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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Vlog Of Epic Win.

For further instructions please watch the video.



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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She said you're just a blurry photograph

By the time you read this I will be with my best friend forever, Jenny in Wisconsin.

I am packed and ready to go.

I will miss my cat, Patrick.

I love you myoers! Boat ride time!



P.S. Thoughts and feelings about the new theme?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Famous last words

listening to: famous last words-my chemical romance

writing: deleted scene

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

emily: you lucky betch.

I went to the doctor's yesterday to do a follow up about my ankle and my blood tests. It took far too long because he was running behind but I found out that I'm fine as far as my blood tests go.

My one thing like cholestoral was high and I need to cut back on friend foods and sweets and things like that.

Also he gave me more medicine for my ankle and told me to wrap it more.

I also just about finished packing up my suitcase since I'm leaving for Wisconsin on Wednesday. I'm so excited!

Also I made this quiz, you guys should take it.

Sex with Panic At The Disco by clandestinecassie
your name
Brendon:holds you down on the bed
Jon:suggests the two of you use handcuffs
Spencer:tells you that you look cuter with something in your mouth
Ryan:asks if you want to see the monster that lives in his pants
How long the sex lasts:1 hour
How many times you come:once
What happens after wards?you two start dating and eventually get married



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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I wanna be your last first kiss

listening to: paperthin hymns-anberlin

writing: krissy's story

icon of the day:

This post is basically a picspam of awesomeness that mah friends made.

First off Megan was drawing mermaids and I asked her to draw the Panic At The Disco boys as mermaids which she did, with a bonus Gabe Saporta thrown in.

Then I told Megan that she looked like the actress who played Carly in ICarly so I made this. Pete is Spencer, Megan is Carly, Jenny is Freddie, and I am Sam.


Last but not least. Krissy drew this for me and she said it's crappy but it's totally not. It's Jon and I in cartoon form. So yeah, go on Krissy's profile and leave her art things good comments and stuff, yeah?



3 more days.



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Sunday, June 21, 2009

This world has lots to offer but in time it will grow dark

listening to: hummingbird-never shout never

writing: ...wedding story.

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

emily: then we'll have to meet up at warped for sure!

angel: i fell off a porch lol.


So, I did go get my blood drawn. It was four tests and four vials of blood and I panicked and cried and I think the doctor was laughing at me afterwards but w/e I don't like needles.

I won't get the results till the 30th.

My ankle still hurts.

Paul came over the other day and we were supposed to go to the drive in but it rained so badly that we didn't end up doing it but i was stuck in the car while they were fighting.

Paul stayed here this weekend.

Yesterday we went swimming at Taylor's friend Kelsies house and I think I got sun burned a bit but it was fun and I was trying to teach Miley to swim and also Taylor said we looked like we were having a threesome. -_-

Happy father's day!

9 more days.



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Thursday, June 18, 2009

listening to: dora the explora

writing: one of this weeks prompts

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Cassie's Comment Corner:

kiba: i think its too soon to see what the baby looks like but i can put up a pic of her daughter.

emily: jenny and i are undecided about warped as of right now but hopefully we'll be there, are you going this year?

romantica: he sang a lot of songs, some fall out boy songs and other stuff that he likes or that i like.

I went to the doctor a couple days ago for my ankle. He ordered me an xray so i had to go and do that and i also have to go and get some blood taken tomorrow for some tests. I hate getting blood drawn.

My ankle still hurts and the medicine he gave me isn't working.

I didn't end up going with Taylor to her ultrasound but Paul, the father did. So, that's good. Apparently her due date is January 17th.

Also some friends came over last night and Justin was there and he took something he shouldn't have and was freaking out and convinced he was going to die.

No one wanted to take care of him so I did he kept asking me to take his tempurature. And he asked me to cuddle with him because he was so cold. It was really weird...and I did cuddle with him so...yeah. lol

You guys should scroll to the bottom of my page and take a look at my countdown thingie. Yep, that's when I'm leaving for Wisconsin.

Anyway, here's a pic of Taylor's two year old daughter, Miley:
She is no where as sweet and innocent as she looks. oho, if you look close you can see family pics on the wall.



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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a breakdown, where do we go from here?

listening to: breakdown-forever the sickest kids

writing: kidfic

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: you're not a fail whale, that tweet was epic.

yoji: trust me, if i ever saw that i would so share it with you.

If anyone didn't understand the last post, Jenny had said that statement to Ryan Ross from the band Panic At The Disco and I lol hardcore imagining him reading that.

I've been doing a lot of stuff with Taylor because she's living here with us now. I also watch her daughter for a few short hours while she's in school.

I fell off a porch and sprained my ankle and my other foot is swollen for some strange reason so I'm going to the doctor's today.

That boy that I sometimes talk about,well, he called me last week and we talked on the phone for the firs time and it was so cute. And he sang to me so yeah, he's adorable.

I also got this text from him last night;

'How could I be mad at you? You've been nothing but wonderful.'

Yeah, I'm fond of him.

I'm leaving for Wisconsin soon. July 1st, can't wait.

Taylor's first ultrasound for her second baby is on Wednesday and she wants me to go with her, its a nice offer.

Love you peeps.



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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Emo handjobs

lovelesspanic@thisisryanross wtf ryan ross, you're giving a hand job right now, not being an emo kid. FOLLOW CHARACTER NOW PLEASE.

^jenny wins the internet.



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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When the two collide it's not coincedence

Sorry, I've been gone. I've been busy. Taylor called me was crying and saying how she's pregnant and how her boyfriend Paul won't talk to her and how she's getting kicked out of her house.

I went and spent the night with her on Saturday for moral support. I stayed with her on Sunday too and helped her pack stuff up.

Long story short, she and her daughter live with us now. We also drove by her boyfriends house and bunch of times and got caught in these massive storms and did a shit ton of driving.

Taylor does have money though and I can get paid for watching her daughter so she's contributing. Hopefully it will work out and this won't eventually ruin our friendship.

We looked at some houses today because I guess my uncle wants to sell the house we live in and there were some good ones for good prices so I'm hopeful.

I really can't wait to see Jenny this year.

Sleepy now and I gotta watch Miley while Taylor's in school so bye ya'll.



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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Help, I'm alive

listening to: help, I'm alive-metric

writing: nothing atm

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: a leave out jon party would be a horrible kind of party. D:

jenny: w/e everyone knows gsf is the best.

belinda: D: why would i ever leave out jon intentionally? I love that bassist.

romantica: well, it's not called yaoi, it's called slash but i didn't think anyone would know that term.

yoji: ever heard the 'it's okay to be gay' song? Huzzah, if i can convert someone to liking one of the pairings than my job is done.

Patrick, my cat, he got sick for about a day and he was drooling and puking and breathing hard but now he seems to be better so that's good.

My headphones broke again. Like the fourth pair in a handful of months. So, I took them back and got a brand spanking new pair, hopefully these ones will last for longer than a month.

We had a party and I took some videos on my broken camera but I can still use the memory card to upload things though so that's cool.

Greg, Justin, Nate, Clare, Ellie, and a couple other people came over and they smoked weed, I didn't do it bat first but s the night wore on I did and burned my lungs up and now my voice is rough.

Tireeeed. Gonna go to sleep now and I may or may not have videos for you when I get back.



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