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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Insert screamo screaming that I can't understand here

listening to: beautiful-escape the fate

writing: eh was attempting to finish song challenge for krissy.

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Cassie's Comment Corner:

belinda: cool, i did a employment thing through my school back when i was in middle school, i made so much money.

romantica: not exactly new but new to me, we bought it off these guys i used to go to school with. Yes, I was talking about that boy. I'm going to Wisconsin to spend the summer with my dear bff Jenny.

yoji: yeah, I'll probably change it. I'm not digging the green as much as I thought I would/

I went to that job placement thing. It went well, had to fill out a ton of paperwork and do a typing test and get interviewed. I felt it went well even though I was a little nervous. Unfortunately the woman said that there weren't many openings in the field I was applying for.

I'm actually tired tonight so I'll go to bed at an almost but not really decent time.

So, have some slashy gay bars.

Now this pairing happens to be what I've become good at lately. Really weird considering I've never dug it before.

Another pairing I've been writing as of late. I like this one though. Idk why.

So yeah, this one will always be good because they've been bff's since they were babies.

The classic pairing, I don't dig ryden much though. -shocking-

Another classic, this one's pleasing even though I don't write it much.

Sometimes there's room enough for three.

Yeah, so that was your crash course in band boy gayness yaoi. Kay, feel free to tell me what you like.



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Monday, June 1, 2009

Then came a baby boy with long eyelashes.

listening to: she's my winona-fall out boy

writing: nothing atm

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So, new month, new theme. What so you guys think? I really like the background but I'm not completely sold on the green and white text box so I might just change it.

I'm really confused about where I stand with a certain guy. I hate that he's not clear with what he wants and his feelings. Oh well.

Still love the new car.

I decided that I'm going to leave for Wisconsin earlier than expected. Originally I had wanted to leave on the 12th of July but now I'm thinking July 1st. Mostly because it would be fun to spend the fourth there and also because the people here are driving me crazy.

My limewire broke down but I downloaded frostwire and now it works perfectly. :D

Today I'm supposed to go to this placement center and write down what sort of skills I have and they try to find me a job. Meh.

Have a good day peeps.



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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kiss me again, kiss me again

listening to: kiss me again-midtown

writing: eh, i was attempting another of krissy's song challenge thingies.

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Ah, not a whole lot has been going on lately. Rather boring beginning to summer. Taylor sent me a message on Myspace and told me to call her but I forgot so I'll have to get around to that today.

Our new car is working out really well.

Never make a playlist for someone you might one day be mad at. It fucking ruins the songs.

Hopefully soon I can order them damn Cobra Starship flip-flops. I need something to wear around this summer.

Speaking of summer, omg can I just be in Wisconsin now? I'm excited to pack, wtf. I just miss dear Jenny because she is my heterosexual life partner, whether or not she wants that title. Lawl. -Cue the gay jokes-

We babysat Jordan yesterday and I think he's having night tremors now. Idk.

I finally figured out my livejournal and am going to use it as a place to keep my stories in order. Maybe I'll get confident enough to share them with others.

Random aim's are effing lame.

The uncle is getting on our case again. He happens to believe I got another check from my school which I did not. God, he's an idiot.

Well, that's all for now dear peeps.



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Monday, May 25, 2009

How will I break the news to you?

writing: teacher patrick

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Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: twodee is super delicious. tru fax

Ah, so, we had a party on Friday and it was pretty fun for awhile. I drank but not heavily and I played beer pong and card games. It was fine until around four in the morning when one of my brother's friends decided it would be a good idea to steal mine and my brother's mp3 players.

I knew he did it. I saw it in his pocket and he kept denying it until finally my brother found them in his car and omg I wanted to beat that guy's ass because I was so pissed but they wouldn't let me.

He left twice and hit two street signs, breaking them both. He also came back and treathened to shoot my brother.

We finally got him to leave though and it all turned out fine even though he still maintains he didn't steal anything.

Ah, we have a car finally. A regal I guess. A friend from school sold it to us on Friday. It's a pretty nice car, not brand new but nice enough.

My Clandestine bracelet broke. D: I can't wait to get my new one and my slow motion bracelet.

Have a good memorial day everyone!



