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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   Last day of school*sniff*

omg today was the last day of school.*sighs*i am so crying right now.i didnt plan to be crying but omg*cries harder this moring we 6th graders watch a movie.then we went to a park to have a little party right.everyone had so muhc fun laughing and simling and yea.well and my friend mailee sat down and i started thinking.i look at matthew for a while casue he was having a ton of fun and that will be the last time i will ever see him.he was having so much fun and i was happy for him.then came time to eat we had a lot of pizza and cake!THEN we went back to class and we play aliitle then one of my friends say that our math teacher class was crying so i went to see and pmg the girls was so crying they were huging too.anyways school was almost out and then the were still huging and crying.my friend said i was gonna cry but i said i wont but then when i got a hug from one of my guy classmates i started to realize how much im gonna miss everyone.then i started crying omg i was hugging and crying i was ong im gonna miss u*cries*im gonna miss this school man..i dont want to go to middle school.everyone is gonna be separted.*cries harder* omg not again..im crying...im gonna miss them alot we been through so many things together.*cries harder* im gonna miss matthew too...omg im gonna go well later*Cries* (who know that it was going to be sad to leave)

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

6th grade promtion!

okay today was so busy yet kinda fun.okay today we had our promtion so everybody has to get dress up.u know what i mean?anyways we also had an awards alsseby(sp?) yea my report came out to.i got Bs and As so yea.well hmmm when we went back to our homeroom we watch a movie and so yea,so i sat next to a friend of mine so that means matthew was sitting almost in front of me.anyways me and my friend was talking about the boring summer that i wanteed to go(mailee made me go to summer school) anyway matthew joinn and i was like "okay" thean i thought to myself that me and matthew actally talk a normal consvation.i was so happy but anyways it was lunch time so we had to go.well after lunch we went back to our math teacher room because we had to get dress up and stuff.anyways yea i went to the bathroom and changed.mailee wear a minishirt and a blue shirt.ally wear a black and white sweater and a black and white skirt.i wear a black kina-see-through skirt and a white blouse with high hells.well all the girls were getting there hair done and putting on there skirts and some wear dresses.anyways it was time for the promtion and everyone had to line outside and guess what i saw matthew in a tuxeo.i was like wode eye!okay i have to get this out of me*ahem* OMG OMG!MATTHEW LOOK FREAKIN CUTE AND HOTT!!!!!!!!!!AHHH!!!!!!!!!!HE LOOK SO COOL AND CUTE!AHH HOTT!AAHHH!CUTE!OMG!okay i felt good after saying that.but yea the protmotin went good expect my mom who made a fool out of me.gezz she is still yelling at me right now.*sighs* oh well at least i saw matthew!lol he is so cute i wish i took his picture!oh well thats all for now later.

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6th grade promtion!

okay today was so busy yet kinda fun.okay today we had our promtion so everybody has to get dress up.u know what i mean?anyways we also had an awards alsseby(sp?) yea my report came out to.i got Bs and As so yea.well hmmm when we went back to our homeroom we watch a movie and so yea,so i sat next to a friend of mine so that means matthew was sitting almost in front of me.anyways me and my friend was talking about the boring summer that i wanteed to go(mailee made me go to summer school) anyway matthew joinn and i was like "okay" thean i thought to myself that me and matthew actally talk a normal consvation

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Monday, May 30, 2005

   i overslept

yup i overslept now its the afternoon*yawn* my mom woke me up from a good dream.who cares im suppose to go shopping today but my mom left already.its no fair!but im so happy because tommorw im going to..WILD WATERS!yay!but here is the bad thing...i cant go swiming because...umm well maybe i cant tell u.well the girls should no why right?
hehehe well yea well later.oh yea im going to stop writing my stories u guys ok well yea bye

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Sunday, May 29, 2005


ok im going to contiune ok.man its so late i just came back from the party.

Kai:*blockes attack*GO MINA!
mina:*Tears up*i love u..*runs*

mina runs away while the battle rages on.in a few mintues kaiis badly beaten and ven is hardly hurt.this is another part.kai&minas last moment together.this is when kai just finsih fighting Vens son,kai is badly hurt and is lossing alot of blood.

