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Monday, December 25, 2006


Time posted: 10 something pm
mood: content(im always content have you noticed that?)
listening to: TRJA-false pretense

well i been busy and welps yea lol.
just tell you the highlights!
-longs 14th birthday!
(can you still believe it me and him been friends since the 3rd grade and we stuck by each other till now! he moved here with me)
(oh yea i totally freak danced lol}
{ boring but we the only fun but was toby the timberwolf our school mascout!}

nothing esle to report here. i gave all my friends starbucks card!!! HAHA ME LOVE COFFEE!
anyways i better go! so *hands gifts to everyone*

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

happy thanksgiving!

Time: 10:03pm
Mood: content
listening to: it ends tonight-all american rejects

[how have u been?]
welll happy thanksgiving everyone! whoot! LOL LONG time no update huh? eh sorry. been pretty busy with life.

[its that time again...]
everything has been great i mean well yea everythings going great..but i cant help but feel a little..depressed. i have no idea but it hit me for awhile now. i just wanted to say i wont be updating for quite awhile until i get my life back to order. even if i think everythings perfect i guess im just denial? T.T i dont want to go to my final stage of depression!

[events a series of events]
well yea friends been great. i dont think i updated at halloween but yea. i went to another school dance and can i tell u something. OMG I TOTALLY ROCK ON! seriously it was better than the last one. and my friends were actally happy this time ^0^...well actally -.- they turned me into gaara for the dance so HAHAHA I WAS GAARA only with a sex change lol. hmm i cant really remember anything esle. ^__^

[friends forever? maybe not]
for some time now me and serena hasnt been talking as often i have no idea why. but we arent!


a dear friend of mine. shes very dear to me i known her since last year and she seem very upbeat u know happy smiling kind of gurl...a bit of a dirty mind but hahaha whatever. i found out recently she cuts herself which i was very shock to hear. how can she do that to herself? she also seem depressed lately. and she been hanging out with me more than her best friend..so i have no idea. Her boyfriend also cheating on her! T.T that bastard i swear if i knew his number..ill tell him hes gonna die in seven days! JK i wouldnt do that but ill beat the crap out of him. MY FRIENDS ARE ALL DEPRESSED WHAT IS GOING ON? ITS FREAKIN TEARING ME APART!

[ i saw him cry for the first time]
another friend of mines..hes special to me..really i was introduced to him last year cause i was friends with his twin brother. but this year we started to hang out. everything was going great. I HAD A GREAT DAY HE HAD A GREAT DAY. AB class came..he sat right next to me...and while we were doing work..he cried. he tried to hold it back.
he didnt want me to see his tears. wtf. i never knew that he felt so much pain. never! he always had a smile on!he always laugh and made jokes! who knew! he cried! i couldnt helped! i really did but he just pushes me away which drives me mad! agh..

well thats it im really tried so once again happy thanksgiving!

p.s my friends nomantied/voted me for most LOL hilarous! and the best dancer!

IM NOT FUNNY! IM NOT FUNNY I REPEAT IT AGAIN IM NOT FUNNY! i know i make stupid comments but how is that funny! T.T


im not denial!

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

long time no see huh?!!?

time posted: 9PM
MOOD: CONTENT..mainly tired duh its nightime over here
listening to: only one by yellowcard

[life overall]
its been great ^___^ really everythings so much fun im so sorry i havent updated in a long time but i been very busy...well ill try to tell u whats been happening..well ill tell u the highlights of it..
-i went to my first school dance
-i been keeping my grades up which is a surprise...
-i went to the fair went my friends
- i had a huge fight with my friends which sucks....
- 4 guys totally have a crush on me (i dont know if thats a good thing or bad)
- hmm still single but i dont care XD my friend is finally happy when she found her true love
- i make stupid comments T.T serioiusly i do well my friends think that cause they always laugh
-dieting is the new thing right now =/ (bad my friend is straving herself)
- i went to my friends birthday party!!(i learn so many new things about me

so thats what i can remember right now but im tired i dunno nowadays i get tired easily.... and i dont know but i will be busy this month next week for choir i have perform a concert and then i have a feastival where jugdges are...i get to skip school!! YES!!! but i have to wear a long black dress...T.T i hate that.... anyways i g2g bye!

p.s how are things with u guys?

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

hello everyone

time posted: 10: 29pm
listening to: gomen nasai by tatu
mood: hmm im content i guess

hehe i started school on the 21st and guess what its been awesome! these 3 weeks went by very fast. omg remeber how i said i didnt know anyone in my AB class well guess what hehe I GOT THE TWINS! yes i was so happy!! can i just tell u something all the guys have gotten so much taller and hotter over the summer...hehe my gaw cause most of them were shorter than me last year but i guess im the short one now hehe

[so i guess fate brought us together?? i want us to be friends again]
well anyways i saw an old friend of mines he transfer here. dude I SWEAR I DIDNT RECONGIZE HIM. i just enter my alegbra class and sat down then i noticed this new kid.. and i was like greatt...
then i was like looking closer and i was like shit do i know him and guess what i do!!!!!!!!!!! hehe!!! i was like OMG LONG? and he just nodded his head and i was like OMG I REMEMBER U..yea and he seats next to me to. dude WE BOTH CHANGE ALOT AND I KNOWN HIM SINCE THE 3RD GGRADE! but nowadays we dont really talk to another, we dont make fun of each other too. hmm i guess we kinda drifted apart...maybe we grown up a little who knows or maybe he betrayl my trust...

