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Friday, May 8, 2009

You know you're my saving grace.

listening to: nothing but the song halo is stuck in my brain.

writing: nothing

Woo, Fall Out Boy show today! Still a little nervous about going to it mostly alone but w/e I can just enjoy the music and it should be fine.

I gotta leave soon and go meet up with the girl I'm going with.

I hope there's not a lot of standing around in lines, it will give me terrible warped tour flashbacks lol.

Okay, concert yay!

Boys are most the time dumb creatures.



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Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's just the sweet weather and the peacock feathers

listening to: lullabye-fall out boy

writing: on your porch sequal

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

romantica: aww thanks for thinking we're cute. i think so too.

rabidminpin: i have started writing again so yay! lol i do that too though even though i use atm i always think of america's next top model.

yoji: i don't get the reference but you're always ftw!

steph: i don't go to too many concerts, i try for one a year i suppose, i really wanna see panic in concert though!

emily: i r not a skankmuffin! ur when you mbate to mah myspizzle pictahs. l33t 4 yew.

zakuro: i knew she was going home because they kept ragging on her for her looks and i felt bad for her too. omg i'm happy allison is still in there and i feel bad but i can't really tell the difference between the other girls! lol. I don't have the money to buy manga at the moment, i think i'm gonna google a place to find it for free. ah, i think you can upload your own stuff but i'm not sure, i know you can choose from what they have though.

Ah, seeing Fall Out Boy on Friday and I'm friggen excited! I do wish that someone else I know was going too but I should be fine on my own sorta because the girl I'm going with has seperate tickets but hey, I get to buy merch and whatnot so it's a win-win.

I really miss my friend Taylor, I haven't heard from her in forever and last time we talked things were going bad for her. Her birthday is coming up so I messaged her on Myspace.

Okay, he and I decided to make each other playlists and we did and he sent me a Toy Story song. He is adorable.

Also he dropped this gem on me:

Him: I think I'll call you silly bear

He gave me a nickname based on the song I'm listening to tonight because he really likes it.

But he also said something like:

Him: Sometimes I feel like I'm looking for something in you, something I can't have.

Ugh, stop confusing me please.

Point blank, he makes me smile, he makes me happy and that's good enough for right now.

Wth, when did my posts become about him?



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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You PMS like a bitch, I would know

listening to: hot n'cold-katy perry

writing: eh, nothing atm

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

steph: i've saw fall out boy live before as well and jenny and i saw cobra starship last summer. it will be my first time seeing all time low and hey monday though.

jenny: i knew you were gonna say that thing about the panties. i knew it! lol at you editing yourself. thanks for falling asleep on me btw! jk ily.

nikky: i make him mysterious? i will admit that he is a hard one to figure out. thank you for thinking my annoucement is important.

romantica: ikr, rest in peace spencer, you will be missed! i want some more pansies now. i want to know more about him too lol.

belinda: snap, i should take some water, last time i nearly died of dehydration.

jamo: lol don't worry, spencer is just a plant. may he rest in peace in flower heaven! lol

I need to pick up a new hobby ASAP. Because I am living a boring life atm. Gah, I just want it to be time for me to go and be with Jenny again.

Or at least have him be online and not eating. lol.

Oh, I do need to rewatch Lost cause I didn't pay attention last time I watched it.

More cute convo bits:

Him: I would message you hahaha saying "Tell cassie I'm sorry we can't have those wonderful conversations anymore, but she should still go to Sea World and pet the dolphins"

cassie says: i would go and pet them and be like "this is for him!"

Him: At least they would know and all the baby dolphins would pass it through generations and I would always be remembered

It's almost scary how similar we are.

Well, I think I'm gonna go try to write or something.



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Monday, May 4, 2009

Is it omfg a fire truck red?

listening to: winter in chicago-504 plan

writing: nothing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jamo: ah, they banned them due to a problem with ID's and whatnot. Thanks! you're the only one who mentioned the new theme! *hugs*

yojimbo: well, now i know what to watch out for if we ever battle, pizza.

romantica: they guy? no, pics sorry. no, i didn't really have a lot else to do but i did waste my cash.

krissy: both of those things are in face enjoyable.

jenny: he wasn't lying.

