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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's not fight I'm tired can't we just sleep tonight

listening to: soon we'll be found-sia

writing: nothing

icon of the day:
tru fax

Cassie's Comment Corner:

roseeyes: your comment was very helpful in making me feel better. thank you!

jenny: patrick stump doesn't know it's not real bacon.

stephy: well, i'm glad you got to comment and yes, hopefully things will get better soon.

My brother didn't go to school, my dad never called back but my cousin ended up giving me a ride to school.

It was a pretty easy day overall.

My mom ended up selling our van despite how it kind of doesn't work but this guy who lives in our neighborhood bought it for $200 bucks so that's better than what most other places were offering.

She went and bought this thing that's supposed to help fix our car now she's just got to find someone who can fix it. I think my cousins boyfriend might but I'm not sure.

I've found someone inspiring. My brother has a friend named TJ. Tj is twenty years old and he dropped out of high school but the thing about him that's so interesting to me is the fact that his mom kicked him out.

Basically he doesn't have a place to live. I'm not saying it's interesting like I don't care about his situation but moreso interesting because I want to know more about his life.

He doesn't eat, I'm told he knocked on my brother's window last night and asked if he could sleep in our van. And he did.

So Tj often comes over and my brother will offer him food and stuff like that. It's really sad because basically everything he owns is condensed into a backpack that he takes with him.

He didn't have a place to stay tonight so my mom let him stay here, he's sleeping right now. But he got to eat a lot and I let him get on my computer and watch a movie so, yeah.

I just, he's so tragic he makes me wanna write about him. I'm thinking of incorporating it into somewhere.

Night class today, hopefully I'll have a ride.



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Monday, March 23, 2009

Shine away

listening to: anna nalik-shine

writing: the comparison between a montessori classroom and a preschool classroom.

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

tainted: well, they didn't get ruined but one of the arm things is bent oddly now and it makes them crooked.

angel z: lol i'm not sure whether or not i should be offended that you called me lazy and also that you only come to my site for my comment replies. lol jk. but i think i had saw that allison posted on anime forums on some livejournal but i think she used to post a lot of 4chan.com

yoji: my dad stepped on my glasses when i had them on the floor next to my bed.

So, my mom didn't get the money back for the car and I hear the guy was quite rude over the phone so basically it's a lost cause and now we have two not so functioning cars.

We called my dad to see if he could give us rides today but he didn't call back so I don't know what's going to happen. -_-

We tried to find a smaller tire to put on our car but the one the guy gave us was screwed up and the other was too big so it seems we're screwed in all directions here.

My mom's going to take it up to some repair place to see if they can't do something about it so idk.

Also, techincally my uncle has every right to kick us out of the house because my mom hasn't been paying rent regularly but it's hard because she doesn't have a job and he's been working with us and what's worse is that she used the money we were gonna give him in rent to buy that shitty car.

Sorry, I really don't mean to air out my problems or to bring people down. I just feel like my family is in this situation far too much.

Sometimes I feel like we just need to leave Michigan or at least Flint because it's turning to crap and there are like no jobs anywhere.

Idk at least I take comfort in the fact that I'll always have a place at Jenny's house but I wouldn't want to ever be a burden for her or her family either.

God, this is depressing I am so sorry. I don't blame you guys if you don't comment or know what to say.

Ah well, going go finish my homework now and read some slash before bed.



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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Please, would you one time just let me be myself

listening to: let me be myself-3 doors down

writing: nothing atm

icon of the day:

Sooooo I don't feel like doing comment corner today. I'm feeling pretty lazy today.

My mom went and bought a car off of craigslist yesterday and she and my brother went to get it and the guy said it ran well and all that jazz but you would think she would test it beforehand.

but she didn't and the back wheel rubs against these pipes or something and it's basically a whole other problem amongst the problems we already have.

I bet that guy is not gonna give her the money back.

My uncle also served us an eviction notice but I don't think or maybe it's hope, that he's not serious.

I don't know, wake me up when things are better.

Had quite a lazy weekend and my glasses are still screwed up.

Weird thing was I wasn't even depressed until my brother starting being depressed even though he is being just a tiny bit overdramatic. Our life isn't all that bad.

Idk, gonna go write angst stuff to feel better.



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Saturday, March 21, 2009

When this ends I will wish it never began

listening to: austin we have a problem-fall out boy

writing: idk i want to write something pretty badly.

icon of the day:
lol fobt

Cassie's Comment Corner:

romantica: there was a little kid at my observation who was named Spencer and I love that name.

jenny: i don't like hold him up in a godly position but i really love his writing style he just makes it all seem so effortless. you're name is all the explanation anyone needs.

