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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanks to those who went and checked out my new drawing! The actual comic will be uploaded by Friday. I’m done with it really but want to wait to upload it till the weekend. In case you missed the colored cover then please check it out, thanks!

A lot of big things have happened to me this past week. The main one has to do with my job…but in a good way it will affect me. One of my supervisors put in her 2 week notice (she’s quitting because her husband got a better job and she’s going to work elsewhere) and I was thinking of possibly applying for her job. Well, then my boss calls me into his office and sat me down pretty much ASKING me to apply for the job because he wants me as a supervisor. That made me feels special but he stressed that it’s not guaranteed I’ll get the position but I think he only said that because he can’t “promise” people the position since anyone can apply for it…but the fact that he cornered me and asked me to speaks volumes. I guess the day my supervisor put in her 2 week notice he had told another super that he hoped I would apply for it.XD It’ll be good because it’ll get me more money plus it’ll be something different. It’ll be weird though…being the supervisor to people older than me. Only one other person in our department is younger then I am. I don’t think anyone will care though since I get along with everyone.^_^

The other big thing is that my best friend, Tyler, that I talk about quite often in my posts asked me out on a date…like, a date date. It took me a sec when he asked me to quite put into terms that he wants to start a romantic relationship with me. I said yes, of course, I hope things work out since he is my best friend already and he already knows me so well, and vice versa. I think he decided to ask me since when I started dating that guy Boots (as short lived as it was) I think it made him a little jealous.XD
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