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Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm not your girlfriend baby

listening to: i'm not you boyfriend-3oh!3

writing: um...you don't even wanna know

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Cassie's Comment Corner:

roseeyes: eh, he's not my boyfriend exactly. it's complicated.

belinda: rawr does mean i love you in dinosaur but i guess it's kinda an inside joke between us. nope, he is not on myo thank god.

yoji: just like how the peace sign in some countries means offensive things.

romantica: lol our convos go from serious to playful and back again. i don't get it.

jenny: you're a million times better than him.

Yay! Jenny is home and I got to talk to her for extensive amounts of time. I'm seriously excited to see her again.

Also got to talk to Krissy and its when I talked to her again that I realized how much I missed her when we weren't talking. We're gonna get married in the dls. lawl.

Twodee can join too cause he's all kinds of yummy.

Somedays I hate boys for serious.

We should be getting a car soon, things got complicated but now they're smoothed out.

Mom said I could get a cheap camera after we buy the car, so I can finally take pics again.

I really wanna re-read the seventh Harry Potter book cause I'm a nerd. lol.

Omg, I got stung by a bee while I was sleeping. Suckage on an epic scale.

We're having a party today but I dun feel like it. I tried to get Danielle to come out but I kinda know she won't.

Also my friend Ashley, whose pregnant now, she got in a car accident the other day. I think she's fine though but the car is totalled.



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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He'll always be, a little hard for me to reach

listening to: always be-jimmy eats world

writing: nothing atm

Cassie's Comment Corner:

roseeyes: are you referring to justin or another boy? if it's justin then no, i have no feelings for him anymore.

Ugh, I got grease on my Clandestine shirt but I googled some remedies and it came out fine so yay!

I want it to be summer now please, I need to see Jenny again.

I talked to him tonight, please enjoy some high lights of our convo.

Him: You have awesome taste in music, terrible taste in boys lol.

Me: i think i'll be the judge of that

And this:

Me: i like it

Him: I knew you would.

Me: you know me well

Him: I try.

Him: Sometimes I look back on things and realize you were there just beneath my surface thoughts.Like when I wonder why you haven't texted me in awhile sometimesIt nags at me until you do sometimes lol

Me: weird restricted numbers call me during the day and wake me up lol

Him: It's me stalking you lol

Me: lol i bet

Him: don't mind the heavy breathing

This last one was a text from him.

Him: Rawr means I love you in panda.

^I just thought that was really cute.

Sorrry, I rambled about him.



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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear, did you know that you're all I asked for?

listening to: just like we do-eisley

writing: nothing atm

Cassie's Comment Corner:

roseeyes: no, jenny went on vacation and i'm just overdramatic. lol

yoji: cobra as in cobra starship! :D

emily: apparently wentz is the one giving out body parts, i'd ask him.

zakuro: your new avi is adorable!

jenny: you never cease to surprise me.

Ah, lets see...what happened?

Well our house was part central this weekend with a party on Friday and Saturday and people coming over on Sunday as well.

Friday I will admit, I drank more than I should've and got completely shitfaced. Seriously, I have never felt like that before. Nothing felt real too me but boy did I pay for it the next morning.

Saturday I was hung over and these boys I used to go to school with came over to show my mom a car because she might buy it off of them and the one boy was Justin, who long time friends might remember from when I was a senior and I had a huge freaking crush on him.

Well, as soon as I came out he hooted at me and I rolled my eyes and when they were leaving he blew me a kiss and I just laughed, that kid never fails to entertain.

Crazy Ellie came over on Friday and she straightened my hair and told me she thought she was pregnant. She also asked me if I had ever had sex with Greg and Nate, which, no I have not.

Greg came over both days along with Justin and a gaggle of variously slutty girls who are so desperate for attention. Claire, the girl that Greg was flirting with was pretty nice though.

Saturday we had drama because Kelsie came over while Greg was over and they're not supposed to see each other because you know, she's 14 and the cops had said no and shit like that but somehow she and Greg ended up making out and shit.

God, he is a stupid boy.

My friend from college, Ashley, she called me yesterday to see if I wanted to hang out and I told her no because I was drained from the partying. She also told me she's pregnant and that we should hang out this Friday. I told her yes.