Our van broke down again yesterday. This time it was something near the tire. I swear to god we need a new ride but we just can't afford it right now.

My dad went and changed the tire on the van because it had popped. But we've been advised to not to drive on it for much longer.

My asshole of an uncle/landlord came over today and was bitching at my mom. He called me pampered and said something along the lines of me thinking that I don't have to work for anything in my life. Which just isn't true.

He doesn't even care that I go to school three days a week he was like "her brother goes five days!" Okay, yes, but I gaurentee that my work is harder than his by a fucking mile.

It doesn't matter what I do because it's never right to him.

Let's see what else....

Oh, I downloaded a trial of photoshop but I can't really figure the damn thing out that much. Anyone well versed in photoshop that feels like helping out, drop me a line.

Also had a very eye opening conversation with Danielle today.

Jenny fell asleep on me. Lol.

Oh, my dad stepped on my glasses frames and bent them again so now I gotta go get them refixed.


I'm having serious writers block, I don't know what I want to write and usually I do something and it helps but I don't feel like doing that either. Sooooo. Idk, I sort of feel like writing something sad but I have no idea what.

Slow motion maybe or AD.

Or do my homework sometime today.



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Friday, March 20, 2009

She held a purse of a different kind

listening to: build god, then we'll talk-panic at the disco

writing: baby story in a min

icon of the day:
Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: well, poo. i suppose i'll just have to spring for it one of these days. whose your first favorite married couple?

jenny: lol yes, but then you had a party with livejournal all about pete's video so :P

zakuro: well, i meant windows media player but my mp3 player has a radio player as well. omg i know that girl is so cocky she's like yay i totally deserve to win! and everyone else is like -_-. i like allison too even though she's a bit weird. i heard that allison posts a lot on anime sites. my mom wanted me to leave class early.

yoji: i rarely use my windows media player seeing as i usually just listen to my mp3 player.

I had a really good day. I don't paticularly feel like going through it all in detail but I'll give some facts.

I did my observation and it was super boring despite one of the kids being named Spencer.

Mom got her check in the mail and we did a bit of shopping. I got a big ass banana split.

Went to Borders and contemplated buying the Chuck Palahinuk book Survivior but decided that I'd rather have a Clandestine t-shirt more.

Hot Borders cafe worker gave me free samples.

My mom found the big book of penis and was looking at it in the middle of the store.

My brother bitched because he couldn't get the book the joy of sex.

Went out to eat and it was very lol worthy, sometimes I love my brother and I because we have a good banter system.

Home, Jenny, twitter, Brendon Urie stalking, fan fic.

The end.

I finally get to sleep in today.



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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm the one you left behind

listening to: the one you left behind-vayden

writing: i don't even know what to describe it as. the idea is half baked at best.

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

krissy: do you know if there's some place to play the sims for free because i am too cheap to go and buy it. lol. weird because i've been oddly attracted to spencer lately too.

jamo: the game is avatar U on the-n.com it's not exactly like the sims but it's fun at least to me.

Ah, I have discovered that my media player has radio stations. Awesome. I found a good one.

Classes went fine I was a little nervous about having to do some speaking but it wound up being fine, I just wish I wouldn't shake when I did.

Oh, the station is playing Escape The Fate, this is a really good one.

Pam told me that her boyfriend was trying to set me up with one of his friends, a thirty year old who drinks all the time and lives with his mom. Thankfully Pam said no.

Spring semester soon and Pam and I have been discussing classes to take next semester.

Ugh, we had a speaker during my second class and it was all fine and everything until my mom fucking knocks on the door, interrupts the class and comes inside to talk to me! I couldn't believe it and I just wanted to die on the spot.

Afterwards my teacher was a bit miffed not so much at me but at my mom and I was too so I don't blame her. I ended up sending a apology email to her so yeah. Still embarressing though.

I don't think my mom has a filter in her mind between thoughts and actions. -_-

What else happened....

Jenny's trying to steal my friends lol.

Had a CSI viewing party on livejournal.

Ellie came over and was very irritating.

Observation tomorrow.



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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We were part of something ours and ours alone

listening to: after the last midtown show-the academy is...

writing: nothing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jamo: no, what I did wasn't very bad at all in a society kind of sense, like i didn't kill anyone or anything just bad if you know how i use to act when i was a sophmore.

jenny: both of my lady professors are in their late fourties i assume. lol our talks all sort of blend into one huge conversation.

It was so nice out yesterday! I want more days like that.

