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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby, don't you cry

You guys can calm down now.

Jenny and I are friends and we never were fighting.

You might be pissed but it was just an example of how easy it is to be an convincing liar on the internet. Call it a demonstration and blame it on Pete Wentz.

Point being is she and I never fought we were talking on the phone through it all, she's in Milwaukee this weekend so that's why she's not around.

Anyway, we apologize if anyone was saddened or angry by that.

Strippers tonight. :D



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Friday, April 24, 2009

The fires in their eyes and their words are really clear

listening to: beat it-fall out boy

writing: attempting song challenge

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

belinda: i love creative writing srs.

jamo: yes, they are ridiculous!

jenny: you actually fucking think i want to talk to you? you must be fucking insane.

romantica: well, the spring semester is only for 8 weeks.

stef: that's because i've been involved in one too many myo wars for my liking. but how can you hate emo boys when lavi showed us that picture and he's emo? hmm.

zakuro: crap, i forgot about her too! lol poor london! but yeah omg you don't know how happy i was that natalie went home.

Afterall I don't think I'm going to register for spring classes, there's nothing I'm really interested in taking this semester.

Jenny and I aren't friends anymore, you don't need to know why.

In other news, I kinda screwed up and invested too much in him and now I actually do care about him and that's weird and dangerous and stupid. And no, that paragraph isn't about Danny or Greg.

Heard my cousin is doing better, so, that's good.

That's all for the moment, my kittens are still sick though.



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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doc, there's a hole where something was

listening to: the TV

writing: eh, possibly college story thing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

steph: yeah, i noticed that not a lot of people had updated.

jenny: lol i had been hoping you'd notice.

emily: i am sure there is a conspiracy where the mail carriers are stealing the coffee i send you!

In regards to the lying, I'm not going to call the person out directly because I don't want to embarress them or cause another myo war.

All I can say is that maybe if you send someone a pic and say "That's me!!!" Then maybe you should make sure that same picture can't be found when you google image search emo boys.

Annnnyywaaay, I'm really disappointed in myself because I misunderstood an assignment I had to do which led me to get a low grade on it which led to my GPA dropping, it's a B now but meh.

Having terrible scheduling issues with getting registered for classes but it's set for today since I don't have any classes at all.



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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

See, I got this problem and I need help trying to solve it

listening to: cookie jar-gym class heroes

writing: spencer x brendon fluff

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: well, we all get lazy so it's fine :D

jenny: having naughty dreams about me again? For shame.

zakuro: oh yea, it was quite a happy surprise! i think i'm going to end up registering today too. oh yeah, tallia went home, did natalie go home yet? the really stuck up girl? because i don't like her.

I didn't end up registering for classes yesterday, today most likely, after my classes are over.

Had my psych class and we got our projects back and okay, normally I try really hard on my work but I was just so overwhelmed last week that I really half assed that project so, I was sure I'd get a D or something on it.

But it turns out I got a 90. I don't even know how that happened, it must have been better than I thought or my professor really likes me.

Found out that there's someone round here who's lying about who they really are, stop lying we figured it out already. Kay?


Sad news though. My cousin Jonathan is in the hospital. He's in a wheelchair and he's been sick all his life, he's 32 now and the doctors have always said he wouldn't live past like, 21 years old.

Well, I guess he couldn't breath well and they took him to the hospital and like he stopped breathing there so they got him one of those ventilation tubes so he could breath. He's in intesive care but he's a fighter so I sorta have a feeling that he'll make it through.

I think I got the commenting problem sorted out so you should expect comments from me.



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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Violins will swell in memory of what we used to call in love

listening to: fell in love without you-motion city soundtrack

writing: song challenge number 4

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: spencer smith does not need to know how creepy i am, thanks much. you're very clever and still full of win and i did make you a powerpoint and greg is still ftl.

So, the test I thought I did bad on I actually did really damn well on, kept up my streak of 19/20, I know I have a definite 4.0 in that class.

Blah, I did get marked off by 10 points on my presentation in my other class because apparently my paper wasn't long enough. w/e I still got a good grade going.

I need to hurry and decide what classes to take for my spring semester. They're not offering a lot of good stuff though so I really have no clue.

Blah, I hate night class. Good thing my semester ends next week.

I just really want it to be summer now.

Also my comp is being a bit wonky so, if you didn't get a comment from me I apologize but I did read your posts!



