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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks to everyone who commented on my latest drawing! I do appreciate it! And yes, this is the drawing I threw together lightning quick to have partially colored in time for the newspaper reporter to come and take pictures of me.XD In the picture of me in the paper, you see it only partially complete…pretty much just the faces, hair, and wings are colored. I think it came out decent for a “rush job.” lol! But yes, if you haven’t seen it already, here’s the link straight to it:

When I came into work last night, my coworkers kept on asking me for my autograph since they had seen me in the paper.XD It was busy for me last night too since 1 fellow banker got fired, another quit, and we’re still short a supervisor (although I’ll probably be getting that position.^^) so I had to run back and forth in the casino juggling two banks at once since we’re so short staffed. I get to do it again tonight…and then again tomorrow. Joy…and you’d think, since I’m doing TWICE the amount of work I should be I’d be getting a bigger paycheck. Pfffffft…yeah right.

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass. Lelouch=Love. *pets him*

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