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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

im in big trouble
time posted: 8:54pm
mood: holy shit??!! im paincky!!!
listening to- showstoppers by danity kane

[back 2 school shopping]
yes i went to the mall to buy some chotles,
i went to abercombie and fitch, hollister, AE,
rave(lola), and some other stores..i still need to buy more...

okay i was suppose to pick up my registration packets on monday and tuesday!! BUT I FORGOT!! T.T im in big trouble now!! im suppose to pick up my schedule TODAY!??! and i DIDNT PICK UP MY DAMN REGISTRATION PACKET!! WHAT IN HELL AM I SUPPPOSE TO DO?!? man im so pissed...u know i should be more responible and CALL MY FRIENDS BACK WHEN THEY HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY!!!!! T.T kelly called me today and told me this so thats why im panicky..

[in the plus side]

ok well today i will get to see tons of my friends ^__^ i have to go at 6:15... hehe though i wont get to see kelly, justin, or may!! which sucks. but i will get to see jillian, amanda, and tons more ^__^ but i get to see wa!! hehe hes so hott....

i dont know what am i suppose to do today!!! i didnt complete my registration packet so how am i suppose to get my shedule today???? i suck - -'

wish me luck...i will need it,cause im gonna die of total panic...- -'*sighs*

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