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Sunday, July 10, 2005


ok this guy called me and i dont even know him.it was so wierd! ally knows him but she wont tell me!AHHHHHHHH!!!!oh well anyways i got a present for mailee..and well itachi knows what i mean.im gonna find that guy who like mailee back in 5th grade.but its gonna be hard casue i have to walk all around town!*animesweatdrop* my feet is gonna hurt!lol anyways yea really nothing esle, but my horoscope didnt came true today!wierd.oh well.hmm what esle all jenna if ur reading this can u tell me who u drew already and i cant wait to see them.hmm..maybe i need coffee....fine fine ill listen to itachi and wont drink coffee. green tea is for me now!*sighs*.
-_-.im alone.im sad too.blah!
*starts to sing listen to ur heart by roxette*I know there's something in the wake of your smile
I get a notion from the look in your eyes yeah
You've built a love but that love falls apart
Your little piece of heaven turns to dark

Listen to your heart
When he's calling for you
Listen to your heart
There's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
And I don't know why
But listen to your heart
Before you tell him goodbye

Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile
The precious moments are all lost in the tide yeah
They're swept away and nothing is what it seems
The feeling of belonging to your dreams

Listen to your heart
When he's calling for you
Listen to your heart
There's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
And I don't know why
But listen to your heart

And there are voices that want to be heard
So much to mention but you can't find the words
The scent of magic, the beauty that's been
When love was wilder than the wind

Listen to your heart (take a listen to it)
When he's calling for you
Listen to your heart (take a listen to it)
There's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
And I don't know why
But listen to your heart
Before oh...

Listen to your heart (take a listen to it)
When he's calling for you
Listen to your heart (take a listen to it)
There's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
And I don't know why
But listen to your heart
Before you tell him goodbye

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Saturday, July 9, 2005


ok im done with that..anyways nothing really happening now but my sugery is going to be on oct.
blah blah i need coffee.....oh yea..oh yea my grandma died in a plane...*sighs* oh well i dont care..and read this:

a girl and a guy were riding on a mortor cycle Girl: Please stop, we're going too fast! Guy: No, I know wut I'm doing and ur having fun right? Girl: NO! PLEASE STOP Guy: Fine, first tell me that u love me Girl: I LOVE YOU Guy: Ok, Now give me a hug *Girl hugs the guy* Guy: Ok now can u take my helmet off and just put it on u its rly bugging me *Girl puts on helmet* In the news the next day "Motor cycle accident. Two found but only one survivor The Truth is: Half way down the road the guy realized his breaks werent working so he had the girl tell him she loved him and give him a hug for one last time then had her put on his helmet so she would live...

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Friday, July 8, 2005

hello everyone im back from LA

i had to go to the doctors but it was suppose to be my break my vaction that i needed,so i dont have to think about my problems,but when we got to LA. it was so freakin the worst day of my life. when we went to china town my mom said whatever u what we get it so we were walking around and then i saw this perfect outfit for mailee!it was so cute! and then i saw a matching purse for it! no i had to buy that for mailee so i ask my mom she said no. and i was "gezz ok* then now i saw anime and i wanted it so bad but my mom said no. now i was freakin piss off!she brought everything she wanted but she didnt let me buy anything!gosh and it was suppose to be my break.. ok well i met some cute guys around there but i didnt get there number because my mom and uncle embrassed me and interput us. gosh.and lots of the guys are cute too. anyways i went to the eye doctor..and they did some test on me and they decided i do need surgery on my eye. and the doctor was talking so fast and use big words and i was like "okkk" then one of the training guy had to check my eye up close again.*he is kinda cute* well he went on close and close and i wanted to laugh so bad but i couldnt.he was smiling and i was about to laugh then i sudden jump out of my chair!...embrassing!-_-;
well anywsy did i tell u we almost hit a car? haha that was funny but unfair cause i didnt get anything for mailee's birthday! and that outfit was so cute.and the purse. i couldnt even buy her a cd!.gezz i hate it!
anyways yea im gonna take eye sugery again...hopefully it works.
well im gonna go now bye.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005


COFFEE!NEED MORE COFFE!!!*runs and jumps around* LOL LOL COFFEE!
I NEED MORE!!HHAHAHAHA!!!*breaks the vase* COFFEE! COFFEE! NEED MORE! WHERE!COFFEE!HAHAHA!*breaks the picture fame* COFFEE!