Kai:*on the floor bleeding to his death*
Mina:"KAI!"*runs to him and kneels beside him*
Kai:*tears up and opens his gray eyes*"mina..dont cry..im here 4 u."
Mina:"i shouldnt have left u there."
Ven:"awww poor little mina..her love dieing right in her very eyes.nothing she can do but watch him to his death."
Mina:*looks down*"...im not little
..and he wont die."*stands up*"im the powerful ice goddness mina."*turns to face Ven*"u will die.u have casue my kingdom great peril.u will pay."
Ven:lol*takes out his dark kantana*
"im ready."

mina turns to the beautiful,
graceful,radaint ice goddness.she is now more powerful and stronger.

Ven:"u will make a beautiful bride"
Mina:*gets staff ready*"the only one i belong to his,is kai!"

they start fighting mina
seems to be winning.she ahs a great start...until Ven unleased one of his deadly attacks(7 sins of darksnness)it really damages mina badly,she falls,ready to give up hope,but kai seems to be with her..cheering her on but how??

VEn:"give up!"
Mina:*struggles to get up*
Mina:"i may be hurt but i would never give up."

The battle goes on until 30 mins later mina falls to the ground roughly while her world being destory by Ven and his army.Trees were burning,little childern crying and lost,everyone was running for thier lifes.

Mina:*on the ground with eyes open*
"i cant beleive it.."*crawls to kai slowly and struggles to live*oww...
*sits and looks at kai**tears up*"im so sorry...i fail."
Kai:*opens his eyes*"mina u try ur hardest and im very proud of u for that.."
Kai:*yells out in pain*oooooo...
Kai:"mina,i love u,ur the only one who i will ever ;ove
Ven:appears and stabs mina and its goes through her then he dissapears*
*holds kai hand tighther*
Kai:"mina u mean everything to me,nothing and no one will stop me from loving u..u have my heart and my life i love u."
Mina:"kai.."*tears up*
KAi:"i promise ur the only one and i will find u.."
Mina:*simles weakly* i love u..*falls to the ground besides him*
Kai:"i ..love..u too........"

at that very moment mina and kai died together.Kai made her a promise of a lifetime and they die happy knowing they will be together once again.they whole planet exploe!and no one lived but 1000years later a child is born...

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

ok a summary

hey u guys i been writing this story since january so yea.its just a summary of it okay.well its about a girl.her name is Mina Siere Nakashima.shes a normal 14 year old gurl(16 in book 2).her parents died in a plane crash so shes an orphan in Karu town.she goes to a broading school k.one day a guy came and told her that her mom is alive so mina decided to joureny to garden village.she mets new friends and some old one,she is perfecrtly normal until one day she discover an amazing thing about herself.she finds out that she is the ice goddness.she once live in vigo(a planent)she got reborn to this world!she was so freak out that the ice goddness is very powerful but she has to sarfices her life in order to save the world(thats in book 2)well anyways she also has guardains who protects her.okay this is a part of the story and it is back in minas past life.

kai:(one of the guardains)"MINA!"
Mina:"KAI!"*both held each other in arms*
mina:"kai..*tears up* ur okay..."
Kai:"of cousre i am*similes*"
Mina:"i thought they killed u kai..i love u so much,please dont leave me again." kai:*stares in minas eyes* "Mina,i love u too,but its my life and duty is to protect u from danger and from ven..u know that mina.." Mina:"he is too strong kai!he will kill u!" Kai:"mina look at me..." Mina:"NO!"*looks away*
kai:"mina u mean the world to me.i love u and no one will replace u and i mean no one!" Ven:(evil guy)*laughs evily*"love eh!?lol u must be kidding laws forbin 4 a goddness and a guardain to be in love!" kai:*looks at him*"..ven.."*turns back to Mina and then looks down* Mina:"Kai.."
Kai:"mina..."*looks into her eyes* "go." Mina:"NO!*HUGS HIM TIGHER AND CRYS*"I WONT LEAVE U!" Kai:"Mina,i promise ill be back please go"
Ven:*takes out sword* Mina:*cries* Kai:*lets go of mina and takes out lightblade and gets ready to fight ven* go mina!Ven:GET READY TO DIE!*charges at kai*(to be contiue)

