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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bored. -___- ~Yawns~
I stayed home today since my mom yelled at me. She unplugged my computer and punished me. Whateverrrrr! ~Laughs~ I got my computer back. I think she knows. I took the computer back to my room and plugged everything back. I think she should know that just taking my computer outside of my room won't do any good. No one can take away me computer! ~Guards the computer 24/7~ Hehe.... I`m really bored right now. It's sunny outside, I think I should go take a walk or something. My room is like summer [not that hot] but warm and I think I need some fresh air. ~Opens the window~ Ahhh, a nice cool breeze of wind just flew into my face. That felt good! Man, this weather REALLY wants to make me go outside. Maybe I can hang out with some neighborhood friends.... well they're still at school right now! & some probably have practice for sports after. -____-' ~Sighs~ Okay, so that was a no.

This morning, I was working on another Prince of Tennis, Ryoma Echizen wallpaper! I don't know if it's posted yet but Ryoma looks like a totaly Bishounen in it! ~5 Minutes Later~ I just checked my portfolio! Yeah, it took kinda long cuz I was looking and all of my wallpapers and how many downloads, favorite, and stuff like that. Well, my wallpaper didn't get posted up yet! -___- ~Trying not to lose temper~

I bet I have homework today but I don't know what I have except Social Studies and my stupid Science Fair Prokect. Here we go with the procrastination again!! I think I might have Language Arts and Spanish homework and I don't think I have Math. After all, my math teacher is grading the math assessment test along with every math teacher. I think I`ll do my Social Studies homework right now. You know? To save some time for later! ~Laughs~ I`ll worry about the Science Fair project when it is like 3 days before it is due.

I`m gonna go do my Social Studies homework now! Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


///////////////////////// EDiTED \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The wallpaper got posted up!:

Click the thumbnail to view full size.

Arigatou ~ ! `

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