Leon: hey this is leon..im one of the characters of her book and tidy is just going insane!
Leon:umm ok well tidy will be going out of town on thursday so..
Tidy:COFFEE!GIVE ME COFFE!!!!*jumps up and down*

Mina: who gave tidy coffee! she is going crazy! Leon: scott! scott:what? leon: did u give her coffee? scott:why whould i give her coffee? tidy:COFFEE!NEED COFFEE!!HAHAHAHA!!!*turns muisc up loud* COFFEEE!!!!!!!!*breaks the vase* *breaks the chair* COFFEE!NEED COFFEE! Mina: tidy..calm down. Tidy: oo what does this button do!
all of them: NO DONT PUSH IT!
Tidy:*pushes* all: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

this post is for my best friend mailee

hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAILEE! umm ok its not ur birthday yet. but eh its around the cronder.well mai i just want to thank u for being the greatest best friend i ever had.u always been there for me and i know we are complete oppsite i amdire our friendship.i hope it lasts forever. im still finding u a guy and all but thank u again. i hope u live long and dont worry ill keep the promise i made u....(even though i hate it) well gurl thanks dont ever change casue ur already a perfect friend. ok if u guys are wondering right now fireworks are still shooting and still cracking. but oh well. i dont know anymore.my 4th of july isnt the best. my family is to busy to do anything and im home all alone in the dark without anyone. trying to dry up mmy tears. anyways yea..bored as ever..im gonna go and bye. miss u alll bye( i might sneak out of the house and be a bad gurl and go party with some guys and some of my friends or i could go to mailee house and go see hows she is doing but i doubt she will be home)

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Thursday, June 30, 2005


im tired right now.i woke up three in the moring..so i decide to watch tv and i ended up watching FMA. well i just came to check on u guys. i really miss u guys so much. well lets see nothing really excited about me. i need a break..really i think my friend ally is right..i shouldnt be a sweet,caring, kind, girl. i need a break from all of my problems. ever since i quited my life have just gotten worse.but oh well im hangin on well i really miss u guys and ill be on all day so pm if u want to talk. bye! oh yea i forgot there is a hacker here on myotaku..i dont know who but there is one..so BEWARE!

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

   Hi and i got some bad news

Hi Im i havent updated yet.So um i going to say bye to everyone and i'll miss everyone.And i want to say thanks to Itachi and hope you u find the perfect girl.And i'll miss you alot.And thanks for always being there for me.G i hope you find that perfect girl who will love you back.And im gonna miss talking to you.Darksea,I hope you find another girl besides me.And i'll mss talking to you too.And again i'll miss all of you guys and i promise i'll be back and goodbye.*hugs for everyone.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

last night was so freakin scary

ok well last night or i should say yesterday was the day of umm..well i dont know how to saw it in enlish but yesterday in my culture was the day of the ghost.all the ghost and lost souls walk on the earth again and came out to eat.*i know wierd* but it was said that crazy people would get mad easliy and little childern would cry because of these ghost.well we had to do this thing and well it was wierd but we had to this thing.snd yea.cant explain what we do but we do have to give food to the ghost.but anyways it was around midntight and it was very windy*that means the ghost had roam the earth* so i went to bed right and i was about to sleep when i heard footsteps and babies crying.so i decide to check my sister but she wasnt crying so i went back to bed and i heard wierd music and it got louder.and i was freak..then i look at the hallway and i saw something movind so i pull the covers over my head.and well lets just say i contiune to be HAUNTED!I COULDNT GO TO SLEEP!I FEll asleep at 5 am and then my mom woke me up 2 hours later.and ong last night was scary..well hope all yave a great day!oh yea jenna i forgot all about that!lol yea that scary!ok if u guys was wondering what happen.well this is when one of my best friend jenna she was in the usa.ok i just woke up right and its moring.im so freakin tired right.i walk ever so slowy to the bathroom and a few mintues later i open the door and i saw someone sitting on my bed and i was scared i thought it was bloody mary cause we were doing bloody mary things that wekk and i dont quit remeber if i scream or not but i was scared..but it was my freind jenna.lol it was funny though.all well have a great day

