they like make this drawings on the floor with flowers and leaves, the streets smell so well and the drawings are just WOW!
Its really beautifull and worth being seen. I remember going to it every year since baby, I think. Unfortenaly I couldn't go this year because I had work boo, so I was left behind, BUUT don't think I stayed home till it was time to go to work, it was too nice outside to waste it like that, so I woke up brushed my teeth, drank some latte, got dressed, took the bus and wandered around the city for countless hours with my sister's mp3.

Oh man let me tell you, the city was like desert no life soul was there, the stores were closed it was perfect, I must say it was truly wonderfull time I had, for the first time in my life I didn't thought about anything, anything at all!
Just wandered around with no destiny for countless hours while the sun was keeping me warm, the wind keeping me fresh while the background music was playing....PERFECT!

It was like I somehow borned once again, hmmm maybe not.... its really hard to describe the feeling you know?But I definitely tell you it was truly refreshing to the soul...

When it was time to go to work I was in a such good mood the ladies I work told me my skin was like shinning and that they missed seeing me with such bright colours, smilling, laughing, talking you know just like playing around, they told me I lost my colours since I've got sick, and were getting worried, but now they were happy for me.
Heh it was nice to hear that and honnestly I was really feeling well and still am, maybe not like yesterday, shame that today the sun got shy and it might start rainning once again, but you know it doesn't matter, I had a wonderfull day yesterday, which I can easily remember the warm of the sun on my face and the wind softly sweaping my hair, if I close my eyes. Nice isn't it? *smilles*

Guess I had something to talk after all ne?


I hope you have a wonderfull day yourself. <3

[ Edit: Oh and James if by any chance your reading this, you should be ashamed of yourself, because you should be studying for those exams, tsk *giggles* but anyway if your reading this I'm cheering you over here, you'll do great on them, gambatte and.... *shows a bottle of champaigne* =P /Edit]

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