I talked to Megan a little bit for the first time in a long time and I missed her! I also missed Krissy. But I love you all so don't worry.

He messaged me last night. Without me asking. I was really honest with him because that shit, it needed to be said and it did and we were still okay afterwards.

He's got me listening to Eisley, which is a really good band actually. I feel like he puts more thought into the lyrics of the songs he sends me, whereas I just send him stuff I like and that I think he'll like.

He talks about me to his friends. I like that.



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Friday, May 15, 2009

Never the same person when I sleep as when I wake up

listening to: she's my winona-fall out boy

writing: prequal

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

Jenny: justin is over here tonight and he asked about you bby but you won't see this till next week or so, so i'll just tell you tomorrow. at least it wouldn't be hard to give wentz a bj. you did get the twloha hoodie you betch.

zakuro: well you know that thing that says 'rawr means i love you in dinosaur'? it's kinda an inside joke from there. i didn't like twitter at first but now i love it.

belinda: i did not know that, thank you for informing me.

Jenny left which is sad but I talked to Krissy a lot today which is happy. She even listened to me rant about Grey's Anatomy.

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, omg, it pissed me off so bad. I won't give it away but omg, epic sadness.

My brother broke his tooth again so now he's going to the dentist tomorrow.

Hopefully I can order my cobra flip-flops tomorrow.

It felt good to talk to him again, tonight I don't think we will.

Greg and Justin are here, smoking and playing Risk with my brother. They are far too into Risk.

The audio is being wonky on my comp lately.

Ah well



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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The things I do, yeah, I do them for you

listening to: pleasure Ryland-cobra starship

writing: nothing atm but i should finish that one thing for krissy.

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: i'm jealous that you got to see panic and jon walker look-a-like, david cook.

zakuro: i didn't get jenny a shirt because shirts were $25 but i did get her an awesomtastic fob bracelet. ypsilanti is a city here in michigan, near detroit.

jenny: because you're awesome.

jamo: i totally would've bought the red jacket had it not been $55 bucks lol.

belinda: oh yes, I'd be a huge moron if i met wentz in real life.

It's going to storm soon. I like it, there's something romantic about the rain. Also good to sleep in.

I gave in and texted him first, I knew I would. But come on, 'Rawr' is not a correct response to "I miss you." I don't care if it's supposed to mean I love you.

2 days is an awesome movie.

Twitter is time consuming.

I miss my Wisconsin frands.

Jenny is going to New York. D:

Lost was insanely epic.

Boys are still stupid 75% of the time.

Greg randomly kissed me at a party we had, Justin hit on Jenny in french. I was told that I should've given out blow jobs at the Fall Out Bot concert in exchange for autographs.

My limewire is fucked up. D:

"My friend kissed me out of the blue."

"How do you feel about that?"

No, tell me how you feel about that.



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Monday, May 11, 2009

I make them good boys go bad

listening to: the tv

writing: anon lovefest prompt

icon of the day:

Warning, this is on the slightly long side and it's mostly very much about the concert so, yeah.

Alright so, dad drove me to Lansing to meet up with Jennifer, not my dear best frand but another girl named Jennifer who is actually a very nice person. It wasn't too long of a drive actually but I did wind up leaving my cell in her bathroom on accident so that's why no one got texts from me, jsyk. Jennifer was nice and god, she has some good luck because she wins things all the time, like tickets and meet and greets. She also goes to a fuckton of concerts, she's already met FOB before as well as Panic and TAI and Cobra Starship. Damn, she's a lucky girl.

The drive to ypsilanti [I think I murdered that spelling] wasn't too bad, we mostly just talked band stuff. Once we got to the venue we tried to get my ticket but she couldn't get it till after the meet and greet was over so I waited in line which was pretty long. I ended up waiting from 4:30 till 5:30, I apparently got sunburned while I was waiting because now I'm feeling it on my face. Jennifer found me and gave me my ticket and it winded up being a pit ticket, where you're on the floor and have no seat. I've never been in the pit before but it's fun and also kinda hellish.