[something funny]
well i was suppose to go to the mall on last saturday with my friend justin right. and well on friday he told me he change his mine and he was like "tidy i change my mind, im not gonna go" and i was like why bother going if hes not going so saturday came and guess what he went to the mall and WAITED FOR ME for 30 mintues in the sun! now hes mad at me - -'

anyways everythings going great i just wanted u to know that. oh yea im super busy this month since im hosting 2 party (jillians surprise party and steve goodbye party) and the dance is coming and hanging out friends plus hwk and projects so sorry!!! later everyone take care!

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

what a boring week..

time posted: 9:09pm
mood: content
listening to: london bridge by fergie

yea it went well hehe i didnt die of total panic after all.. so well i didnt get to see anyone i knew!! well yea i know lots of people and they know me but i wouldnt consider them friends...anyways i couldnt find my friends so that suck but i did see wendi..what a B*itch i dont know why i even call her a friend now...oh yea because of jillian! such a b im serious she thinks she can talk behind my back like that...ehhh

well my mom was suppose to take me to hollister and abercombie today again..but she was to busy yet again...i still need jeans...

oh yea i got my shedule and i dont like 2 things about it. i got stuck with band and PE in the morning!!! ARGH! band was my last choice and i got stuck with it!!! i wanted teen living T.T
anyways i start on monday which sucks....heres my shedule..oh yea my school does this odd and even day thing so yea

1. AB
2. PE
3. Algebra 1
4. choir
5. science
6. AB
7. band (THAT SUCKS!!)
8. AB

so yea...

right now im waiting on MY BEST friend that i love so much ^__^(jenny101, her button is up there) to reply..we are working on our fan fic of naruto lol well take care everyone!!!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

im in big trouble

time posted: 8:54pm
mood: holy shit??!! im paincky!!!
listening to- showstoppers by danity kane

[back 2 school shopping]
yes i went to the mall to buy some chotles,
i went to abercombie and fitch, hollister, AE,
rave(lola), and some other stores..i still need to buy more...

okay i was suppose to pick up my registration packets on monday and tuesday!! BUT I FORGOT!! T.T im in big trouble now!! im suppose to pick up my schedule TODAY!??! and i DIDNT PICK UP MY DAMN REGISTRATION PACKET!! WHAT IN HELL AM I SUPPPOSE TO DO?!? man im so pissed...u know i should be more responible and CALL MY FRIENDS BACK WHEN THEY HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY!!!!! T.T kelly called me today and told me this so thats why im panicky..

[in the plus side]

ok well today i will get to see tons of my friends ^__^ i have to go at 6:15... hehe though i wont get to see kelly, justin, or may!! which sucks. but i will get to see jillian, amanda, and tons more ^__^ but i get to see wa!! hehe hes so hott....

i dont know what am i suppose to do today!!! i didnt complete my registration packet so how am i suppose to get my shedule today???? i suck - -'

wish me luck...i will need it,cause im gonna die of total panic...- -'*sighs*

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006


hey everyone hows it going? everythings fine here in cali. the only problem is that im bored - -' anyways at august 8th im going to pick up my shedule for school T.T i hope i get teen living!!! i mean comon who want to to get marry to a hot guy and carry a fake baby around? me!! lol its all pretend though..hmm.. well i feel like starting a fanfic...T.T though i dont think i should because whatever i start i never finish
for example:
endless adventure...still stuck in chapter41
ties of friendship..hehe never got to talk to jenny
the fanfic of sasuke that me and jenny did
the fanfic of sasuke that me and jil did we never finish..

funny isnt it??

[TALKSHOW] im bored ok?
mina: WELCOME everyone and this is my talkshow that has no name at all!! hehe well today's guest is a young girl who stars in "ties of friendship" lets all welcome LILY RAYNE!!!
lily: hello ^__^

Mina: lily is glad to have u today, anyways so tell us all, what is ties of friendship about.

lily: well it was orinialy suppose to be a..umm well non action story..no demons and such but i guess THE WRITER decided to change it.

Mina: ehhh hehe ^__^

lily: well ties of friendship is about two young girls who just started jr high ^__^ which is me and tori. well the first day was a blast. note the scarstism(sp?) suddenly these two ghosts appear and take them to ghost headquarters and now they spend the times fighting bad guys and blah blah

Mina: very good now i understand these two ghosts are..um TOTALLY HOT!

Lily: hehe ^__^

Mina: i understand u and dan has a little thing going on? *wink*

lily: -___-' who told u that! me and dan or just friends! k??

