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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I burnt out my defenses now everything I say is taken as offensive

listening to: honorable mention-fall out boy

writing: flippin' music homework

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jamo: no you're not a bad myo friend!

roseeyes: i don't think i'm very blunt...i dunno. no, your posts aren't weird.

jenny: no love the patrick? your comments are weird. lol.

A little less distraction, a little more ambition.

I didn't end up going to class yesterday, I was just stupid, a bad situation. I can get notes for my missed classes probably and I emailed my one professor about turning in my assignment late. So it should all be squared up.

This computer chair is fucking up my back, might be those stupid little desks in the classrooms too.

Observation to do again today. Going to a new school and watching kids again for the standard two hours, I'm not so sure this one will be as easy as my other.

Our van is broken down still, as far as I know it's in a parking lot near my grandma's house. I don't know if they're gonna tow it or not...I hope not. I still don't really know what's wrong with it. But I hear the labor costs a lot.

Dad's taking me to my observation today and he didn't want to pick me up because his girlfriend is a total bitch and doesn't trust him to go anywhere by himself but he's just going to have to because there's not other option.

Things to do:

Observations [that's right two]
Music submission one
Music test
Hannah's Wedding

College, you're a bitch.



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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, it seems I'm someone I never met

listening to: that green gentleman-panic at the disco

writing: nothing tonight

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

belinda: sometimes spencer needs to prove he's a man. lol, really? my post has the power to violate people? sweet.

romantica: well, i don't have enough to get an ipod or a zune now, just get the same type of mp3 player i had before. i mean after i graduated high school and before i started college i took a long time off where i didn't do anything.

roseeyes: um..well, lets see. i graduated in june and didn't start college until january so, seven months.

emily: the only one i approve of sucking on spencer are any member of panic or fall out boy...or any other band boy. i still don't know why it was cancelled.

jenny: ryan sucks everyone peens.

stephy: i'm just a night owl so i'm always up late.

Have my posts become irrevelant? I feel like I used to post more general things and now I just post about things I like and know about thus creating loads of confusion for those not in the know.

Or maybe I'm just not used to new myo friends.

Anyhoo, next semester I'm definitly not taking any night classes because it's too hard for me to want to leave my house when there's other stuff to do.

I perfer the morning because no one else is around anyway so, I'm not missing anything.

Class was alright, I tried to talk to more people, which I did. I like that class because everyone is like a little village or something, we're oddly close for only seeing one another once a week.

I also learned a better way to take notes for myself.

Unfortunately our van broke down while I was at school and I ended up at school for an hour after class was over waiting for my cousin and mom to come get me.

My dad is taking me to class tomorrow but he also has to take my brother so now I have to get up the same time as my bro which is six in the morning. And I'm going to leave with my dad and go back to his house until he drops me off an hour early at school. Hopefully he's going to pick us up too.

Ah, well, sleep now I suppose, god knows it won't be enough...



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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boomerange my head back to the city I grew up in

listening to: lake effect kid-fall out boy

writing: nothing but i'm attempting to pull together the new apocalypse diaries chapter tonight.

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: i'm not a big fan of screamo.

stephy: that's probably because i update after midnight. i don't play the xbox my brother does so don't feel so left out. thanks for the strawberry btw.

megan: gears is soooo boring. all it is is shooting and crap and ugh, repeative. lol nuck totally imed me and talked to me about music for like fifteen mintues before he got yelled at to go to bed.

The new mp3 player I bought just a couple weeks ago broke today just randomly. I was in my dads car and it just suddenly stopped working. It won't charge or anything. Fuck, at least I have the reciept and the package and I'm going to take it back.

Assingments are creeping up on me. My time off between high school and college has made me soooo lazy and unwilling to work. But today, for real I'm doing what I need to do, which will be easy because I won't have class or many other distractions.

One of my classes ended up getting canceled yesterday so I called my mom to come get me but because she's lazy she blew me off and didn't bother to come get me until the time I normally get out of school. God, I was so bored after Pam left and I had read the remainder of my AP magazine.

