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Thursday, April 9, 2009

She said
listening to: round here-panic at the disco cover

writing: song challenge thing

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Cassie's Comment Corner:

lavi: i'm just trying to eat more healthy. Yeah, i think my grandma is alright now.

jenny: hey, i had intended on going to school but i kinda didn't have a ride. :B

I think Greg and his girlfriend might break up soon because her parents don't like him. Well no shit, it's because she's 14 and you're 17. Idiot.

Regardless, I don't think I'll date him because he's too good of a friend or the fact that I know far too much about him to adequetly date him.

Car got fixed but as soon as we fixed the breaks the headlight went out. -_- I swear to god.

I think I'll need a haircut again soon.

Also, the power company shut the electricity on our street for like six hours today.

clandestinecass@FUCKCITY now that you're on tour do you still keep up with lost?

FUCKCITY@clandestinecass shit, thats easy. ,itunes. duh. haha-a

^ Yes, that is Andy Hurley talking to me on twitter about the tv show Lost. He is quickly becoming my favorite Fob member ever.

Feel free to stalk my twitter btw.



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