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Friday, March 13, 2009

We were always funny in a car crash sort of way

listening to: nothing but boys night out is in my head

writing: spencer x ryan drabbles

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: really, cause i would think you'd name your shower head ryan. hmmmm, imma go buy some drumsticks now. lol. no i suppose i don't know if you have a penis but why are you going in the girl's bathroom then.

krissy: bden's applebottom does beat most asses but i'm going for jwalk ftw. andy talked to me on twitter, i'm taking this as acknowledging me.

roseeyes: the guys are in one of my favorite bands, they're very pretty and i enjoy looking at pictures of them acting gay lol.

zakuro: i used to wash my bangs like that but it was so irritating that i think the dry shampoo might be easier. i think it's more like a spray then a shampoo.

I have an observation today I never feel comfortable doing them but I actually like being there and interacting, I dunno maybe it's because I feel so awkward.

I feel like this observation isn't going to turn out too well. It's on the list for school's to go to from my teacher but I don't think it's right. I don't know but it's too late to change it now.

It's aggrivating because I don't think my mom listens.

My brother says Greg is coming over this weekend but I don't think I want to see him so soon. I don't know, I feel like he thinks I want him and I most certainly do not want anything from that kid.

Okay, well not much else to say but I do have another OTP so if you don't like hot guys being all cuddly look away but if not then you're golden.

This is one of my faves. Jon Walker X Brendon Urie. Their love is so cuddly.

Brendon Urie & Jon Walker Pictures, Images and Photos

brendon urie n jon walker Pictures, Images and Photos

Brendon Urie, Jon Walker Pictures, Images and Photos

Brendon Urie and Jon Walker Pictures, Images and Photos

Snuggle time abound!




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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I won't be your nasty little girl

listening to: i'm not your boyfriend-3oh!3

writing: idk

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: i'm more loling at the fact that bren is wearing a journey shirt. IT'S NOT THAT I WOULDN'T WANT TO LAY BETWEEN YOUR LEGS IT'S THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A PENIS I CAN USE AS A PILLOW. perhaps that was better said in non caps. oh well.

krissy: no one doubts your powers of whooorrree bby. lol

roseeyes: not mad at you, nope the guys in the pics [as far as i know] are not really gay but i mean, god they sure do make it look like it.

emily: lol thanks for making me picture ryan with his old make up on and red sparkly booby tassles and he's making them spin. lol.

belinda: brendon's face is usually lol worthy.

I need to find a place that sells some dry shampoo. I need it for my bangs because they happen to get dirty way before the rest of my hair.

Andy Hurley totally acknowledged my existance for the second time in my life. Now all I gotta do is get Ryan, just kidding, Jennifer.

This week is going by way too fast. Geeze, spring break is nearly over already.

Looks like I was wrong about some of my homework assignments so I don't have to do as much.

Looks like I'll keep doing these until I have stuff to talk about again:

So, yeah, the OTP for Today is gonna be Jon Walker X Spencer Smith:

Jon Walker and Spencer Smith Pictures, Images and Photos
I miss old school spencer!


That is all.



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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My heart up on an auction goes to the highest bid

listening to: reverse this curse-escape the fate

writing: baby story

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

nightshade: i feel that way sometimes but moreso about music then anime.

jenny: you know that glorious story you got for your birthday? well the original idea i was going for was going to be an patrickxpetexryanxbrendon fiasco. but i kinda do have a hard time seeing patrick and brendon, though it would be reaaaally cute. fucking ryan and spencer are stealing my brain.

emily: lol jon's gonna owe double the child support because he knocked up jenny too lol

megan: pssh pete leaked your noods but now he's jealous because he doesn't know that you're noods are greater than his.

Ah, well, I'm feeling better today, better about myself at least.

It's raining all the time these days. I like it more than snow but at least I don't have to walk around in it.

I haven't started on my homework yet but I intend to after I finish my post. It really isn't hard stuff though.

One assignment is to watch two hours of children's television and the other is to write out a lesson plan for children with activities that have to do with the beach. I need to study for my second psych test and....eventually get started on my one project which is a powerpoint about Autisim.

So, yeah, not too bad. The project isn't due till April so I'm thinking that will be last.

Ugh, I want it to be summer so I can see Jenny again or at least get the hell away from my family for awhile.

Another boring day, another OTP and if you don't know what that means, it means one true pairing. My tends to fluxuate [sp?] but whatever so here's the one that's bugging me today.

Spencer Smith X Ryan Ross.

Ryan Ross and Spencer Smith Pictures, Images and Photos

I mean, they're best friends and Jenny is my best friend but I would never think of laying between her legs.

spencer smith ryan ross Pictures, Images and Photos

Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, and Spencer Smith Pictures, Images and Photos



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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little miss obsessive can't get over it

listening to: little miss obsessive-ashlee simpson

writing: baby story

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: and i just love the gsp you drew me, i can't get over ryan's adorable little face.

jamo: yeah, the cheapest one's i've seen are between seventy and ninety bucks. crap.

stephy: nope, no partying for me. all work and no play and all that jazz.

