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Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Break! ^_^ ~CHEERS LOUDDD!~

Spring Break
My Spring Break officially starts right now! I have until April 10th, Tuesday, to do whatever I want. I start school again on Tuesday which is probably gonna pass by so fast it will feel like 2 hours of break. -___- I will probably get more mangas and watch anime non-stop.... then I really, really need to chill with my friends. I mean, it`s been a long time since then.

It sucks when you know that you have a break and then you also find out you have lots of homework and/or projects to do. I have a Science Project due the day we come back. I also have Science homework. Phew, that's alot for me. Besides, my printer isn`t a color printer so I`m guessing I have to go to the library [haven`t gone there for months]. (//.-) This really sucks.

New Theme!
Well, I put up a new theme yesterday for those who didn't know. I just felt like having Takuto on was getting kinda old. So, I have Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis! & I have some radd PoT songs as well. Whad`ya think of my new theme? Good or no? ;)

I have this huge violin test coming up in a few days & I haven't gotten much practice. I have to practice right now cuz I have violin lesson tomorrow and if I don't get better my violin teacher will get really pissed at me. So I`m gonna go now. Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace!


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