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Monday, March 2, 2009

Demolition Lovers

listening to: demolition lovers-my chemical romance

writing: slow motion

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

roseeyes: my dad is a very nice person. it's just he doesn't live with us or come around all that often in the past so i don't talk about him as much as i do my mom.

stephy: i'm glad you like it! i really like it too. i'm going to be sleeping in through out my spring break lol.

romantica: well, i might just take you up on that offer but i have no idea what i want. hmmm i'll probably send you a message with some deets and we can go from there.

zakuro: ha, i loved that post it thing from the moment i saw it. lol it's always been the same van, the poor little thing.

I moved my bed back to where I had it before my wall decided to be an emo kid and cry all over itself.

The snow is mostly over with by now but the only thing is now my posters are across on the other side of the room and they practically got destroyed the first time I moved them so they're staying where they are at for now.

It's zero degrees out and my idiot family thinks it's a good idea to open the front door. *facepalm*

I gave into the masses and got a twitter, anyone else got one? I made Jenny come back to twitter. Thanks alot Ryan Ross.

In other news, I want an otter.

In a second other news, it's hilarious to read fic with your best friend.

In the third news, school again tomorrow and I think I'm getting back my test from my second class but I also think we got to do some kind of embaressing group project in my first.


Spring break in seven days.



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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I spoke to you in japanese

listening to: love letter from japan-the bird and the bee

writing: slow motion

icon of the day:
ha ha jenny

Cassie's Comment Corner:

emily: lol yeah, if we wind up at warped we should totally meet up somewhere and hang for a bit. i find naked joe more lol worthy then sexy.

jenny: i didn't think i was going to like them either but they're not as hardcore as i thought so i can handle it. does he remind you of danny? because my mom thought it was him lol.

romantica: i don't party a whole lot unless it's with my friends because that's always fun.

So, new month, new theme.

You like? I do. It's something I've never really done so yeah, I think it's cute. And I so didn't want to do some kind of stereotypical shamrock or irish type thing all month.

New song as well, it's Escape The Fate, thanks Jenny. Lol actually I had heard this song a long time ago but then remembered and liked it so I had Jenny put it on for me.

I could totally do it myself but old habits die hard you know.

Oh, my avatar is new too, I made it so it isn't all that great but I really like it. What do you guys think?

Also, see my fancy lil post-it thingie? Cute right? Leave me a message on it sometime.

My dad came over and he and my brother started to fix the van. The van that my dad previously said was not worth fixing.

It's fixed now though but it took awhile and my dad, I love him, I really do because I've been a daddy's girl since I was a kid, but some of the things he does are just shitty.

He has an addiction for one.

And for two, he lied about not knowing how to fix the van just because he didn't want to do it.

Talking to Jenny is always a fun thing to do.

I can't wait for summer.

I can wait for school though bleh.

At least spring break is soon.



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Saturday, February 28, 2009

You can say you knew it all along

listening to: knew it all along-midtown

writing: nothing atm

icon of the day:
lol never get tired of naked joe

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: i will admit that spencer is scary in that last pic, zombie spencer! lol. i like that first one too mr. smith is sexay.

krissy: i pulled off a pretty good bitchface pic but only jenny was allowed to see it.

Jenny infected my mind with Escape The Fate and yes, I know she'll blame Joe but he wasn't the one who was like "Cassie listen to this sooooong!"

I am uber, super, excited about Warped 09. I shouldn't get so excited because I don't want anything bad to happen, don't wanna jinx it.

I met the hottest guy on gaia yesterday, seriously, very good looking despite how young he is.

see how i share the hottness.

My dad is being a doucheface. He's tired of giving my brother and I rides to school but I mean, I know he lives far away but he's our dad and we have no other way. Step up to the plate for once.

I wish I was brave enough to say that to his face.

The car my family was going to buy, well the dude sold it to someone else so now we're back to square one.


Nathan came back and picked my brother up and they left to go and party somewhere. I wouldn't mind going but those kids are so immature. I obviously need to start partying with people my own age.

Blah, I don't feel good.



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Friday, February 27, 2009

I never trusted anyone but somehow I trust you

listening to: like a movie-midtown

writing: slow motion

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: i do believe i am going to go scrounge up some spencer smith bitchface shots because i aim to be at his level one day.

jenny: i do believe we discussed the bitchface convo to death. i saved it purely for you because i luv yew bby. i don't make orgasmic sounds, i'm quite adorable around people fo sho.

I'm so glad people enjoy the conversation of bitchfaces but I feel I must mention the master of bitchfaces.

