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Saturday, October 22, 2005

long time i have posted huh

Time: 9 pm
listening to: stickwitu by pussycatz dolls.
mood: hyper...*did i eat candy today..hmmm oh yea hehe now how am i suppose to sleep*
anyways hi everyone..well ill be telling you whats been happening in my world ..well notn really only today cause im lazy X_X. anyways today was great! yup it was..today during 7th grade lunch we had a dance off...and they play all this songs like from ying yang, ciara, and others..and i was like this is gonna be boring so i just sat down and wrote my story then the music started playing and it was so loud! i looked and they started to play ciara and danicing.this guy in my math class and my panrter was dancing and i was like 0_0 omg! he danced so freaking well..and then he starting breakdancing and i was like..dang forget about me dancing up there...and today in history we had a feast,,we had to tried some morroco food. it was tasty but i hated the tea ew..well thats all oh yea yesterday we had a rally in our school and this group come all awya from texas to our scool to perform this thing for us..adn they talked about life,problems,death and depression. and well they act out some scence and dress up and it was pretty boring at first but then the last scence omg! it was so sad..everyone in the gym was crying,,and i was like so gonna cry..well i did but i held it back..k i cant explain but omg..it was so freaking sad the darkness was attacking her and traping her and sh was calling for help and omg it just said...well i cant explain the rest or esle i will cry again T_T
well thank thank you for all of you who commented in my last post thank you so much!* gives out big hugs* well me got to and write..lol..see ya
Your the Cross Road Dreamer. Your at a Cross Roads,
maybe you just had your heatbroken or something
Horrible Just happened and your in alot of Pain
which is breaking you apart. Your Yearning for
Love so bad and wish you felt that Warmth
again. Your insides are being torn apart by a
Bad expierence, which may have happened just
recently. Your Spinning around and around ,
your pretty lost which can be described as a
forest going up in flames and you only want to
escape. You better hurry up and save yourself
or your might have destructful dreams or become
Dreamless, keep moving on, and you Might Be
dreamful Like you Once were...

What is the Dream you Yearn for In this World?
brought to you by Quizilla
(omg this pic reminds me of mina at dericks grave...aww im gonna cry now)

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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Time: 9 pm
Listening to: cant help falling in love by A*teens
ok hi everyone i have nothing to say so why am i posting???! ah oh well. so my new school im dealing with lots of preps..*they get on my nerves* a few stalkers, and guys who keep talking about me and how they want me* ew just pervs* school dance is coming up and i have no one to go with so im gonna stay home with the comptuer..about my last post..i only had one comment! one! one??!!
ah oh well i was thinking about deleting my accoutant anyways. but one! i expected a few, blah oh well. well heres a quiz i took and right now i need to go watch naruto.(p.s jenna call me ASAP! i really need your freakin help on aiko city! really i do! i know i freakin change my number but i mail it to you so hurry up gurl im getting impatient!}
You wish for....a way out

You're tired of having to deal with one day after
another, always the same rutine, never anything

You wish for a way out, a way to escape this place
you call hell.

How you got here, you don't even remember, you've
been here so long.

So long....you're almost afraid to leave.

You've been here so long, what if things have
changed sense then?

Don't be afraid of the unknown.

Sooner or later, someone will take you away from
this place.

But until then, you'll just have to tough it out.

Tough shit, huh?

What are you wishing for?*girls only* (WITH PICS!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Monday, October 10, 2005


hi! hi! AHHHHH! i got inerent back! yay!*kisses comptuer* ok that was a bad idea. anyways i wont tell you whats been going on well because it will take me two days to tell you. but i did move and transer middle school. i miss you all and i have he best news ever! my bestbest BEST friend mailee is going to join myotaku! yay! go visit her site please or i'll have to kick some butts. sorry about that im just a little over protective of her.but please it would really mean alot to me and her. right now i'm making her site so yea i want it to be perfecrt!well jenna i change my number. anyways yea! haha i got to go or esle my mom is gonna take my inerent away! thank you for straight A tidy! wait i am Tidy. HAHAAHAHA i might post some pics of me and my friends later so keep checking in! see ya

