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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Why, hello`sz`! ;O

Happy belated New Years! A great new start to my year is watching Toonami Jetstream. Ahhh gotta love that website. ^_^ I think I drank too much Red Bull last night. This morning, I drank not even half of it and I felt sick. -_- Last night, my family plus my aunt and uncle played cards `til 1:15 in the morning my legs were so sore from sitting down for so long. ~ Huge Sigh ~ Well, I'm enjoying myself to coke as I'm typing. I have school tomorrow!!! >:O ~ Gets Angry ~ The winter break came by so quickly but I can't wait `til February! I have another week off in the last week. ;]] Chyeaaa~! I probably didn't even do my homework yet.... !_! ~Checks Agenda Book~ OMG! I didn't~! Whoops. =^_^= I guess I better be doing it.

Have a great day. Peace and love and stuff.


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