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Saturday, April 18, 2009

But her eyes saved his life in the middle of summer

listening to: when the day met the night-panic at the disco

writing: attempting song challenge #5

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

nightshade: i think the friendship will be fine thanks for your concern.

lavi: woop, go lavi. *gives internet cookies*

jenny: someday if i stop being lazy i'll make you a ryden powerpoint because i actually enjoy powerpoint making.

The presentation on Wednesday went fine. I was a little nervous and felt like I was talking too fast but Pam said I didn't, though apparently I do play with my hair when I get nervous.

Tru fax.

So, basically Greg drove his fourteen year old girlfriend so crazy that now her parents are sending her to some program. Yeah...I don't want any of that, thanks.

Had an observation yesterday but couldn't go because of the car, basically now I'm gonna have to pull it out of my ass.

I bought some pansy flowers yesterday and named them Spencer, stfu I name flowers so what?

Gaia can be lolful at times.

Jenny is often ftw.

I'm excited yet nervous for May.



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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't you ever feel like you've been destined for something bigger than your own skin?

listening to: it's true love-razia's shadow

writing: fixing up my powerpoint

icon of the day:

Thanks for all your concerns. I managed to finish both projects but I will admit my psychology one is not up to par. It's so complicated that I really don't get it.

According to Jenny and my brother I have awesome powerpoint skills.

My presentation is today. I'm a little nervous and just hope Murphy's law kicks in. First person to tell me what Murphy's law is gets the internet cookies.

I also bombed my psych test. Which, really it's surprising because I really was sure I knew the answers to the questions. Hopefully my extra credit will be enough to push me to a C average.

I hope I'm not screwing up the best friendship I ever had. D:



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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You know you're right if you just held yourself up to the light

listening to: a friday night in d major-504 plan

writing: something i'll probably show to no one else.

icon of the day:
that actually really fits my mood right about now.

Sorry, I haven't updated like I usually do, not a lot has been happening.

I have a lot to do this week actually. I have a project due tomorrow as well as a test in the same class and on Wednesday I have a presentation to do as well as a test in a different class.

The presentation scares me but I know I just gotta bite the bullet and do it.

I'm having a slight panic attack like I did back when I was graduating.

I'll be fine once this week's over.

I hate when I can be a bitch for no really good reason.

I'm not mad at you, I promise.

Observation today at nine in the morning as well so that's just one more thing to throw on top of my workload.

Eff you college.

Anyway, I really miss you guys.



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Thursday, April 9, 2009

She said

listening to: round here-panic at the disco cover

writing: song challenge thing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

lavi: i'm just trying to eat more healthy. Yeah, i think my grandma is alright now.

jenny: hey, i had intended on going to school but i kinda didn't have a ride. :B

I think Greg and his girlfriend might break up soon because her parents don't like him. Well no shit, it's because she's 14 and you're 17. Idiot.

Regardless, I don't think I'll date him because he's too good of a friend or the fact that I know far too much about him to adequetly date him.

Car got fixed but as soon as we fixed the breaks the headlight went out. -_- I swear to god.

I think I'll need a haircut again soon.

Also, the power company shut the electricity on our street for like six hours today.

clandestinecass@FUCKCITY now that you're on tour do you still keep up with lost?

FUCKCITY@clandestinecass shit, thats easy. ,itunes. duh. haha-a

^ Yes, that is Andy Hurley talking to me on twitter about the tv show Lost. He is quickly becoming my favorite Fob member ever.

Feel free to stalk my twitter btw.



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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You won't ever get too far from me

listening to: makedamnsure-taking back sunday

writing: nothing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: i said it wasn't your fault. it's still not. i am so sorry my site is obnoxiously colored.

belinda: lol cause all the celebs love me. no, andy's the only one i've gotten to talk back but i swear one of these days i'll get jon.

zakuro: yeah, you might not remember that because i think only three people commented on that post, it was kinda a long one so i don't blame anyone! lol. i might use the frogs again but idk. they were cute though.

The court thing went fine. More like they were only there for two hours, didn't actually have to do anything since Chad [the neighbor] pleaded guilty so yeah, they just had to be there. They did get $8 though so yeah.

I swear, that car we got. We fix one thing on it and another breaks. It's infuriating. Now there's something wrong with the breaks.

Should be a pretty easy day at school today.

Have you guys ever heard of these things called Pearapples? they're supposed to be pears and apples combined. I bought a couple to try them out. I'll let you know if they're as good as grapples [grapes and apples] cause those things are awesome.

I've kinda started a diet so we'll see how that goes.

I think I'm an insomniac now.

Grandma got out of the hospital and is at home now so that's good. It was touch and go for a while.

Still can't fix that one problem and homework this weekend.



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