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Saturday, December 30, 2006

I finished watching all the episodes on Hikaru no Go in YouTube but they don't have the rest of the episodes!! I swear I'm gonna kill that website!!! I watched all I can for MÄR too! ~Takes a Sword and prepare for battle!~ I'm gonna start watching MÄR again.... They better put it up soon! This idiot site which people only put up raw episodes.. which has no subtitles! Grrrawwhhh!!!

AHHHHHH! ~Screams and waits a few minutes~ ~Calms down~ I'm gonna gather some icons and wallpapers..... I guess.. nothing else better for me to do. Lol. BUTTT I changed the site song!! I love it... though it's long! But it's worth listening too!

Oh yeah, you guys heard of those fanlisting sites right? Do you think I should put some buttons up for the anime that I support? ^_^ I don't if I should but I really wanna!

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