Had a lazy Sunday. Did no one notice I changed my theme? I love it, it's adorable.

Nate and Rob are back over here again. They're smoking up and watching the newer version of the Halloween movie. I hate scary movies but luckily he's online to keep me company. :D

Gah, my pansies, Spencer, he died. How sad. It's been to cold here for him to survive.

So, that annoucment I was talking about. It's nothing huge or life changing but I am getting to go and see Fall Out Boy play this Friday.

Yeah, you're disappointed that it's a lame annoucment lol. But I'm going with this girl who I don't know but she had a ticket. It should be fun, she's a nice girl.

Plus I get to see Cobra Starship again and All Time Low, Hey Monday, and Metro Station I think. So, it should be a good time.

Him: haha I sort of wish you were here, just to hang out with.

He kills me with his adorableness.



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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm filling up the empty space between you and I

listening to: between you and i-every avenue

writing: a sequel

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: oh wow, how'd you know?

nikky: yay! i'm glad you like them! no, they're not signed but they definitly deserve it!

The show was a huge disappointment, it was supposed to be all ages but it wasn't so bad shit went down and my brother couldn't get in and somehow my dad got banned too.

I stayed for a bit and watched a couple bands but it was lame and I was uncomfortable and had to leave anyway so I didn't even get to see Damon's band play. Quite a waste of money. -_-

I talked to Damon about it later and he was sad because the show went really well for him and he wanted me to see it but he told me that he'd mail me their EP so that makes me happy.

Ah, what else happened?...Nate and Rob came over as well as Greg and Justin and a couple girls who were rather fug if you ask me but w/e.

But they stayed for a bit and then Greg and Justin, the girls, and my brother all left and Nate and Rob ended up spending the night here and bought pizza and shit so that was fun I suppose.

Also, I talked to a certain someone on MSN and he is highly entertaining.

Him: Soo what are you doing, cause I"m tired of talking about myself.

me: do you by any chance know how to get sharpie off of skin? i know that's random but it's a problem

him: Rub like hell with soap and water and a rag?

me: lol i tried rubbing it but it's staining my thumbs

him: Well of course silly. Did a guy give you his numba that way?

A-ha, adorable.

Mmm, I need to figure out what to do with myself now that I'm on summer vacation. I know I miss Jenny-bean. D:

I also know that Justin wanted me to tell Jenny that he says "Goodnight, Lovely."

Lol, cheeseball.



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Friday, May 1, 2009

You're not stuck in a cage, you're free to leave

listening to: love don't make lies-last summer

writing: nothing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

roseeyes: pineapple express i would say is kinda a dark comedy about two stoners and is very funny imo.

emily: i think you'd like pineapple express a lot em.

jenny: you can't rape the willing bby. lol.

nikky: figures you're the only other person whose seen that movie. lol.

Well, I did go to my final class on Wednesday and I got an A in my one class and a B in the other so, I think that's just fine.

Saw Ashley again but she didn't give me a ride home seeing as my dad was willing to. She did hang with me while I sold my books and I got around a hundred bucks so that's very good compared to what other people were getting.

Lately I've been spending a ton of time with my dad seeing as he's fixing up the house he plans on moving into at the end of this month and that house is right near my college.

So on Wednesday I helped him do some things around there and saw my sorta step sister again and then later my sorta neice and nephew.

Thing is though my dad's girlfriend thought I didn't like her or something and I mean I used to not like her when I was a kid but I'm mostly over that now so I tried to show her that I do like her and I think it worked because she seemed a lot happier.

Also saw my dad yesterday I went to this hardware store with them and it was hella boring but I got a free lunch out of it and he also took me to fix my glasses [from when he broke them] and got my brother a haircut.

It's good he likes spending time with us.