Mr. Spencer Smith:

Spencer Smith Pictures, Images and Photos

Spencer Smith Pictures, Images and Photos

Spencer Smith Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh yeah, fear his almighty bitchface.

It rained really hard today but I like the rain, it's raining now I think, maybe just a little.

I finally got Jenny to get on her gaia account and we had an lol worthy time. She got randomly cyberly slapped and his guy hit on us and we met Alex but I will not talk about Alex.

Our friend Nate called my brother way early tonight and asked if he could come over to drink and stuff and wanted my brother to skip school tomorrow and my brother told him no so, we thought it was over and done with.

But low and behold at one in the morning the back door opens and Nate comes pouring in along with Vonte, Sam [who I think looks like an uglier Brendon Urie], Stephanie [who my brother used to like and who Greg does like], and the other girl whose name I do not know.

They're all drunk and shit and it's really annoying and Nate can seem to take a damn hint and leave.


Drunk people are only fun when you're drunk too.

Lol at this post mostly being a reason to post Spencer Smith pictures.



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Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is more than divine decree, it's his destiny

listening to: the oracle-forgive durden

writing: nothing but i'm aiming for slow motion

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: ha ha, i did not know this but i think i talked her into at least trying to play again. oh yeah, there's def some weirdos out there in gaia land.

emily: gaia is like this game...it's hard to explain.

So, I got my test back today in my first hour and I did way better than I expected, I guess I had been expecting to do bad. But I got an A, the same grade as my first test.

I got one question wrong and two half points but I was talking to this girl who was working in my group and she got 16/20 and she was asking me what I do when I read the chapters and I was like...uh, I don't read the chapters and she was like what? then how do you get such good grades.

I have a good memory homeskillet.

After my first class I went and hunted down Chuck, my music professor and I actually managed to find him. He really intimidates me though and I don't know why. But I got his permission to take my missed music test.

I took the test and it wasn't as bad as I thought, I think I did pretty well on it. I did a lot of guessing or just logically eliminating things. I don't read those chapters either because that book is horrid.

I wrote a bit during my break and listened to blantant flirting.

Had a midterm in my second class and here I was expecting this huge hard test but there were only 20 questions and I was done so fast, seriously, I was the second person done but the first to turn in that test.

I'm sure I did well on that one.

We got early and Pam and I saw one of the hottest guys ever, ah he had such pretty hair and all lean and slender and nice. Mmmhmm.

Then Pam left and my dad came and got me and now I don't have to worry about anything for a couple days. It feels good.

Still working on getting that car.

My brother's basketball team lost their game by three points.

Jenny and I are the female versions of Ryan and Spencer. There is no doubt about that.

Gonna go practice my bitchface now.




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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's cold in the attic but it's warmer in the basement

listening to: it's warmer in the basement-cobra starship

writing: nothing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

romantica: i was confused at first but now I'm getting the hang of it.

krissy: gaia is eating my tiiiime. now i just gotta convince jenny to play too.

belinda: ikr, like i need another reason to be on the internet. lol but you should make one!

kiba: well, sneaking around can be fun sometimes lol.

I didn't go to my night class yesterday. I really felt like shit and didn't want to be in class for nearly three hours.

I'm feeling better though so, definitly school tomorrow.

I think we're a little closer to getting our car, so that's good. The only bummer is that once we get a new ride my dad won't come around as much anymore.

Gaia is a good distraction and surprisingly the people are nice.

Crap...I just remembered I got an assignment to finish.



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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love like winter

listening to: love like winter-afi

writing: nothing

icon of the day:
Ha. Ha. Ha.

I am actively choosing not to do comment responses for yesterday's comments. Because really there's no use in rehashing things that already happened and things that have for the most part been sorted out.

But seriously, that was not my intention with yesterday's post. I'm not mad at anyone.

Class was alright, I ended up having a test which I think I did pretty well on. If I had to guess, I think I'll get a B or an A-.

My flipping music teacher is a douche because he's blowing off my emails, probably not intentionally but still, I'm mean he said if there's a problem to contact him and here he is ignoring me when I need help. Apparently I need his permission to take the test late and if he won't answer me via email I gotta get it in person but he's never in his office either.


Second class was easy because we had a speaker and she was nice and funny so that was cool.

I joined the bandwagon and made a gaia account. Anyone else here have it? If you do we should be friends on it or something.



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Monday, February 23, 2009

Do you feel like a man when you push her around?

listening to: face down-red jumpsuit apparatus

writing: i was gonna try slow motion but i'm pretty drained from my homework

icon of the day:
ha, ha cobra.

