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Saturday, March 3, 2007

"We're on spriiiiing break!"
Hey, all! Greetings from St. John's in the USVIs, or U.S. Virgin Islands! I'm on St. John's, which is just a half hour boat ride away over 6 foot swells from St. Thomas. The weather's nice, but it's expected to rain a bit. I have no idea what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Perhaps get a massage...who knows? in any case, I'm using my mom's computer, and unfortunately, it's her work computer so I can't DL AIM or MSN onto it. But I miss everyone and hope everyone's doin okee day. SG, I'm 100 pages into Rogue Squadron, and it's very cool. I picture Tycho as Brad Pitt in my mind, lol. I also plan on taking lots of pictures, and I'll put them up when I get back to school. I DO want to while I'm here:

-Jet Ski
-Snorkle/scuba dive

I know you high school kids ain't off yet, but any college kids, happy spring break! Also, I'm in room number 1111, so of course when I saw the number plate, it imediately looked like the insignia of the hidden village of rain, or whoever the fuck those ninja are that all have umbrellas. I'll take a picture of that too, I suppose. Fare thee well, I'm off to explore the hotel! You can continue to look for updates here all week, or on my DA page!

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