The emo game is most awkward game ever.

Jenny and I spent a good amount of the night talking about bandom, and being all up in FBR business. Ryan and Keltie broke up so yeah..everything was a little crazy.

My dad came over and it drives me crazy how overprotective of me sometimes. I can't even stare at the Gabe Saporta look-a-like at the video store without him being like "Don't do that, you're my baby girl."

He also creeped on Jenny. Lol.

Random aim messages from Nick ftw.

Gotta go make my bed.



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Monday, February 16, 2009

Maybe one day I'll believe that we're all a part of some bigger plan

listening to: guilty pleasure-cobra starship

writing: nothing tonight though i did just finish that rywalk

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

stephy: buying clothes is always fun!

taintedsanity: i wasn't like super happy or anything just my normal smile.

jamo: i'm sorry you had a bad day.

roseeyes: yeah, but guys don't check out six year olds and that's what this lady was accusing.

jenny: my fuuuun!

Very unproductive weekend except for how I finished that fic. I think I'm gonna just take my music book with me to school tomorrow and do some of it during my break. I don't think it has to be turned in until the end of this month.

xbox live is annoying, gears of war is even more annoying.

Dnw school today, my brother doesn't have school and I do. Blah. A part of me feels like I'm not taking this how college thing seriously enough. Ah, well, can't let shit get to me.

I do a good job, I do my work.

The lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon is hot.

Making babies on Myspace is entertaining.

Talking to Jenny and Megan is ftw.

Sleep time nao.



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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've been let loose and now I'm climbing up the walls

listening: one of those nights-the cab

writing: untitled rywalk

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: i'm psychic yo! well, hopefully they will tour again i just don't see it happening for a very long time because pete won't want to leave until bronx is mobile. i liked the first fable game but not so much the second one.

Got a new washer, well, not new since it's kinda old but we got it off craigslist so yeah. It's not fully hooked up yet and it's blocking my room.

Went to the mall and bought some cute new clothes. I took a couple pics of myself let's see if it works.

Well, you can't see it very well but it's a zebra jacket and a white shirt under it with a black vest and a necklace that came with the shirt.

This woman accused my brother of being a pedophile at the mall, either that or of giving her daughter dirty looks. We were like wtf? because that was waaay out of line. He didn't even do anything.

I need to have more will power and less creative drive to write stories and more creative drive to do my music appreciation homework.

The night is stil young...kinda.

Did everyone have a good valentines day?



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Saturday, February 14, 2009

if you die right now, you know that'd i'd die too

listening to: pop punk is soooo 05'-cobra starship

writing: ha ha you don't even wanna know

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: i wonder if we were friends in past lives. *ponder* i think we broke our aim record now but i'm not sure because my im's aren't timestamped. looks like neither of us are going to go to the fob concert.

Sad news. I am not going to the True Believers Never Die Fall Out Boy. It's not sold out but there's no way in hell I'm paying that much money for those sucky seats, not to mention the lack of a ride. It's desperately depressing but I guess I gotta have faith that they will tour again.

To make myself feel better I ordered band shirts. A Fob one, a Panic one, a Cab one, and a Tai one. Due to some misfortune I had to cancel one of them [the tai one] but I'll order it later.

Definitly gonna do my homework today since I won't be distracted.

My brother got an Xbox 360 today and the game Fable.

I think I might be going to a hockey game today but I'm not sure.

I feel like I need to clear the air with someone but I don't know. Meh.

Happy valentines day yo.



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Friday, February 13, 2009

when you wake up the world will come around

listening to: lullabye-fall out boy

writing: hsne [aim style]

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: i'll never be able to eat ham without thinking about jon.

belinda: lol as long as panic doesn't kill the piggies i think they're fine.

emily: i do like how it smells after the rain.

jenny: i can't make friends with you, we're already friends.

I finally transfered all my music from my old mp3 player to my new one. Plus i got a million more songs.