Class was alright, didn't drag on forever like it usually feels like. I did my test and I felt I did pretty well on it and the teacher told me I got a C which okay, I was expecting it but hopefully it's a high C.

My brother had our friend Alex with him when he picked me up from class and Alex is such a strange person, Timmy says he looks like president Obama but idk. But Alex was saying he wanted to make a porno with me and other various things but that kids just crazy.

I am very sad that Jenny killed her phone


I am totally loving this sims like game that I found where you can make your friends and I made my lovely crew, aka jenny, megan, krissy, belinda, myself, and the panic boys.

Spencer, Megan, and Ryan are totally the school sluts.

At one point myself, Jenny, and Megan were all dating Spencer. I think Jon just got caught cheating on Megan with Belinda.

I enjoy this game.

I'm having to resist the strong urge to print screen everything.



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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We don't fight fair

listening to: the take over, the breaks over-fall out boy

writing: nothing atm but i'm thinking of the bby story

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

romantica: it's my psychology class wherein we were learning about classical training. omg i'm jealous of your ipod touch.

jenny: I'll be panicking in my bedroom, at the college, bathroom, wherever. is who sexy?

I'm basically livejournal stupid. I can't believe I can't figure out how to make fake cuts/they just won't effing work for me.

I did something potentially stupid yesterday. It really wasn't one of my better ideas but it turned out a little better than expected, not that I ever expect much out of that situation.

It really isn't anything too bad I'm just not bringing it up because I don't want any of those "Omg, this is old news, get over it" comments.

I'll be fine, I promise.

Classes went fine, it was warm out and apparently that equals instant cheeriness for me.

Also I got to talk to Jenny and Danielle a bit.

Test today, I think I should do at least average on it. Really, it's too much material to cover and the professor is a nice guy but he rambles a lot so you never really know what's important.

Pam wants her and I to have some more of the same classes next semester.

Zack and Miri make a porno is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. Seth Rogan is insanely funny.

Sleep time now.



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Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm coming home

listening to: homecoming-hey monday

writing: nothing

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

zakuro: i thought that they usually waited a while to do make overs too. whose that one girl who has the really huge eyes? i like her.

belinda: i don't hate on the ryan, i find him all kinds of awkward and endearing, just don't fancy his behind all that much. lol. they do still act gay, i don't think pete can help it, he just loves patrick too much.

Spring Break is over.

That means no breaks or anything until this semester is over at the end of April.

I feel like things are going to get hectic soon considering a lot of my projects are due within a few weeks.


I cannot handle public speaking quite yet.

Actually don't mind going back to school but I'm sure I'll retract that statement later.

I emailed my one professor and she's allowing me to turn my observation in late because the second school couldn't get me in until after the due date. She just might be my favorite professor.

Test tomorrow and I'm studying but god it's so much information.

Damn you Pavlov and your stupid dogs.



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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Everytime I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray

listening to: bizarre love triangle-stabbing westward [love this song]

writing: nothing atm

icon of the day:

Cassie's Comment Corner:

jenny: wow, that's creepy i'd rather have you name clothing after me. sometimes he can be an ass but sometimes he's a sweetheart. you're mean for calling jon fat. he does feed them, he feeds them meat...get it? lol

belinda: missing ryan's ass is not missing much at all lol

roseeyes: during observations i watch the kids.

yoji: i did miss your wonderful comments! and what good timing you come back when i'm sharing the boy pics.

My brother is an idiot and also really selfish and he winded up making me late for my observation by an hour and a half.

It wasn't bad though because the teacher was really quite nice and there were barely any kids in there due to the time of day I went.

One of them was named Patrick and I informed him that I had a cat named Patrick but he didn't believe me. I also ate with the kids and had to sit in tiny chairs and the one girl kept asking what my name was and calling me Cassidy.

This paticular observation has two parts to it where I have to go to another school but that school couldn't schedule me in until after the due date of my assignment, I emailed my professor but she has yet to answer.

My keyboard is being fucking weird.

Greg came back over, I confronted him about the rude thing he had said about me and this has kinda happened once before and Danny and Greg had almost gotten in a fight in a church parking lot over it.

But yeah, I confronted him and he was feinging ignorance and was saying other stuff that I won't repeat but whatever, I'm not doing anything with him.

Cranberry juice and vodka is really good.

Ugh, spring break is offically over now and it's back to school on Monday and a test on Tuesday, I'm gonna have to study this weekend.

No otp tonight, just this rather lovely picture because it speaks for itself almost.

panic at the disco Pictures, Images and Photos



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