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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy New Year!

Heh, yeah, a little late, I know. Basically for all of my winter break, i didn't update cause I was in kinda a depressed mood, so I played Zelda games for 5 weeks. No really, I did. Ocarina of Time, Major'as Mask, Wind Waker, and my friend's GameCube copy of Twilight Princess. I wanted a Wii for X-mas, but it turns out my mom draws the line at waiting in line at the Best Buy the night before (I don't blame her) so she said she'd get me one when they're availiable. Who knows when the hell that would be? I haven't even got to play a Wii yet.

In other news, Heroes. Best new show ever. I'm still watching every single CSI (They're gonna kill of someone else on Miami in two weeks, that show has a ridiculously high death rate, even for a crime drama) and Numb3rs (I can only watch so many CBS crime dramas). I'd watch Stargate too, but that won't be on till April.

Anime-wise, we haven't started any series yet in the club. Although, I did start watching Death Note on my own (what an incredibly thought-provoking thing! That's not something you can watch idley!) and FINALLY made it to Bleach non-filler arc, after like, 60 eps of Bantou crapola (Non-filler starts at episode 110, if you'd like to know). So that was good.

Ahh, bring it, Kurosaki Sr.!

Down here in smelly old Newport News, VA, I've had an epiphany, though. I don't really have any *real friends*, I guess. Sure, there's alot of nice people, and people I don't mind being around, but there's no one I would talk to about personal problems, or someone who would talk to me about personal problems, or people who'd run to Starbucks with me just for the hell of it. You know, the little things. Between that, and not having alot to do outside of school (except shop), I've decided I want to try to study abroad next year. In Spain. Possibly in Barcelona, if I could get it. I guess Madrid would be my second choice, but that city's a little scary at times. Sorry, any Madrid Spainards, but I think you know what I mean. Seville (or Sevilla) is much nicer, but that's a little hot. In any case, Barcelona's my first choice, casue I've heard so many great things about it, plus I haven't been there. So, I've gotten over my fear (about half of it) and decided I need to get outta here, and move on to something bigger than this second rate state school. I don't want to stay in Virginia after I graduate, and I certainly don't want to stay around here any longer than I have to. There, I've said my piece.

Take care, everyone!

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