I love how Jenny and I can spend almost a whole day on aim. We're just that awesome.

Since I got my new computer I've been letting it eat my brain. Gotta stop doing that. I'll probably work on some college stuff on Saturday because Jenny will be in Milwaukee.

Oh my god, nothing to talk about. I've become so boring.

EDIT* [Because I do that kinda thing at 4:20 in the morning]

.I love Midtown and a slightly serious Gabe.

.I drastically need to put money on my prepaid card to order FOB tickets/panic merch.

.Clandestine should make larger sizes! Damn you Wentz.

.I have three versions of the song Slow Motion on my mp3 player.

.I like how everything in my life comes back to music somehow.



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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Isn't it messed up how i'm just dying to be her

listening to: sugar, we're going down-fall out boy

writing: apocalypse diaries

icon of the day:
Lost fans holla

Cassie's Comment Corner:

roseeyes: yeah, i'm bad at math too.

jenny: we're seriously amazing people. The less creepy versions of spencer and ryan.

belinda: ha, you were the last person i was waiting to pimp that out to so, i'm glad you saw it.

I didn't have such a great day at school but I don't really know why.

Esp, empathy for Jenny dunno.

It rained and I got soaked in the morning fucking my hair up the rest of the day.

I did make a new friend sorta. She seems really caring and friendly. I consider this a step because I'm the one to talked to her.

I get full points for my observation so go me.

Yeah, so you guys should leave me song suggestions because I'm filling up my new mp3 player with songs.

watch this if only for jon's rap about cheeseburgers.



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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I want it so bad I'd shoot the sunshine into my veins

listening to: 27-fall out boy

writing: the apocalypse diaries

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: psssh, me? read porn? you must be out of your mind darling. We're epic.


folie a deux 16: HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT.

clandestinecassi: fire away

folie a deux 16: that sounds like code for blowing your load

folie a deux 16: LOL I YELLED AT ZACK
clandestinecassi: he handles that stuff
folie a deux 16: LOL AT ME
clandestinecassi: YOU'RE MY HERO


clandestinecassi: i dun like hippy spencer
folie a deux 16: HE SCARES ME TBH

clandestinecassi: current occupation:
clandestinecassi: selling fire in hellk
folie a deux 16: selling fire in hell
clandestinecassi: *l
folie a deux 16: I GOT IT RIGHT
clandestinecassi: eff you i was trying to beat you
clandestinecassi: cause i knew you were doing it too

folie a deux 16: we are the fucking equivalent of a gay couple. i don't give a fuck if you're not gay.

clandestinecassi: that baby is fug
folie a deux 16: hence it must be mine
clandestinecassi: ..............
folie a deux 16: i am the fug

I'm disappointed in myself because i bombed my psych test.



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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Honey Is For Bees Silly Bear

listening to: otp (get it on)-james butterworth

writing: apocalypse diaries because it makes krissy have the happy face

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: if you can make tacos and not laugh at him when he gets scared of bottles then i think you're set.

jenny: i blame the fisting on you. gtfo clay aiken.

You guys need to watch this video:

THIS GUY IS MY OWN PERSONAL HERO! Sorry to those girlies who I already pimped this out to.

I forgot my bookbag yesterday and it figures the one day i don't have my book was the day I needed it. Meh, it all worked out in the end.

The library computer lab was closed so I sat on the bences outside of my second class and read Alternative Press magazine.

I tried to chat a little. I'm really trying hard to get to know people when there's an opportunity.

I'm up to two now. I need to meet some boys.

Got my cable internet yesterday and now I can do anything on the internet. It's amazing. But youtube and aim eats up all my time.

I keep forgetting to save the conversations that Jenny and I have. Because they are that epic.

It's raining and I'm happy for that.

Oh, you might have noticed I have a new song on my site. And you might have noticed that it matches someone elses song.


It's the hidden Fall Out Boy track, Bronx's lullabye. It's so sweet and I'm addicted to it.



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