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Friday, December 29, 2006

Grrrr! I'm going to murder someone!!! ~ Takes a knife ~ The episodes 52-70 for MAR aren't on YouTube.... or at least I couldn't find it. It's suppose to be not fansubbed yet. Hopefully, it will be soon.... cuz I can't wait. >:O I just watched episode 64 to 75 of Hikaru no Go today! And the part that was soooo sad that I disliked was painful to watch. But I got through it because I hate skipping episodes of any kind~ ^_^

Nowwwww, I'm reallyreallyreally tired! New Years is coming. I'm not gonna get drunk... I hate alcohol or anything kind of drugs and I wouldn't even take a tiny sip! But I WiLL get drunk off of Red Bull. ~ It gives you wings. ~ Ahahaha.... ~ Laughing fades away ~ Not that funny anyways... I guess I'm kinda on crack (candy).. ;]]

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