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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

hey everyone hows it going? everythings fine here in cali. the only problem is that im bored - -' anyways at august 8th im going to pick up my shedule for school T.T i hope i get teen living!!! i mean comon who want to to get marry to a hot guy and carry a fake baby around? me!! lol its all pretend though..hmm.. well i feel like starting a fanfic...T.T though i dont think i should because whatever i start i never finish
for example:
endless adventure...still stuck in chapter41
ties of friendship..hehe never got to talk to jenny
the fanfic of sasuke that me and jenny did
the fanfic of sasuke that me and jil did we never finish..

funny isnt it??

[TALKSHOW] im bored ok?
mina: WELCOME everyone and this is my talkshow that has no name at all!! hehe well today's guest is a young girl who stars in "ties of friendship" lets all welcome LILY RAYNE!!!
lily: hello ^__^

Mina: lily is glad to have u today, anyways so tell us all, what is ties of friendship about.

lily: well it was orinialy suppose to be a..umm well non action story..no demons and such but i guess THE WRITER decided to change it.

Mina: ehhh hehe ^__^

lily: well ties of friendship is about two young girls who just started jr high ^__^ which is me and tori. well the first day was a blast. note the scarstism(sp?) suddenly these two ghosts appear and take them to ghost headquarters and now they spend the times fighting bad guys and blah blah

Mina: very good now i understand these two ghosts are..um TOTALLY HOT!

Lily: hehe ^__^

Mina: i understand u and dan has a little thing going on? *wink*

lily: -___-' who told u that! me and dan or just friends! k??

Mina: RIGHHHT!!anyways how is it working with dan, ray, and tori.

lily: omg ray is just a totally dork! hes so fun to be around. dan is just the party pooper - -' heres all like cold and distant and blah blah but really hes a sweet and caring person. TORI IS LIKE MY SISTER! we are the best friends! i just love her! ^__^

mina: aww! thats just awesome! now can u give us a hint on whats gonna happen next??

lily: hehe well theres a new guy in town

Mina: OHHHH!! really? what can we expect?

lily: well its gonna be sillY!! but of course
its gonna be tragic and very sad.

MIna: why is that

lily: u know how the writer is! she is just the best on tragic and romantic stuff.

Mina: - -' i meant the new guy

lily: oh..him well i cant tell u! hehe ^__^ but u can expect this chapter to be awesome. it WILL MAKE U CRY! *sniff*

mina: aww *sniff* i cant wait! well looks like time is up! goodbye! till next time!

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