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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

redmoonchick may actually be a spider-human hybrid


From Go-Quiz.com

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   need some help

ok everyone if someone could please tell me a good place to get a little anime avitar for my site? i would be verymuch appreciated another thing if your into kung fu a movie i suggest is the life story of bruce lee it's very good

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ok so now it's december and im super excited that this month is my BirtHDAY!!!! yeah so ill be doing a countdown as of today it is offically 19 more days till my birthday also if anyone feels like it they can send me a nice gretting card i promise i'll send you back also i want to give a big thankyou to fox sister for being the first person to sign my guestbook *thankyou*

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Monday, November 29, 2004

   same old day

hello everyone it's just a plain old monday and it's also time for my manga/anime pik of the week first up manga this week my pick is......

Fruits basket
i just bought this over the weekend so ive only finished volume one but im already hooked i love the boys ecspecially kyo (sigh) overall rating addicted five out of five otakus

my anime pick is gundam seed
hot angsty guys fighting in space what's not to love? gundam seed can be intense and emotional and is very good show over all rating four out of five otakus
thanks everyone specail shout out to sadies *hi*

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

   a haiku

and now a wolf's rain haiku

cheza will lead us there
to the place we want to be
paradise is free

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   anime pick of the week

i know it's what everyone's been waiting for jk it's my anime pick of the week! (at that point just start imaging cheesy music playing) my anime pick of the week is drumroll D.N.ANGEL dnangle is about a plain guy named daisuke who's head over heels for a girl named risa daisuke plans to give risa a note he's been planning for months when train construction ruins his plans daisuke gets his plan on track and when he's about to confess to risa she tells him what a good friend he is crushed daisuke returns home he thinks of risa and transforms into the ledgendary theif dark all isn't well though as daisuke's classmate who has secrets as well devotes his life to catching dark and daisuke's crush risa likes dark but risa's sister riku likes daisuke over all it's a cute show cool idea and funny i give it four out of five otakus's

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   happy day

so happy today it's a special day at school were we can just hang out and do whatever plus it's a halfday cause tommorow is thanksgiving btw i have a anime hating brother does anyone have any reconmendations for starter anime for someone who loves war and history?

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Monday, November 22, 2004

   something new

i've decided to try something new today im going to pick a anime, manga, and male female characters of the week i will most likely continue to do this every monday so first up my pick for manga of the week is (drumroll)
legal drug is a manga about two seventeen year old boys kudo and rikuo they work at green drugstore there boss often sends them on odd jobs that end up being more trouble then there worth this manga has all the right stuff hot guys, mystery, and comdey plus it's made by clamp what's not to love?

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