Mina: RIGHHHT!!anyways how is it working with dan, ray, and tori.

lily: omg ray is just a totally dork! hes so fun to be around. dan is just the party pooper - -' heres all like cold and distant and blah blah but really hes a sweet and caring person. TORI IS LIKE MY SISTER! we are the best friends! i just love her! ^__^

mina: aww! thats just awesome! now can u give us a hint on whats gonna happen next??

lily: hehe well theres a new guy in town

Mina: OHHHH!! really? what can we expect?

lily: well its gonna be sillY!! but of course
its gonna be tragic and very sad.

MIna: why is that

lily: u know how the writer is! she is just the best on tragic and romantic stuff.

Mina: - -' i meant the new guy

lily: oh..him well i cant tell u! hehe ^__^ but u can expect this chapter to be awesome. it WILL MAKE U CRY! *sniff*

mina: aww *sniff* i cant wait! well looks like time is up! goodbye! till next time!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


time posted: 2:40pm
mood: tired
listening to: she dont by letoya

[last night]
anyways i just came back from san franisco last night - -' *yawns* im soo tired. i had to drop my cousins at the airport cause they were going back home to north c. the road trip to take them thier was awesome HAHAHA and we recorded it 2! i was gonna show u guys but i she had it in her camera..

[the week]
WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!! me and my cousin janet had a great time. alot of things happened! to much to even say. but we did take a lot of pictures!

yes the day before my cousins and aunt left we had to do this cemormoy..right? right and we had to tied this string or yarn around are wrist. and guess what both of my cousins GOT 250 DOLLARS ON THIER STRINGS! i was like ----> o.o man i was surprise i got nothing because they were the one visting. so u get that much money for just visting??? well i guess my culture does that..lol

[birthday shoutout]

anyways thats it i guess. laterz!

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Monday, July 17, 2006


time posted: 10: 25pm
mood: content
listening to: call him mine-tata young

hey everyone..well its monday and i hate mondays even though im not in school >_< anyways just wanted to tell u i wont be on for about a week.. tomorrow im off to san franscio so yea...lol

[feeling fat yet again]
i still think im fat..im serious..even though all my friends says that im not fat.. i cant help but think i am. - -' wierd i only weigh like 102 and alot of people says thats not fat. but that didnt stop me from being on a diet. haha my grandpa told me that i needed to eat because im already skinny ,im eating just not as much.

[other news]
well mailee didnt celebrate her 13th birthday so i think that suck so thats why im gonna buy her a CAKE!!! HAHAHAHA nah my mom might say im going over my limits. so i might buy her a cupcake and a candle on top of it and surprise her lol.

anyways i g2g...byebye!!!!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

   New theme

Time posted: 9:40pm
listening to: sincerely by ???
mood: content

[new theme]
hey everyone!!! here my new theme!!! ^___^
haha it took me awhile to this though.
but im so happy its done but i tell u its hard cause i forget how to use photoshop - -'
anyways i wanted to thanks itachi and jenny for helping me!!!! they are the best arent theY?
itachi helped me with this thing right here. "i wont let u go, promise?,...promise" yea i didnt know the code so hahaha!! and jenny101 helped me with the box thingy up there!

[ Mina and derick]
this theme was for them. they are my favorite couple in the story..its so sad though T.T i couldnt find a picture how they looked but oh well. here is one of thier moment this chapter is called...i cant let u go:

Location: sorrow city, Bridge.

(ill skip the begining)

it was late in the afternoon...and it looked as if it was gonna rain...Mina was standing on a bridge looking out at the distance..
alot has been going on since she and everyone esle in the team was caturped by strict's soldiers...as she stands there she starts to hear footsteps...it was coming closer and closer...then it stopped..she turned to look who was it....it was derick..

Mina: *eyes widen*...*turns back quickly with her head down*u arent suppose to be here...the doctors said- Derick: im sorry mina... [everything grew slient...u could hear the river rushing slowy..and a soft brezze just passed] Mina:..*eyes watered* why..why are things this derick-kun....why did u have to do such a thing to me.. Derick: ...*looks down* Mina: do u remember...how we first met? it was like...a dream come true..everything was perfect..just u and me. Derick: mina...
Mina: u left me all alone derick!! WHY?! WHY ARE U CRUEL! Derick: .... Mina: U were everything! everything!! u taught me to be strong, u held my hand when i was afraid, u....I WAS ALL ALONE! I couldnt...*crying* why are u saying sorry now? how can u break my freakin heart? i loved u derick..all the things u did was unforgetable..but still...* a tear falls in the river* derick! *hugs him* Derick: *eyes widen* Mina: but i still love u...Derick: *tears* im sorry...*held her* i didnt know i was doing..i was afraid of being like my father..and i just...*sighs* i wont let u go anymore...i wont.. Mina: *sniff* promise? Derick: *pauses* ...promise...

u know u cant promise her such a thing,
u know ur gonna hurt her once more,
u know ur gonna walk out on her,
so why are u lieing??
everyone can see the truth,
ur lieing, we can see it in ur eyes,
so why do u insist?
u know ur gonna break her heart,
u know shes gonna cry all night,
u know shes gonna kill herself for u,
so why do u inisit!?

[other news]
(ill be at ur house at 6:30 with a surprise ^__^ miss ya)

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