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Saturday, October 21, 2006

long time no see huh?!!?
time posted: 9PM
MOOD: CONTENT..mainly tired duh its nightime over here
listening to: only one by yellowcard

[life overall]
its been great ^___^ really everythings so much fun im so sorry i havent updated in a long time but i been very busy...well ill try to tell u whats been happening..well ill tell u the highlights of it..
-i went to my first school dance
-i been keeping my grades up which is a surprise...
-i went to the fair went my friends
- i had a huge fight with my friends which sucks....
- 4 guys totally have a crush on me (i dont know if thats a good thing or bad)
- hmm still single but i dont care XD my friend is finally happy when she found her true love
- i make stupid comments T.T serioiusly i do well my friends think that cause they always laugh
-dieting is the new thing right now =/ (bad my friend is straving herself)
- i went to my friends birthday party!!(i learn so many new things about me

so thats what i can remember right now but im tired i dunno nowadays i get tired easily.... and i dont know but i will be busy this month next week for choir i have perform a concert and then i have a feastival where jugdges are...i get to skip school!! YES!!! but i have to wear a long black dress...T.T i hate that.... anyways i g2g bye!

p.s how are things with u guys?

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