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

hey!^__^ i got some good news..*guys and girls*

hey everyone whats up guess what?
im not quiting after all!^^wait that is the good news!.lol.anyways
i was thinking.even though im 12 and have plenty of problems to figure out and its putting alot of stress on me.i shouldnt just quit cause of that!i can handle it right????oh yea yesterday i learn how to do this^_^.lol.and i found my story it was in my grandma room*shivers* yup yup!so i might be posting my story tommorrow!anyways what esle oh yea i got some question but ummm u dont have to answer them k?
ok what is a div layout?what is a table layout?whats a blog?ok u guys must think im dumb now-__-.
hey i made a new face yay!well yay!i guess.here is something u can read...
guys get mad easily...
girls get sad easily..
Guys can forget,but cannot forgive
girls can forgive,but cannot forget..
guys care most about the quantity
of love...
girls care the most about the quality of love...
guys break up when they feel the love for another girl...
girls break up when theey feel separtion from her man...
guys feel curiostity towards all girls..
girls fell curiosity towards guy who are interst in her...
when guys are heart broken,they try to forget the girl by going out with another..
when girls are heart broken,they try to find his characteristics in another guy...
guys wish to be her first love..
girls wish to be his last love..

ok i believe in some of that but oh well.oh yea last night was a full moon which mean that alot of ghost came out last night...abd yea it was creepy.my unlce was fixing my computer kast night and it was late and i wanted to sleep so bad but my unlce told me he was almost done.then i heard something outside.and i told my unlce that i heard foot steps so he check it out but no one was outside,so he contuine to fix the comptuer and i kept hearing it..then i look outside and i saw something moving..and i was freak out so i told my unlce so my uncle check again and he said thier was nothing outside.do i went to bed and then i was about to fall asleep then i saw something at my window and i was so freak.the thing continue looking at me.and i was so freak out then i went by the window and check it out it was nothing i was freak out..well i went to sleep around 5 am.anyways all my anime pics our gone!can anyone help me find some again.my unlce had to take out everthinf so please tell me where can i get anime pics.well im writing to much so im gonna go later!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Dear friend,Did u know?...*some bads news too*

Did u know that when u envy someone,its because u really like them?
Did u know that those who appear to be very strong in heart,r real weakilngs and most succeptilble?

Did u know that those who spend thier time protecting others are the ones that really need someone to protect them?

Did u know that the three most diffcult things to say are:"i love u","sorry",and"help me"?the people who say these are the ones that actally need then or feel them,and they are the ones u really need to treasure them,cause they have said them.

did u know that people occupy themsevles by keeping others company or helping others are the ones that actally need ur company and help?

did u know that those who dress in red are confience in themselves?
Did u know that those who dress in yellow enjoy thier beauty?Did u know those who dress in black,are those who want to be unoticed and need ur help and understanding?

Did u know that when u help someone
the help is returned in two folds?

DId u know that those who need more of are those that didnt metion u?

Did u know that its easier to say what u feel in writing than saying it to someone in the face?but did u know that it is more value when u say it in the face?

Did u know that is most diffulct for u to say or do is much more valuable than anything that u can but with money?

Did u know that if u ask for something in faith,ur wishes are granted?

Did u know that u can make ur dreams come true,like falling in love,becoming rich,staying healthy,
if u ask faith,and if u really know,u would be surprise by what u could do?

BUt dont believe everything i tell u,until u try it for urself,if u know someone that is in need of something to mentioned of,and u know that u can help,u will see that it will be returned in two folds..oh and my friends.....

lol well did u guys know that?well the bad new is this might be my last post till may 2006.im not sure yet though.i dont want to qiut so soon.but i want to thank all of u guys for making my stay wonderful and u guys have been the greatest!anyways i wanna tell u guys something.ok well tell me this if u saw ur love one*pretend u have a bf or gf* u saw him dieing right in fromt of ur very own eyes and u cant do anything about it..what would u ur last words to him or her?well i just wanted to ask that,now u guys may ask me anything u want k?that would be great well im bored and im listening to Final distance.hmm what esle oh yea last night was so scary i was freakin being hautend again anyways yea well i hope to post later!bye!

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