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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yayy! I added a picture of Yoshitaka Waya to my page~ ~ Laughs ~ He's officially my favorite character in Hikaru no Go but you don't really see him towards the end that much. ~ Cries ~ Now since I'm watching Hikaru no Go to the part where I dislike, I'll stop fer awhile and watch Marchen Awakens Romance (MAR pronouced: MARE). It's a great action/adventure anime~ One of my favorites as well.

Well I changed the background to a simple side pattern since I didn't like the last one.... ~Thinking of a good background~ I can't think of anything good. I'll think later. ~ Sighs ~ Right now, I'm gonna go watch MAR and maybe I'll watch Hikaru no Go and get over the part I dislike.


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