I'm going to go and see my friend Damon's band tonight at this club downtown. He literally just finally found my house and dropped the tix off to me. I think it starts at seven or at least that's what he told me.

So, yeah, he's a sweet kid and you guys should go and listen to his band.


They're who I'm listening to so be cool and check 'em kids.

Semi big announcement coming next week, well, big to me at least. Even though I think maybe a couple of you know about it already.



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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can't you see my sun stopped spinning around?

listening to: round here cover-panic at the disco

writing: song challenge

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

angel: i'll be on summer break on thursday technically. no, i don't think i'd find you boring!

jamo: i don't think it was too mean!

megan: i will use my connections and get you free wendy's.

rabidminpin: i looove your avi!

I didn't mean so much that Ashley was boring moreso as the things we did were boring. I mostly stood around and listened to her talk to her boyfriend's family. Eh. She's supposed to bring me home from school tomorrow so, yeah, I'll be hanging with her again.

I didn't end up going to my last night class because our car has like officially died or something and I had no ride so I didn't get to do my last test in that class, I was probably going to fail that class anyway but hopefully I can make it by with a C.

My dad said he'd take me to my final classes today so, yeah. It sucks because I only have to go to pick up my grades.

I wanna watch Pineapple Express again.



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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home for the weekend, looking for a good time

listening to: where were you?-every avenue

writing: eh, nothing.

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

emily: lol that's a good day too.

belinda: just go back and read the last few posts.

jenny: meow!

Finals went well I think. I should get good grades on them but I won't find out the grades till Wednesday.

Sold some books and made like $37. i still have four more to sell so here's hoping for more cash.

I ran into this girl I went to high school with and we caught up and whatnot, I never really talked to her in high school but it was fine.

Also this girl from my class Ashley, she was hanging around me all day and I didn't mind. I went with her to get her books and shit and she wanted me to come to her house with her after school.

Somehow we ended up spending the whole damn day together all the way until like almost nine at night. I met her boyfriend and her family and her boyfriend's family [his cousin was hitting on me for sure]

We got free food cause her boyfriend works at Wendy's and like I said she's a nice person but she's a little boring and she wants to hang out again soon. I probably will soon.

Supposed to see my friend Damon's band on Friday, that kid is adorable for realz.




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Monday, April 27, 2009

The stars are falling all for us

listening to: your gaurdian angel-red jumpsuit apparatus

writing: mmm this one shot thing, idk if i like it yet.

icon of the day:

I understand some of you are still upset over the fake fight but all I can do is apologize to those people, I can't take back what happened. We didn't think people would make it such a big deal honestly so, apologies all around.

Finals are today. I should do alright, I'm not too worried. It's the psych class I have to worry about.

Ugh, can July just be here now?



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Sunday, April 26, 2009

It must hurt so bad with a knife in your back

listening to: the spider and the lamps-razia's shadow

writing: song challenge

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

emily: i'm sorry you were saddened.

a13: yeah, i love jenny to death and i'll always have her back no matter what and if people fuck with her they get my bad side so they better watch out! lol yeah, sorry if you don't believe me from now on, if it help's i don't really believe you either :D

zakuro: lol yeah, like i said i'd fight to the death for that girl, sorry i haven't been commenting btw i still heart you!

It rained all day yesterday! I like the rain and it's nice to sleep in to but I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow or my hair will die!

I was supposed to go with my cousin to see some male strippers but because of the shitty weather we didn't end up going. Ah well, maybe next time.

We tried to clean the carpets but I think my other cousin broke the machine.

Btw my cousin Jonathan whose in the hospital, I heard he has pnumonia, [that cannot be spelt right] but he's stable so he just needs to push through it hopefully.

Nathan and his friend Rob stopped by and hung out for a bit but I was talking to Jenny on the phone so I didn't talk to them.

My final week of college for this semester is this week. I decided not to sign up for spring semester and I don't know if I mentioned that yet or not so sorry if I did.

Finals this week as well but I'm not really worried.

Once again sorry for the whole pretend fight thing if anyone is pissed about it.

Crap, I really like him. D:



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