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Friday, February 16, 2007

Hola! Que pasa? Te quiero en mi casa!

*Cough* Now that I have your attention...

Yeah, I totally feel like a 13 year old wanna be goth kid for liking Amy Lee, but whatever. This is a really awesome solo, and I grew up with Korn, so I feel I'm justified. This is my new favorite song to sing in the shower.

So, hope everyone's doing well. I'm super busy with college, and fanfiction and art, but SG's little optomist posts inspired me to a be a little more diligent about posting. What can I say? The guy truly is the MyO optimist. I don't want to bore you with telling you what's going on on all the primetime shows I watch, lol.

I went to a Goo Goo Dolls concert last week, which was pretty kickass. I don't care WHAT you think, those guys are really good in concert. When they did "Iris", they did the huge instrumental part and then all the lights went off, the crowd cheered for a few minutes. And then you here Johnny Rzenick's voice sweep over the crowd like the ebb before the flow and he says:

"And I..."

Then all the lights kick back on and the guitars are amped up and they finish the song like a tidal wave!

Yes, I can be poetic when talking about a concert. What of it?

I also discovered yesterday that the Funimation Channel made a deal with iTunes, so now you can DL anime right to your iPod. Of course, it's probably all dubbed, but the Samurai 7 dubs are actually really good. Yeah, they have Samurai 7 which is TOTALLY worth all your money, Desert Punk (which I hear is not), and something I've never heard of called Speed Grapher? It looks kinda like some futuristic punk thing...I'm not really sure.

All my anime club buddies are at Katsucon in DC this weekend. If you happen to be there, they're the huge Avatar group. Their costumes seriously kick ass.

In more mind-numbing news, my roomate's BF arrived last night for the weekend. Yippee. This morning when she woke up, they started whisper-talking, and then real talking so I said "SLEEPING!" in a really obnoxious voice. They left the room, which was nice. *grins* It was pretty funny. To me, anyway.

Well, I'm off cause today's my laundry day, and I have to get the dryers that accept my Student ID credit as opposed to the ones that accept quarters cause I HAVE NONE.

Peace out, cub scouts, hope you're all doing well.

Holy shit, it's been so long I forgot how to write all my codes.

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