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Sunday, June 19, 2005

*tears* down memory lane

hey guys..well i just finsih reading my dairy.yea yea,so what if i have a dairy so what.make fun of me all u want,*anyways*it made me happy and it also made me simle.but i never knew it would make me cry looking back.its made me cry so much.well now i realize how much i changed at grow up and my friends too they all changed.well on my little kid days was so much fun nothing to worry about u know.my friends are alwasy there for me casue we they lived downstairs.we alwasy use to have lil partys and we help each other on chores.my friend jc(a girl) she is like the one who make up fun games to play.we also roleplay and swim and stuff.we go to the arcade alot to.then when i moved everything change.and i mean everything.i learn alot of new things and my grades immprove and i learn alot of things about life.now i realize how much im gonna miss elemetary school.i had my first fight with my best friend mailee.(we did alot of pushing in that fight lol)and many things.i felt love too...*sighs* i remeber back in third grade my friends try to make me kiss this guy..lol*tears* it was so funny..matthew was there too.*sighs*and when the boys got stuck in the girls bathroom and when I got stuck in the boys bathroom!u know i have alot of memories that i have forgotten and now i remeber them its just so funny but sad casue im gonna miss all my friends who was there for me and im gonna miss everything about it.i just hope they dont changed as much as i did.*wipes tears* i came to a memory that i wanted to forget a memory that made me what to die.a memory i wanted to lose that made me cry so much.anyways everytime i felt this bad i read this it always makes me feel better..

~~~~~~15 THINGS~~~~~~~
1.at least 5 people in this world love u so much they would die for u
2.at least 15 people in this world love u in someway.
3.the only reason anyone would hate u is because they want to be just like u.
4.A smile from u can bring happiness to anyone,even if they dont like u.
5.Every night,SOMEONE thinks about
u before they go to sleep.
6.U mean the world to someone
7.if not for u,someone may not be living
8.ur special and unqiue
9.someone u dont even know exists,loves u
10.when u make the biggest mistakes ever,something good comes from it
11.when u think the world has turn its back on u,take a look:u most likely turned ur back on the world
12.when u think u have no chance of getting what u want,u probably wont get it,but if u BELIEVE in urself,probably,sooner or later,u will get it
13.always remember the compliments u recived,forget the rude remarks
14.always tell someone how u fell about them,u will feel much better when they know
15.if u have a great friend take thr time to let them know that they r great...

im sorry this post is late well later..

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

~first love~`by utada hikaru(english version)(lyrics)

Once in awhile,you r in my mind i think about the days we had and i dream that these would all come back to me.if only u knew every moment in time,nothing goes on in my heart,just like ur memories,how i want here to be with u once more....you will always gonna be the one and u should know.how i wish i could have never let u go.come into my life again..oh,dont say no,u will always gonna be the one in my life so true,i believe i can never find somebody like u..my first love...once in awhile you are in my dreams.i can feel ur warm embrace and i pray that it will all come back to me,if only u knew every moment in time..nothing goes on in my heart just like ur memories and how i want here to be with u once more yah,yah,yah
you will always be inside my heart and u should knonw how i wish i could have never let u go come into my life again please dont say no now and forever you r still the one in my heart so true,i believe i could never find somebody like u my first love oh oh...u will always gonna be he one and u should know how i wish i could have never let u go come into my life again oh,dont say no u will always gonna be the one so true,i believe i could never find now and forever.....

ok i just love that song but i like the japanesse version better casue i hav no idea but maybe its sounds better..it sometimes makle me cry casue i think of my first love*sighs* i think Itachi knows who im talking about.. well yea im gonna start to cry now*tears form* oh well as u know my story had gone missing but U GUYS HOPE I WILL FIND IT!but guess what even time u guys hope it gets bad and guess what someone throu it away!ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!well yea im tires a family friend of ours had a heart attack and im not sure if he is ok.well yea im listening to first love in the japanesse vison right now and im gonna cry so later...

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Friday, June 17, 2005

   i cant believe it

ok this is so freakin dumb and wrong!remeber the story i put on here??the one with mina and kai.well guesss what???I FREAKIN LOST IT!I CANT FIND IT!AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!I WORK SO HARD ON IT!WHY ME!!!!!IT TOOK ME OVER A MONTH TO FINSH THAT BOOK!AHHHHHHH!