Cassie's Comment Corner:

romantica: it didn't post all of your comment because when you put one of the less than or greater than signs it tends to cut off comments. but yessss tyler durden!

belinda: tyler durden from fight club. college is just, you just gotta try like hell to make it out alive. i like to believe that god will bring it all around, it's always darkest before dawn and whatnot. thanks for your words despite the oddity of your comments. lol. i really do appreciate it.

jenny: way to be a follower as opposed to a leader jennifur. lol ily anyway.

emily: lol yeah, and i might want to do more with my life then just eternally get handjobs. lol. wow, i would be tired working that much too but i do need to find a job so i suppose i should pratice for it.

I just had a revelation.

In some weird sort of way, college is like Warped Tour. You know, except for all the music and epic band guys. I mean it more in the sense of when you go to Warped for the first time you're kind of just trying to survive and that's what college is feeling like, I'm trying to stay afloat here.

Finally, I finished a majority of my homework, really most of it. All the pressing issues anyway. I do have more work to do but it's not due until like the second week of March, which, yes, I realize is very soon.

God, why must I procrastinate?

Now all I'm worried about is the music test that I ended up missing. Hopefully I can take it today while I'm on my hour break between classes. If not...well, I think that means that I'll fail that class but I'm not sure, I need to find my flipping syallabus.

I need a calendar for my room too.

My dad is taking me to school today. We're close to having enough money to buying a car, not the best or the newest but beggars can't be choosers.

My mom has court this morning, my asshole of an uncle is taking her but as of right now she doesn't have a way home...hopefully my dad will do it.

You know...I think I have a quiz in my childhood class today too. -_-

Fail college.

I think sometimes people look down on community colleges because they accept everyone but it's real work and I'm really learning things and I'm trying my hardest, the only thing I'm not doing is drowning in student loans or paying outrageous tution prices.

So, yeah.

Will people ever stop brining up Danny and I?

It's old news.



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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The only band in the world with song titles longer than old school fob

listening to: you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground and i'll be the wings that keeps your heart in the clouds-mayday parade

writing: music homework

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

kiba: wow, you make me glad that all i have is a brother.

belinda: that be brendon's ass! for one milisecond i thought you were going to call me a pedo. lol

jenny: jenny goes crunk.

emily: sweet jesus, you make a lot for working at a resturant. i love culvers food. yeeessss handjobs forever plz. lol.

My music professor is an ass, he totally blew off my email and instead sent out an email about extra credit. That jerk.

I'm going to have to try desperately to get a ride tomorrow to take my test. I don't know what will happen if I don't, perhaps I fail. I need to find my syallabus and email him again.

Regardless, the works is nearly done. I would've actually finished it a lot early if the house wasn't completely swamped by six kids and then my brother bitching to get on.

Talked to Taylor briefly and she told me that she's about three weeks pregnant. I don't actually think that's a great thing but she's happy and I'm sure Paul will be happy so, I can live with it.

Also talked to Jenny and a few of my older friends. I still need to talk to Sydney and see how her baby is doing.

I still gotta type up my second observation before Monday and I think I have a test either Monday or Wednesday.

I finally get how people can get so overwhelmed.

It's really killing my semi-writing career.




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Saturday, February 21, 2009

We were busy writing songs for you

listening to: we're so starving [live]-panic at the disco

writing: nothing atm

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jamo: lol nope, i've never been to cali. I live in michigan so, farely sure it wasn't me.

Crisis adverted.

I was literally seconds from having a freak out. My microsoft word freaked out on me and almost made me lose my music homework [which isn't done but very close] luckily, I got it all straightened out.

Observation went very well, the kids were absolutely adorable. One of the little boys had a crush on me, it was so cute.

The teacher was a guy and a hot guy at that.

My dad is being a good dad which, he usually is a good dad but he can be kinda selfish, now he's sacrificing for my brother and I so, yeah, that's a step in the right direction.

Our van is basically dead. We need a new vechical desperately.

Sometimes I don't know what we'll do....

Grandma has pnuemonia. I'm sure that's not how it's spelt but I don't give a damn.

Found the best youtube video ever last night. Guh.

I have the first exam for my music test this weekend but wouldn't you know that I might not have a ride? Fuck you fate, for real.

I guess it's a good thing I never bought those Fall Out Boy tickets.


My brother is being a bitch about the computer despite me telling him that I actually have work to do! God, he's an idiot.

Sometimes it's so hard to see the silver lining.

Dude, that got emo pretty fast, but who can blame me?



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