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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Yupp! It's New Years Eve! I can't wait `til the dinner party I'm having ~Laughs~ I vow not to drink alcohol under any circumstances and only get drunk off of Red Bull.... WHY?! It gives you wings! ^-^ ~Mwahahaha and starts flying~ Oh yeshh I'm definitely HiGH! Get it? Flying high? ...... o.O Nevermind. Lol. ;]]

Everything will be soo different ezpecially in school! I'll probably still put 2006 instead of 2007 for my date on classwork and homework for the first few WEEKS`! Grrraawwhhhh! Well, I'll get over it. C(:

I'm going to work on a layout right now! Except does anyone know a code to put the post in the layout? Cuz I don't know how to put the post into the layout cuz I'm using a DIV layout... errr confusing right? And I don't wanna use HaloScan.... but if I have too... err uhm well I guess I have to if that is the only choice I have!

I made a Quizilla today! Chibi.Person is my name on it! I love my page... I'm gonna put a layout like that up on MyO but yeahh about the posts.... that's my only problem. =/ And for the fanlisting buttons? I already started collecting them! They are up on my Quizilla and I'm gonna move them over here once I get my DIV layout set up!

That's all I'm updating for today! This is the longest post I've posted fer awhile now. ^_~

If I got anything else to say, I'll post more up later.

Happy New Years Eve!


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