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Saturday, September 9, 2006

hello everyone
time posted: 10: 29pm
listening to: gomen nasai by tatu
mood: hmm im content i guess

hehe i started school on the 21st and guess what its been awesome! these 3 weeks went by very fast. omg remeber how i said i didnt know anyone in my AB class well guess what hehe I GOT THE TWINS! yes i was so happy!! can i just tell u something all the guys have gotten so much taller and hotter over the summer...hehe my gaw cause most of them were shorter than me last year but i guess im the short one now hehe

[so i guess fate brought us together?? i want us to be friends again]
well anyways i saw an old friend of mines he transfer here. dude I SWEAR I DIDNT RECONGIZE HIM. i just enter my alegbra class and sat down then i noticed this new kid.. and i was like greatt...
then i was like looking closer and i was like shit do i know him and guess what i do!!!!!!!!!!! hehe!!! i was like OMG LONG? and he just nodded his head and i was like OMG I REMEMBER U..yea and he seats next to me to. dude WE BOTH CHANGE ALOT AND I KNOWN HIM SINCE THE 3RD GGRADE! but nowadays we dont really talk to another, we dont make fun of each other too. hmm i guess we kinda drifted apart...maybe we grown up a little who knows or maybe he betrayl my trust...

[something funny]
well i was suppose to go to the mall on last saturday with my friend justin right. and well on friday he told me he change his mine and he was like "tidy i change my mind, im not gonna go" and i was like why bother going if hes not going so saturday came and guess what he went to the mall and WAITED FOR ME for 30 mintues in the sun! now hes mad at me - -'

anyways everythings going great i just wanted u to know that. oh yea im super busy this month since im hosting 2 party (jillians surprise party and steve goodbye party) and the dance is coming and hanging out friends plus hwk and projects so sorry!!! later everyone take care!

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