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Friday, April 4, 2008

And oh man, figures when I compare Kyou to a jerk the Kyou fans would spring out with claws extended.XD Nothing wrong with that but it irritates me when people always throw the “his life has been sooooo much harder then Yuki’s so that’s why he’s the way he is.” Ugh, okay what member in the Sohma family HASN’T had a crappy life? Kyou fans tend to say that Yuki has it easy…apparently people don’t pay attention. Kyou being the cat, isn’t technically a zodiac so he feels left out in that aspect but Yuki, being the rat and therefore, the most praised by Akito is also left out. The entire family resented him as a child and the one time Yuki tries to reach out to Kyou to befriend him he screams at Yuki saying that everyone hates him and wishes he was dead. Kyou lost his mother as a child, Yuki’s parents completely abandoned him, leaving him to Akito in which Akito would lock him in that shed for days on end, beating him and mentally abusing me to the point where Yuki’s self-esteem is zilch-to-none. When he is older, Yuki is swooned over by the ladies but none of them attempt to get to know him. He is viewed as the epitome of perfection and he kills himself to live up to the expectations of others. When Kyou comes to the school, the girls think he’s cute but he manages to snag friends almost instantly making Yuki jealous that Kyou can easily do something that he can’t do. I think what irritates me the most about Kyou is that he’s had a tough life along with every other Sohma, but he chooses to sulk about it all the time and use it as an excuse to be pissed off.XD

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind “the jerks” of the shows, heck Inuyasha is my fave little hanyou! But what I DON’T like about the Tohru/Kyou relationship is that Tohru doesn’t know how to fight back. What makes characters like Kagome and Inuyasha work so well is the fact that he can throw an insult or angry tut at her and she will throw one right back! Tohru is too much of an air-head and while Kyou yells insults at her, she just sits there grinning in lalaland and it’s usually Yuki that knocks some sense into him.XD But I’m glad Tohru prefers Kyou because Tohru doesn’t understand Yuki. That’s why I like Machi so much…while the “Prince Yuki Fan Girls” were yelling at her because she said Yuki wasn’t as great as he seemed she replies, “But he isn’t perfect…he looks….sad.” I was like YES! She gets it! Good thing Yuki heard it too.^^

*Whew* There, just had to stick up for my fave prince, Yuki since people tend to always say that he’s not a good character because he’s too perfect but those are the people who haven’t looked into all the personalities of the Sohma’s. What can I say, I’m a dork and look too deeply into things sometimes.XD XD Piccy of the Day is of Yuki and Machi:

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