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Monday, May 1, 2006


my love for you all is eternalDate:May 1st, 2006

Hey everyone!I'm sorry I haven't said anything this last days after my birthday but heh I've been quite busy =P

This will be quick because I've got to jet pretty soon, me and the family are going out to celebrate my birthday since I was working on the current day hehe...

I just want to say that I'm so happy to hear you guys liked my little voice clip I showed you on that day, it truly made my day reading your comments, it also made my day all the late night chats I've been having with my wonderfull loves in msn, its a shame that my mom caught me most of the times *giggles*, and also made my day the cards some of you sent me, which I'll show you all on my next update...to ALL of you my deep and honnest THANK YOU!!
You guys made my birthday be such a wonderfull time and there's no way I can thank you enough for that, so I'm just going to send you lots of love and hugs on your way *hugs*

Aya gotta go now...see you next time...oooh I've changed the theme btw, I adore how it looks now, hope you like it too <3

Have a nice day everyone <3

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