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Monday, April 2, 2007

^O^ ~Yawns~

I am still up and it`s midnight. I am really tired and want to go to sleep. After all, I hope tomorrow can be a warm day so I can actually go outside. Ya know?! I think I heard the ice cream truck on Saturday. I was gonna run out but I didn`t have any money on me..... and besides I would`ve gotten in trouble. Hehe XD I am closing my eyes while typing this also.... hope I did everything right and typed everything correctly..... not like that`s gonna matter. I`m probably gonna end up checking what I`m writing after I finish writing this post. I think I`m going to fall asleep, so bare with me here. -___- ~Sighs & Yawns~ I really hope that tomorrow wouldn`t be as boring as today.... mann I hate Sundays. Even though this counts as Monday.... Whatever to what I just said... XD I`m currently listening to Naruto music and hopefully that would keep be awake and finish this post. I think the music is helping me. I can open my eyes now. ~Yayness~ ^_^ But I`m still tired. There is no way, not a change I will get hyper... Yeeaaapppp. -___-

If any of y`all didn`t notice, I made a new cursor for my site. Yeah, I know, ti`s pretty plain, just an arrow.. but hey, look at it when you hover it over a link! It flashes "CLICK" and that took me awhile to make. Even so, it`s easy. Whad`ya think of the cursor? Well, I think I`ll go to sleep right now. The Naruto music isn`t helping me like the usual. I guess I`m just too tired. Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


P.S. I might update this post around the P.M. to tell you guys about my day... o.O Maybe... ~In A Creeping Voice~

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