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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

See, I got this problem and I need help trying to solve it
listening to: cookie jar-gym class heroes

writing: spencer x brendon fluff

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Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: well, we all get lazy so it's fine :D

jenny: having naughty dreams about me again? For shame.

zakuro: oh yea, it was quite a happy surprise! i think i'm going to end up registering today too. oh yeah, tallia went home, did natalie go home yet? the really stuck up girl? because i don't like her.

I didn't end up registering for classes yesterday, today most likely, after my classes are over.

Had my psych class and we got our projects back and okay, normally I try really hard on my work but I was just so overwhelmed last week that I really half assed that project so, I was sure I'd get a D or something on it.

But it turns out I got a 90. I don't even know how that happened, it must have been better than I thought or my professor really likes me.

Found out that there's someone round here who's lying about who they really are, stop lying we figured it out already. Kay?


Sad news though. My cousin Jonathan is in the hospital. He's in a wheelchair and he's been sick all his life, he's 32 now and the doctors have always said he wouldn't live past like, 21 years old.

Well, I guess he couldn't breath well and they took him to the hospital and like he stopped breathing there so they got him one of those ventilation tubes so he could breath. He's in intesive care but he's a fighter so I sorta have a feeling that he'll make it through.

I think I got the commenting problem sorted out so you should expect comments from me.



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