IM SO SO SORRY ITACHI!*ahem* ok i still cant believe i lost it*looks down* anywyas yea im not gaining any wieght now.yea whatever so i wont be able to vist ur sites today.well later.oh as u can see i put a new song on its by mariah carey and i put up for itachi casue he hasnt heard of it well later

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

sick to my stomach

ok as u can so im sick to my stomach.i have a major stomach since last night.and a major headace.well anywasy i want to thank u guys for giving helping me through my rough times in life.and u guys i gain even more pounds.i dunoo will u know about my best friend who betary me will i dont care if she does..i just dont care anymore.bu8t anyways i have a better day today.we went to a little field trip in downtown.it was something about art.well i sat next to my best friend mailee right.well then when we had to go home the bus was full.so guess who i had to sit next to???matthews lil cousin.but oh well i didnt care and mailee was all laughing at me.well it was kinda coool sitting next to him.he wasnt like matthew.well yea..i walk mailee home cause we got out early and she was afraid to walk home alone.well yea.*sighs* i need to relax but i cant too many things going on now.well later u guys.and im so sorry but im still quiting myotaku in august so yea later

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

life problems...

wow..i havent been on in a long time..i still cant believe i havent been on in awhile.well yea i havent been on because well alot of things are happening to me.do u now what i mean???as u can see the tiltle is life problems and thats true..its happening to me.*sighs*well i found out my friends cousin like me and wants to go out with me but..1.i dont even know him
2.im not ready to be in a relatship
right now. and 3.my heart is broken enough. life is just so hard now..im losing my best friend..im gaining weight..im always tired..i just still not to care anymore.well on monday i went to the doctor..and they told me i might do surgery.and im really scared...its so hard for me to think.i dont know what i did in my life to be this way.im also having family problems.and my friends are betarying me again..they is so much promblems that is very personal so thats way im not telling u guys the rest.im very stress out..and the surgey is scaring me.i dont want to go to a hostipal and let them...*sighs* *tears* tthrough all my years of helping people and giving them my advice..im the one who needs it.its so hard for me.im only 12 and those problems are really hard for me to handle.isnt my heart broken enough.isnt my life miserable enough?whats happing to me.i use to know the answer to everything but now i dont know what to do....*looks down**sighs* and im quiting myotaku in august..so yea.well dont hope that it will be better cause it will just get worse.i also been thinking of death well later..oh yea will a guy friend of my..well lets see he umm well he was gonna shot himself in the head but his brother trid to pull the gun down and then my friend shot himself in the leg..and they rushed to a hostipal.well later

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

2nd day art summer school was relaxing

yea it was relaxing and i told mailee about mailee and she was shcock well yea ill post my story(yes the mina and kai one) up on friday night or saturday morning well my computer is still having problems but im ok with it still well i nothing really happen but i still remember my dream i cant get it off*hits herslef on the head with a book hard* oowww well later and i still have paint on my face/...

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Monday, June 6, 2005

1st day of summer school

i still cant believe my best friend mailee made me go to art summer school with her.*hits herself*well yea it was so boring!but it was kinda fun cause i got to see some of my past teachers who taught me in the past and it was great talking to them*did i just say that* okkkkk wierd well yea i got to see only 5 of my friends and it was cool we talk we laugh overall we had some fun be4 we really seperated again.so yea well me i have to find this song and who is it by will anyways u guys who is ur fav artist or band?and whats ur fav song by them?well yea i cant go to anyone site because my dumb computer is still freakin boring but u guys can finally pm i some how fixed that somehow.....well yea pm if u want to talk k well later

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

big problem!

my computer has a big big problem so i cant pm anyone or vist anyone site omg i cant believe my internt isnt working!ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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Saturday, June 4, 2005


i need more sleep*yawns* more.anyways again..once again i oversplept*yawns* well since im bored out of my mind ill be posting my story up again(but it might be boring) yea illl be posting it tomorrow casue i have to changed some things and also im to lazy to type.lol well laters i hope u guys have a great day!

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Friday, June 3, 2005

Ist day of summer vaction

ok i overslept once again and yea this summer is gonna be scary and boring but yea whatever...i miss school already...oh well..next week im gonna go to summer art school with mailee cause she made me go.anyways yea i have this comptuer problem so i wont to anyones site today and im so sorry about that.but anyways i could still be on well nothing esle to talk about so yea later..

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