As soon as I got in there I went down to the pit and found a nice spot and Hey Monday was playing first but their set up was taking too long so I went back up to go to the bathroom and buy some merch. The merch area was insane as was every other area in that place but I pushed through the side and got to the front. I bought the shirt I really, really, wanted. Lemme see if I can find a pic of it. Photobucket
It's the one that's circled obviously. I also bought something for Jenny and I'm currently wearing it but I don't think she'll mind. :D

So after the merch I went back and got a good spot and watched Hey Monday. They were really good except for Cassadee's voice is so high pitched when she talks it's almost annoying. They only played four songs but they did the song 'Candles' which is one of my favorites. Also, I never realized how the guys in that band were good looking. I must've been overheated and severly dehydrated because my vision went all blurry during their set and I had to go and buy a pop because I was dying. When I came back I felt better and I waited for Cobra Starship to set up.

Cobra was amazing! And again I had a good vantage point. Gabe was hilarious and sexy and Ryland was on my side and he's fifty million kinds of awesome. Their set was really good, I think Gabe was a little drunk and it seemed like he was hitting on Vicky-t a lot but it was still really good, I want to see them again soon. After Cobra I saw they were setting up for Metro Station and I really don't like Metro Station, they're pretty douchy and Trace is creepy as fuck. So, I left to go to the bathroom and I came back and still managed a good spot even though I didn't care.

Metro Station sucked btw, you couldn't understand them for one, Trace was trying to act badass for two, for three I think a majority of their popularity comes from the fact that he's related to Miley Cyrus.

I went back to the bathroom after Metro and came back and had a really good spot for All Time Low. I don't do so well in crowded areas I am thinking because I get overheated and feel sick so I managed to keep some space between myself and other people so I could breathe. All Time Low was awesome, Jack was hilarious and he's really hot and girls were throwing their bras on stage and someone threw a banana and Jack was like "Who throws a banana?" and he peeled it and took a bite of it before he threw it on stage. They played some older stuff that I didn't know but I still liked their set. They're really funny guys. Alex, their lead singer was like, "You're all so beautiful I want to have sex with all of you, not just sex but really awesome sex that'll make you want to come back to my house in the morning and cook me breakfast."

While they were setting up for Fall Out Boy everyone was pushing and rushing the stage and I didn't like it because it was so crowded but I stayed and I was really close and once FOB started I was about four rows back from the front. I was so close! I was closest to Joe, who is surprisingly sexy in real life, maybe it's just his hair cut. But I was super close to the stage and then as it went on more and more people were sliding around me and this huge sweaty guy was rubbing against my side and I elbowed him until he moved. Shorter people were also sliding in near me and uncomfortable like to the point where there is no space. Eventually I got too heated and moved back a bit but I still had an excellent view and I could breathe.

Fall Out Boy was amazing! They did the whole coming out in business suits and make up that made them look beat up for their first few songs but they went and changed. They also had these awesome screens that ran little videos. They played a good mix of their old and new stuff so that was cool. During Tiffany Blews Pete and Patrick did their waltz thing where they bow to one another and go around in a little circle like dance. Pete also had some funny quotes.

Pete: "We have a fondness for Michigan. If America were a body, well, to us Michigan would be the clitoris." Then he looked over at Patrick and was like. "I'm sorry, Patrick, I'm sorry for Patrick."

Patrick: "I'm sorry I'm here right now."

During their last song, Saturday, a fight broke out apparently and Pete stopped the song, we thought it was an act or something and it was real and Pete was yelling at them to just behave and he was like "It's our last song, we haven't stopped this song in two years!" It was still great nonetheless and I'm surprised that I still get fangirly when it comes to Pete, it's like seeing him in person is like seeing a fictional character I swear.

Afterwards the place was so crowded and Alex and Ryland from Cobra were out in the merch area signing stuff but I've met them before and the lines were too long and I needed to find Jennifer. I wandered around until I found her in the parking lot and we drove to a gas station where we bought drinks because we were dying.

We hit a possum on the way back to her place D:

I called my dad and he came to get me but I was in her room for awhile before he showed up and then he came and got me and I left to go home.

I left at 2:30 that afternoon and didn't get back until 1:00 that morning. I had been standing for around six hours straight and my feet, legs, back, abs are killing me. But I still had so much fun.

I know this was long, sorry, but thanks for reading any part of it if you did :D



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