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Friday, July 14, 2006

   New theme
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[new theme]
hey everyone!!! here my new theme!!! ^___^
haha it took me awhile to this though.
but im so happy its done but i tell u its hard cause i forget how to use photoshop - -'
anyways i wanted to thanks itachi and jenny for helping me!!!! they are the best arent theY?
itachi helped me with this thing right here. "i wont let u go, promise?,...promise" yea i didnt know the code so hahaha!! and jenny101 helped me with the box thingy up there!

[ Mina and derick]
this theme was for them. they are my favorite couple in the story..its so sad though T.T i couldnt find a picture how they looked but oh well. here is one of thier moment this chapter is called...i cant let u go:

Location: sorrow city, Bridge.

(ill skip the begining)

it was late in the afternoon...and it looked as if it was gonna rain...Mina was standing on a bridge looking out at the distance..
alot has been going on since she and everyone esle in the team was caturped by strict's soldiers...as she stands there she starts to hear footsteps...it was coming closer and closer...then it stopped..she turned to look who was it....it was derick..

Mina: *eyes widen*...*turns back quickly with her head down*u arent suppose to be here...the doctors said- Derick: im sorry mina... [everything grew slient...u could hear the river rushing slowy..and a soft brezze just passed] Mina:..*eyes watered* why..why are things this derick-kun....why did u have to do such a thing to me.. Derick: ...*looks down* Mina: do u remember...how we first met? it was like...a dream come true..everything was perfect..just u and me. Derick: mina...
Mina: u left me all alone derick!! WHY?! WHY ARE U CRUEL! Derick: .... Mina: U were everything! everything!! u taught me to be strong, u held my hand when i was afraid, u....I WAS ALL ALONE! I couldnt...*crying* why are u saying sorry now? how can u break my freakin heart? i loved u derick..all the things u did was unforgetable..but still...* a tear falls in the river* derick! *hugs him* Derick: *eyes widen* Mina: but i still love u...Derick: *tears* im sorry...*held her* i didnt know i was doing..i was afraid of being like my father..and i just...*sighs* i wont let u go anymore...i wont.. Mina: *sniff* promise? Derick: *pauses* ...promise...

u know u cant promise her such a thing,
u know ur gonna hurt her once more,
u know ur gonna walk out on her,
so why are u lieing??
everyone can see the truth,
ur lieing, we can see it in ur eyes,
so why do u insist?
u know ur gonna break her heart,
u know shes gonna cry all night,
u know shes gonna kill herself for u,
so why do u inisit!?

[other news]
(ill be at ur house at 6:30 with a surprise ^__^ miss ya)

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