I feel very blah lately. I don't know a combination of bad feelings creating some kind of storm inside me. Idk, these types of things usually tend to pass within a few days.

Though a part of me is constantly worried that I'm wasting my life.

Talked to Danielle on aim and it's weird because it kind of makes you see the differences between someone you talk to everyday as opposed to someone you haven't talked to in a while.

I think I'm going to write some happy things now.

your night with panic at the disco by clandestinecassie
your name
brendon does:attempts to initiate group sex
jon does:buys you a pair of flip-flops that match his
spencer does:has a bitchface competition with you
ryan does:gets you pregnant
you fall asleep next tojon
pete:writes fan fiction about you and the boys
you leave withryan
who calls and proposes the next dayryan

Also because I'm bored here's a random pairing with a random quote at the end:

pete wentz and Ryan Ross Pictures, Images and Photos

Ryan Ross, Pete Wentz Pictures, Images and Photos

Ryan Ross and Pete wentz Pictures, Images and Photos

Ryan Ross and Pete Wentz Pictures, Images and Photos

reporter: what was the best thing you've ever bought?

pete: ryan ross

ryan: and we never went back



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Monday, March 9, 2009

Dare you to save me

listening to: alice-two tongues

writing: nothing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: such odd dreams for an odd child lol. tyler looks like he's 30.

kelsey:was that one of the girls who got in a fight during the goddess photoshoot? i just wouldn't want to be on the tv i think, it'd be weeeird.

Sometime between when I went to sleep and when I got up, my camera broke. More specifically the screen to the camera is broken a bit, you can't see out of half of it and now the camera doesn't recongize that you've taken photos.

I should look on craigslist for a camera.

Can't all my technology work at the same time for me?

Dad stopped by and it was nice to see him.

Greg said something incredibly douchetastic to my brother and my brother told me.

I met my brother's two friends Corey and TJ and they were very poliet people and Tj was sure that he knew me but I wasn't sure but we're the same age and we live in the same neighborhood so chances are good that we might have went to the same elementary school.

We heard sirens and went outside and there were like five fire trucks down the street with lights a flashing. Apparently a handicapped couples house caught fire. I think they're okay though and we didn't see flames just smoke.

Then Timmy and I were sitting on the porch and this car pulls up and Danielle gets out and I didn't expect her at all.

So she stayed for an hour and she made fun of my love for a certain Panic At The Disco member and I called her gay. And my brother said that we haven't changed since we were in ninth grade.

Might be true though, according to Danielle she and I have excellent banter. Doesn't mean her girlfriend likes me though. Lol we made a plan to go to a gay club in Grand Rapids where she lives sometime.

It was really good to see her.

Offically on spring break now and I'm gonna crack down on my homework.

Also, a good reason why my best friend is awesome: when I'm in a bad mood she does something like this:




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Sunday, March 8, 2009

What would you do if I had told you to jump?

listening to: the news

writing: nothing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: your comment makes me wanna write the bodyswap story again.

belinda: darling, i was referring to slash as in fanfiction not the ledgendary guitarist. lol.

kelsey: no, i didn't catch the second half but they sent someone home already? i thought they waited a bit to do that? ew, anyone named sandra should not be on that show. oh you can play or at least look at the game if you're interested at falloutboytrail.com

I had a lazy Friday where I mostly ran errands with my mom and got hit on by creepy guys. I swear my zebra jacket must have some kind of power.

Greg didn't come over on Friday but he did yesterday. I've never really noticed it before but we do flirt, we have always flirted. It's weird. Because there was one point when i was like sixteen and he was like fourteen where i really liked him and we almost kissed in my room but we didn't and he now refers to that as the time we could've lost our virginites to each other.

Boys are dumb.

Nothing happened btw. I think it's better off that way. Especially since Greg is a manslut now and was describing the sex he had last night.

Do not want anyone's sloppy seconds. I still love that kid though.

They made me play risk with them! I hate risk and I get bored easily during it even though I did really well and then they get mad at me and Greg does things to try and make me smile.

It rained all day yesterday. I forgot to mention this but last week I accidently stepped on my glasses and made them slightly crooked. Well, I went and got them fixed today and they're good as new.

Went to the pet store and looked at all the animals and man, I'm like a little kid in there because if anyone [Jenny, Krissy, Megan] has heard my squealy laugh that I do. Yeah, I did that like crazy.

Now I want a turtle and I want to name him Jon.

My brother and Greg did something incredibly stupid which I don't really want to talk about and only one other person knows about but I don't think she'll say anything either.

Video because I feel like it:

Um Greg rapping and yeah, I'm filming and you can hear me singing a bit but w/e idc.

Sleep now.

Did you set your clocks forward?

Also my subject title is a line of mine that I am so obsessed with for some reason.



