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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Hmmm. first day of school in the `07`sz! (^_^) I've got to admit it... I don't like school but it's good to see your friends after 11 days of break. ~ Smiles Honestly ~

Grawh! ~ Gets all serious ~ On the first day, I got Spanish, Social Studies, Math, & Science homework. ~ Gives an angry face ~ Ahh well it's school so you can't expect a day without homework.. except in elementary school ~ Laughs ~ Wish I was back in 4th grade. Ahaha, well I'm baking something but dunno what it's called. ~ Laughs ~

I also have some random questions fer you to answer if you wish:

1` What grade are you in?
2` Would you rather live on your own? Or with family?
3` What would you do if we actually met face to face? ;]
4` If we actually met, do you think we will like each other? Would we not like each other's personality?

Yeah, pretty concerning questions. But I'm bored and I wanna read what you guys think. ^_^ Well I gotta go do my homework right now.

Peace, love, and stuff.


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