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Saturday, August 19, 2006

what a boring week..
time posted: 9:09pm
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yea it went well hehe i didnt die of total panic after all.. so well i didnt get to see anyone i knew!! well yea i know lots of people and they know me but i wouldnt consider them friends...anyways i couldnt find my friends so that suck but i did see wendi..what a B*itch i dont know why i even call her a friend now...oh yea because of jillian! such a b im serious she thinks she can talk behind my back like that...ehhh

well my mom was suppose to take me to hollister and abercombie today again..but she was to busy yet again...i still need jeans...

oh yea i got my shedule and i dont like 2 things about it. i got stuck with band and PE in the morning!!! ARGH! band was my last choice and i got stuck with it!!! i wanted teen living T.T
anyways i start on monday which sucks....heres my shedule..oh yea my school does this odd and even day thing so yea

1. AB
2. PE
3. Algebra 1
4. choir
5. science
6. AB
7. band (THAT SUCKS!!)
8. AB

so yea...

right now im waiting on MY BEST friend that i love so much ^__^(jenny101, her button is up there) to reply..we are working on our fan fic of naruto lol well take care everyone!!!

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