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Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Theme!! ^_^ ~Cheers`~

  I stayed home from school today. I`m not sick or anything but my mom won't take me to school if I`m late and I don't want to go to my dad for a ride because then he`ll punish me for over-sleeping. -___- Oh well, staying home gave me some time to make a new theme for my site! Ya like it? Well, it`s nothing like a spring theme but I feel the need to make my page black..... ~Laughs~ The background kinda looks like my recent wallpaper... but not the same. Still cool though. But I love my avatar more! [The one in the intro] It looks complicated to make but easy! I`m really happy with this theme... I might stick with it for awhile.

Also, I put on some Prince of Tennis songs! All instrumental though, it sounds great without the singing part. ~Laughs~ I guess I`m just in a good mood [Random o.O]. ^_^

I think I missed a Social Studies test today and I missed a Gymnastic test on Hockey when I was absent on Tuesday. ~Sighs~ I guess I`m not that free.. I bet I will fail the Social Studies test while getting in the 80`s on the Hockey test. Oh well, I`m still alive right? ~Laughs for sounding stupid~

Ehhh, I might make some wallpapers later if I get a chance. I have the perfect image of Gaara and I want to use it so yeahh.... Well, I hope I can comment and visit all of y`all's site if I got time! Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


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