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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wallpaper, Starbucks, Other Stuff. -____-
The truth is, there isn't much to say about today. Even though I`m really happy there's no school, WHOAA! There's nothing to do! Well, except to go on the computer. My parents usually won't allow me to go over friend`s house unless I got some kind of schoolwork, birthday party, or holiday... They never let me go just to have fun. ~Sighs~ My parents think I have too much freedom. They won't even let me walk from school to Starbucks or somethingggg. I never asked them but they are so predictable. -___-` Well, my dad is going to take me to Starbucks later! I`m really happy because the last time I drank Starbucks was during my Winter Break &+ the time before that was like 2 years ago. I really need to get out moreeee . [=

Last night, I made a Starry Night Wallpaper featurin Sora from Kingdom Hearts on it!! It didn't go in the Most Recent Wallpapers yet.... but it did get accepted into theOtaku. Check it out!:

Click on the image to get full view.

Download it people! ~Laughs~ [Just Kidding XD] You can download it if you like it. ^_^ Well, that wallpaper took me all night cuz I was tryna think of how to make it look good. Well, the results look pretty good. Hope you guys like it~ ~Nods for no reason~ Yeah, I know, I know, I said I would make Naruto and Full Moon wallpapers. I just don't have any Full Moon pictures to make right now. I need to get moree. I know where to get it, just too lazy. Then for Naruto, I got loads and loads of pictures. I just don't know which one to use and what colors. I just don't have ideas for them right now. But don't worry, I`ll think up some stuff for `em. ~Nods Wildly~

I`m gonna think up of more ideas for wallpapers later. Right now, I need to watch Death Note. I`m addicted to it, I know I am. I freakin` love L!! [No fangirl intended!] Well, I`m gonna go now! Ja Ne! `1 Peace.


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