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Thursday, January 4, 2007

So, I re-did my profile. It's still the same old layout but I felt as if I was missing something... Rules! Yeah, I must have some rules for my site... otherwise who knows what will happen if anyone does something wrong. o.O

Anyways, new song! I love it. I've had enough of the calm songs... it's time to rock n` roll! ~ Laughs ~ It's from one of my favorite anime, Prince of Tennis. Yeah, I can't play tennis for my life but I love to watch the show cuz they make it dramatically cool. ~ Weird Face ~ Well, I hate drama but without drama, this world would be boring right? Maybe? I don't know. ^_^

I've decided that since I've made you guys answer the questions from my previous post, I'll answer them myself!:

1] I'm in the eighth!
2] I think I would rather live on my own but with family, I don't feel lonely. ^_^
3] I would be like, "OH EM GEE! Ahaha you're actually real! Are you actually ____?" Or something retarded like that.

4] I usually would never hate anyone unless they are one of those "snobby, think they're popular, sluts, skeets, bragging girls." I would usually never hate any guys either. Unless they get REALLY on my nerves. But if you have the same personality on MyO and in real life, no way I would hate you. ^_~

Okay, I'm gonna do all of my homework now. Hope you guys enjoy the music I absolutely adore love!

Peace, Love, and Stuff`<3


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