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Monday, July 17, 2006

time posted: 10: 25pm
mood: content
listening to: call him mine-tata young

hey everyone..well its monday and i hate mondays even though im not in school >_< anyways just wanted to tell u i wont be on for about a week.. tomorrow im off to san franscio so yea...lol

[feeling fat yet again]
i still think im fat..im serious..even though all my friends says that im not fat.. i cant help but think i am. - -' wierd i only weigh like 102 and alot of people says thats not fat. but that didnt stop me from being on a diet. haha my grandpa told me that i needed to eat because im already skinny ,im eating just not as much.

[other news]
well mailee didnt celebrate her 13th birthday so i think that suck so thats why im gonna buy her a CAKE!!! HAHAHAHA nah my mom might say im going over my limits. so i might buy her a cupcake and a candle on top of it and surprise her lol.

anyways i g2g...byebye!!!!

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