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Friday, March 6, 2009

Their word wouldn't be enough, Pallis needed it in blood

listening to: doctor, doctor-razia's shadow

writing: apocalypse diaries because bribery does work on me lol

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: ryan refers to himself as RR and i find it so much easier than all the other nick names and ryho makes me feel bad for him.

roseeyes: reno is a cute name, also a city lol. my opinion about yaoi? i used to like yaoi a lot but now i like slash but i have no problem with yaoi.

belinda: oh you dirty minded child! lol jk. twitter is...very hard to explain. just go to twitter.com

Had a lazy day, I like that I can look semi normal while wearing a shirt size large, still not wearing it to school though.

Don't you hate when an idea attacks your mind and won't let go until you write it? Yeah, that happened and I had to finish something but I did so go me.

I do need to start that homework, god why am I such a little procrastinator?

beat fobtrail for a second time, I need to win a random prize thnks.

Greg is coming over today, as far as I know I'm not going to try anything with him, nope, no kisses or touching but we always kinda touch and flirt because we've been like that since we were way younger.

Annnnd now I feel old. lol.

I enjoy talking to Krissy on aim, we need to do it more often.

One day I'll wake up and Jenny will be a boy named Ryan and she'll wear rosevests and play guitar and hang out with guys named Brendon and Spencer and blame the whole thing on Slash.

Lol. I doubt even she'll get that reference.

We need to go grocery shopping so bad, we have like no food in the house.

It's finally warm out for once.




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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The kids are all fucked up

listening to: keep it simple-cobra starship

writing: it's a secret

icon of the day:
jondon ftw

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: chyeah, you know i gotta rub it in. your love for mr. ross is scaring meeeee.

krissy: why thank you for being enthusiastic.

nightshade: it's okay, i didn't expect most people to understand yesterday's post.

roseeyes: pssh, if i had talked to them i would be using hella capitals

megan: that game is so frustrating, i got lucky i suppose.

belinda: only if it's the doughnuts with the cream inside them....someone is gonna make a dirty joke about that, i can feeeel it.

emily: i would plz like to swap my prize from a blowjob from mr. wentz to any activity with jon walker. make it happen emily! lol.

zakuro: yeah, i totally forgot antm was on and then i remembered and i was yay! even though i only watched the first half of it. it is like oregon trail, just way better. lol

Gabe Saporta can be a total creeper at times.

I'm pretty sure I'm blaming Jenny and Krissy for my band related dreams.

Oh, remember that one midterm I took and I had said I missed two questions on it? Well, the teacher relooked over tests and it turns out I had actually gotten one of the two right so now it done raised my grade to a 4.0.

My night class went well too, I didn't know we had a test so soon again. Blah, I'll actually study harder this time though because I know what to expect.

I had to do this survey thing too as a field trip and take like 15 surveys. Ended up walking back to the class with my professor, just he and I and yes, it was a tiny bit awkard but he's a nice guy so it wasn't bad.

Spring break is next week but I actually have a ton of homework to do so, no relaxing for me.

Greg called yesterday and I realized halfway through the convo that I was trying too hard, wtf, I don't want to feel the need to try with him because I DON'T want anything with him.

Apparently he and this other guy are coming over on Friday.

Twitter is addictive like woah.

But then again so is slash so maybe it all works out in the end.

Seriously, Ryan Ross, please get out of my mind and stop making me want to write you in stories.

^ And that was the mandatory RR mention of the day, just for Jenny.

Lol, sleep once my blanket is dry.



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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pete is lactating


I have beaten Fall Out Boy Trail.

That is all.



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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Automatic Loveletter

listening to: just keep breathing-automatic loveletter

writing: hsne

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: i knew you'd appreciate the gaylien. i'm so sorry jenny, your comment was so epic that i couldn't even comprehend an answer.

roseeyes: ah, i don't really remember who no face is maybe if you sent me a pic of him and maybe i can think of something.

romantica: well, my spring break is, i have no idea about everyone elses. ha, i probably will send you something for you to make, i just gotta think about what pic i want.

It was freezing cold yesterday and I so did not wanna walk around campus because the wind was hitting me in the face.

I got my one observation back in my first hour class and okay, I will be honest. I made the whole thing up, just wrote it and never really did it because it was a stupid assignment. But anyway, I got it back and I ended up getting 48 points out of 50.

Am I good or what?

I also got my midterm back in my other class and I missed two points on that which I expected but I still got an A and I'm like three points away from having a 4.0.

So, things are good school wise.

Another good thing is that my t-shirts that I ordered came today. I love them and I'm wearing my Fall Out Boy one right now.

Actually, I don't like the pics so I don't wanna put them up and I'll probably end up putting more up soon.

Oh, holy crap. Ryan Ross just ended up on TMZ and Ashlee Simpson was drunk. Fabulous.

My back is really killing me because of the chairs at school and my own computer chair that my brother broke.

Also, Ryan Ross might have acknowledged Jenny. Dude, wtf get out of my posts mr. Ross.

I hate night classes, April cannot come soon enough.



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