ill leave u there if u guys want to know what happens just leav a comment that u want t it contiune and pleae tell me what u think about it.anyways ill explain some things this is a part in the book okay but this is like 1000 years ago in the book its like minas past k?and she is at the age of 15 in this part 1000 years ago.well let me explain the law in vigo.one of the law is that a goddness cannot fall ,date, r marry thier guardains beacuse the forbid it.mina and kai love each other so much but "the people wont allowed it.kai ran away cause they were going to kill him.anyways yea so ummm i tink im confusing u guys if u guys have the book then u guys will understand it but u guys dont so sorry if i comfused u.lol well pleasee leave a comment it will mean alot to me!thanku if u do later!PLEASW BE ON HONEST!thanks once again later

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Friday, May 27, 2005

hi its friday!

omg.today us friday finally!well anyways today i came late to school as ususl.well not late but i came at 7:38 and mailee told me to come around at 7:15.anyways today was the softball game.students vs teachers and guess who won???the teachers did!yea.well after that we stay in our home room class and watch spiderman 2.i already watch it be4 its boring.anyways at lunch time nothing special happen but hangin with ally and one of my homeboys.we were talking about our field trip to wild waters(we r going there) and he ask me who i was gonna sit by matthew.and i punch in the arm so hard.he was like"dang gurl" and then one of my classmates came and she said do u guys like anybody???and the we said no and then she said:but tidy arent u together with matthew???and i was like"heck no!"but anyways whatever.blah we went back to homeroom and watch the movie and went home.so now im here.anyways im gonna be very busy this weekends cause im gonna go to partys and suuf well i wont vist anyone site today sorry later

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

   Today at our school was

yea.well at our school every year we have this day were we just have fun which is called fun day.today w the day and it was so much fun!but im still wet!lol.i remeber when we did the water ballon toss guess what???one of my classmates throw the water ballon at my teacher at my teacher was looking at all of us then (he was holding a big bucket fill with water) he throw the bucket and wet almost everyone!lol.well we also had a water fight and it was a ton of fun!but they were alot more but i dont want to type cause im lazy!lol.well anyways yea.had fun.and im feeling alot of better.even though i still have to help my friends with a some personal problems and its kinda sad though.even though its sad im piss off and i so want to beat someone up.*ahem*well i guess all i had to have was fun and let my stress go away and stuff.lol.*sighs*but un know what is so wierd...o nvm its about matthew i dont think u want to know.anyways i hope u guys had some fun today!later dudes!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


ok im getting better put i still have a major headace and and i cant shallow and my throat hurts.i cant sing anymore!AHHHHHH!!!and singing is my life that is so not fair!well today is boring as always.took the class test and stuff well *sighs* nothing really exciting.well anyways yea.i just came home from a little party 4 the singin and dancing group.yea whatever .blah,we also learn about the human brain but whatever*sighs* trying my hardest to similes right now well later

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


omg.omg...im so tired and i have a major headace seen this moring and omg it hurts so bad.i didnt even similes today.that is wierd.my eyes werent even gittering in the sun.it was just sleepy i guess.i have a very high fever too and im gonna die if i dont get better.im always dizzy and i went to sleep at my breaks and at writing and science class.ok im getting dizzy again.well u know alex right??well i called him yesterday like sevearl times and no body pick up and when someone did the said "alex hasnt been home all day" and i was like okay.so today im gonna call him tonight again but this time im gonna do three way with a friend of mines.im suppose to go to allys house tonight cause alex big bros will be there so yea.but my mom said no and i really want to go.i want to go beacause i dont trust those boys with ally in her bedroom alone and a camera.well later people.im getting dizzy again later

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