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Friday, September 9, 2005


lol. omg long time i have posted! could you believe that? well everything is going great actally.anyways i wont be on alot like i used to but guess what is started school! the first day was on august 19 and it was so exciting me and mailee didnt buy the same backpack but we ended up buying the same sweater. anyways i wore a green shirt and jean mailee wore a white sweater and jeans. mailee isnt any if my classes and that sucks big time. i was stuck in the "gate" class the gifted and smart. im not that smart! just because i got an advance in my state test doesnt mean im smart right. anways the past few weeks of 7th grade waqs great! but guess what matthew is in my computer and pre-abelrga class. oh well. and guess what scott came to this school! i cant believe it im so excited1 AHHH!!!...so hows everyone doing! i miss you all so much! omg im so shaking! anyways its pretty late im gonna get going now so im gonna check my mail and get off but i do need to talk to itachi i need his help on a problem. well see ya later!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

nothing much to say

hello well nothing much to say but yea, im waiting for something to upload but it isnt and im getting real piss at my comptuer.
anyways yea i havent done my back to school shoping yet. i have this strange feeling that me and mailee is gonna get the same
backpack again. u should saw our faces! lol it was the first day of school and me and mai was finally six graders. well as usual i was late. i rushed out of the car..and i saw mailee. i was like HIII!!!!!!!!!! and see was like 0_0 and i was like okk..
then i saw her with the same backpack as me.iwas like okkk this is wierd we got the same backpack. it was so funny we was staring at each other for a mintue and then we laugh our butts off.then bah bal ifound out matthew was in my homeroom then i died but i was ok. anyways yea i made this and thank for 900 hits!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2005


ohh ok let me explain some things. ok i go back to school on friday august 19th.and i wont be on the comptuer at all. 1. school
2.homework. 3. im moving to the next town( i still need to make a plan aout how am i suppose to go to school with mailee) 4. my mom is taking the iterent. so yea. so thats why im gonna "sneak" on the computer at school and email some of u guys so i could keep in touch with some of you. anyways itachi-san i made you another banner thingy and its kinda sad..it my goodbye to you..but ill give to you later.oh yea I AM NOT SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*ahem*i wish i was short as mailee though..lol jen just image me that short!lol. anyways i gonna go so bye!

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Monday, August 1, 2005

my comptuer hates me and some sad news

wel anyways my comptuer so hates me right now.im so freakin piss at it. do u know why? well i try to go to my site but it wouldnt let me.it just says not responding..i cant even go to other peoples site.gezz..my gosh whats wrong.anyways its august and u know what that means..goodbye.yup im leaving...*sighs*..well i try to update once in awhile ok?anyways yea bye.

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

konnichiwa everyone! ^_^

hey! hows everyone been doing!^_^
*giggles* well i hope everyone is having a time of there life! anyways me i been in such a happy mood lately and i dont know why!*giggles* well anyways i been crazy too. like last time i was singing and dancing but this time i was home..alone. so yea i got dress up and grab a real mircophone and dance and sing around.i turn up my boombox so loud but yet u could still here me sing -_-.lol! i also put a little show for my cousins..and they thought i was so wierd but they also danced and sing with me too!^_^...well i guess my diet is over cause i went out to eat chinese food..-_- oh well im happy casue i use to wiegh 96 pounds now i wiegh about 85 pounds are 87. so im happy! as u can see i change my theme.SASUKE IS MINE ALL MINES!!!MUWHAHAHAHA!
*ahem* sorry about that. oh and u can see i put up a music video"since u been gone" and guess thats how i feel! im OVER MATTHEW! YAY!!! thats way im gonna celebrate today! ill be busy this week cause im gonna have a life. im gonna listen to my friend ally and go out! have some fun! and party with some guys!WHOOT!. ok maybe ill be shy but WHO CARES!*jumps up* im problem-free and drama free! and im ready for whatever life has for me! HAHAHAHAHAHA!hmm what esle. yea im so happy i listen to my friends. they said i derseve some time to have fun instead of being suck and mope around my house doing nothing!so happy well heres this banner i made for me and my friends.but we have are story names in it. well me i feel like making something. i feel so different now thanks to all my friends who help me get through my rough times.i been writing happy and love songs lately..usually i would write about sadness heartbroken and all that stuff but oh well! HAHAHA!*giggles* well im off!*sings* i can slay my own dragons,i can dream my owns dreams, my night and shining armor...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Friday, July 29, 2005


im really bored. im suppose to ba at a party.but nooooo my friend had to hang out with her boyfriend instead!wow. im never gonna wear miniskirts again!..im just a little piss off i thought it was gonna be fun but oh well.
still a little stress but anyways
today i was gonna make a manga cause my friend itachi wanted me to do one but instead i drew a girl. wierd i think its ugly though. nothing much to say so see ya later. take care.bye

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

i was a little crazy

ok i was a little crazy. well this is how it started. i was talking to my friend itachi-san and then this song came up in the radio right. well then i started singing. then i grab a hairbrush pretending it was a mirophone! then i put a cd in my boombox and i was crazy! i was dancing and singing around!lol it was so crazy. those song just brought memories. like when me,mailee,and ally sang at the concert it was so much fun. but i was crazy by myself so that is wierd..lol.well i have no plans today...OH NO! MY FAVORITE THAI SHOW IS PLAYING!AHHH!!I BETTER GET SOME TISSUE THIS SHOW MAKES ME CRY ALOT!WELL SEE YA LATER!

Q: what should be my next theme be?!

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