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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Boring Day --O-- ~Yawns~

Today has been one of the boring-est day of my life! All I`ve done was eat, and watch television. I`ve also watched anime on YouTube. That was the only thing that was good.... I wish I could`ve gone outside or something. But up here in New York, it`s really, really cold. It does notttt feel like Spring at all. More like it`s still winter, but warm winter...... but still it's cold. My legs are frozen. Oh wait, my window`s open. Hehe XD ~Puts hand behind head and laughs shamefully~ But if I leave it close, the house would feel like it`s almost Summer. But--- *SOMEONE INTERRUPTS* Friend: OH JUST SHUT UP WILL YA?! Me: WELL SORRYYYY! JUST TOO MANY PROBLEMS. AND STOP YELLIN` AT ME BAKA! ......... Uhhmmmm, yeah I just felt like typing that. I think the only thing I can do right now is play the violin. After all, ~Sighs~ my exam for violin is coming up. This is a test I do not want to fail!

You guys like it? I had a cursor similar to this when I had my Naruto layout up. This cursor only takes me a few minutes to make and yeahh.... I just felt like telling you guys that. ~Laughs~ Well, Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


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