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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Hmm...I wasn't planning to update today but since I've got a few minutes [while eating my yogurt xD, see I'm eating =P], it'll be usefull to just update and tell you whats been going on on my side of the world aaand tell you my plans for what I'll be doing because heh I'm going to be far more busy now [booo].
This is the first time I'm actually going to look back and see what I've been through and going to pass through so it'll be more of memo for my ownself buut shared with you all, so enjoy somehow =P and a big advanced "Thank you" to whoever reads it.

So shall we start already?

Well I think it would be wised to start writting what actually happened on my birthday, after all what I've told you was the night before where I actually waited to 12:05 am to come heh, [it was such a crazy night =P].
The actual day was alright well only the afternoon was bad, the morning was cute my dad once again woke me up with a kiss and called me "butterfly" and that always so...well you know, just brings you tears to your eyes and the feeling is overwhelming, mom was also there so it was quite special moment for me, went to the kitchen and my sister litteraly runned and jumped to my lap [mind you although I'm older my sister is taller then I] so yeah I almost had an heart attack aaaand I just don't know how could I stand with her on my feet, hehe, crazy sister.
Soon enough I had to head off I was feeling pretty well but by the end of the day and when I got off of work...well I cried on the bus through all the trip back home, I won't say why, it was just a very bad day at work, but then when I got home everyone was still up so I felt a bit ridiculous to just waste my day that way so I swept away my tears and shoved it from my heart, I had a fantastic night with all my loves company, so I really can't complain in the end ne?
Had a fantastic time on my two days off later on, we went out to celebrate my day so yeah very amuzing times.

Got payed a few days later soo that was very nice belated gift =P

A few weeks later got a very hard time but after a few time, things work out for the best.

Since then not much has happened, really.

I still need to do more sign ups, I yet need to sign up for this course that just seems so interesting, I never ever would have guessed on the past that I'd probably get interested on that but right now it seems challenging, I need to sign up soon or I won't get a place, oh its Journalism btw, yeah very wierd thing coming from me x]

Mom advised me to sign up for a debate kinda of thing, you know when your hmmmmm "Mayor"?Tell you whats his plan for the future and you like basically say your opinion about it, yeah seems interesting and this way who knows I might find my path ah, yeah right haha. I yet need to sign up for that too.

I also need to mail something to someone, heh it was suppose to mail it on Monday but blah I couldn't so James I'm sorry if you don't get it on the actual day, I'll see if I can mail it today and who knows with some luck it might actually get to you in time. I hope so anyway.

I've also need to reply a bunch of pm's I've got these days, heh [sorry for the delay!].

I've also have to do some papers for the job thing.

Oh boy there's lots of people who's mad or going to be mad at me:

My travel agent [I need to go to him and plan things out really soon before this months end and the vacancies runs out]

My doctor [oh yeah when she sees how much weight I've lost...yeah I'm toasted]

aaaand probably a few more people I told I was going to say, show up aaaand I didn't, bleh.

I'm seriously in trouble there's so much to do and so little time.

Oh and last but not least!I've got a huge package two days ago, it was full of goodies and love....I'm in love for this person even more, been hugging my mini-version of her every morning. And this person is Vicky, I so looove you babe!Thanks once again for the gift!*glomps*

Yeeeeeeeep thats my very summarize memo about whats happening or going to happen, heh I know its huge but believe me I took alot of things out, I've just told you the more important ones the original one its saved on my computer to remind myself of how lazy I've been and all the things I need to do. XD

Oh one last thing!Thanks so much for your cute comments about my new layout *hugs*

Have a good day and wish me luck! x]

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