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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Violin Lesson
It went alright today. I think I was 10 min. late to my teacher's house. -___-; ~Sighs~ My bro was suppose to go to the library and he kept us holding up, otherwise, I would`ve been on time. My teacher said I have to play two hours a day if I want to pass the violin exam with at least an 95 or higher. That only happened to me once, and that was in 6th
Test Grades
This was one thing I forgot to mention yesterday. In Language Arts, we got a lot of our tests/quizzes and essays back. On a Spelling Quiz [Easy!] I got an 105%. For two Vocabulary Tests on stories we read, I got 100% for both of them! =^_^= &+ For an Advice Essay, I got two grades. I got an 96% for Content and 93% for Mechanics..... o.O Huh? Anyways, that was a big suprise for me to get everything above a 90. I think I`m gonna actually raise my average in Language Arts. I`m happy! I think I`m boring you guys right? Gomenosai!

Science Fair Project
Apart from getting all good grades, this is a project that I have to get at least over a 90 for! I mean, I got this huge poster board that folds for $16! I think it was a rip off but we aren't allow to use posters and this was the only folding poster board there is. -____- I`m suppose to do this over the vacation? I`m not planning to but I gotta do what I gotta do to raise up my Science average. I`m kinda good in Science, especially Astronomy -`» Jupiter! For every Science Project where we can choose what we can do, I`ve always picked Jupiter. Ehh, my favorite planet and it`s easy for me to do since I know alot about it. Thoughhhh, I think I forgot some. Hehe XD Well, if I`m going to do this project, it`ll probably take me about 2 days to do it if I don't get any distraction. One day could probably be enough! Buttttt, I definitely cannot do a project without distraction! Not my style. ^_~ Ehhhh.... enough with that..

I ate sooooo much tortilla chips with cheese and salsa today. I think I got sick of it... Hehe XD This is a random paragraph just me expressing how much I love to eat. o.O Friend: Weirdo!!! Me: Oh shuttupppp, everyone loves food! ~Stuffs mouth with food~ ^_^

Since I`m playing the violin and working on a project, I might not be able to make wallpapers for awhile. But I`ll always find some time and make some... since that is one distraction out of hundreds of `em. ~Laughs~ I think I`m gonna go now. I might get in trouble and I do not want to miss the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards thing . Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


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