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Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks to everyone who checked out my Naruto parody comic! And yes, I purposely made the ending Looney Tunes/Animaniacs-eque since I have a guilty pleasure in incorporating Warner Brotherís into anime pieces.XD Anyway, hereís a link in case you havenít seen the it yet:

So, I spent all of Saturday doing nothing but watching movies! lol! I told myself since I finished the Naruto comic, I was going to treat myself to a day of movies and I wouldnít feel guilty about it! I tend to not watch flicks because as Iím sitting there I feel as if I should be working on something. So I ended up watching, August Rush (the rhapsody piece played at the end of that made me cry is was so amazing), Enchanted ( a movie Iíve been wanting to see and it was very cute), The Other Boleyn Girl (I had read the book and downloaded the movieÖgot a perfect DVD quality too even though itís still in theatersÖ>_>), the 2nd Death Note Movie (for those who donít know, itís a the 2nd live-action flick and people have asked this but these 2 movies are NOT a new storyÖit follows the manga/anime from beginning to end. The 2nd movie completes the series. The actor who plays LÖmy gawd is he amazing. Itís like the plucked him right out of the manga!), and last but not least, I watched the first 4 episodes of Prince of Tennis (I had NetFlixed the series and Iím glad I never BOUGHT this series because they only put 4 episodes per disk?! WTF?! Rip-off!!! Hence why I NEVER buy the American box sets. Buy the Japanese box sets and theyíll fit 12 episodes per disk and theyíre dirt cheap as well!). So yes, it was a movie-rriffic day!

I took a bunch of screenshots of L from the 2nd Death Note movie so you can see for yourself how much the actor looks like L. The actor sure did his homework to get the mannerisms and such exactly like the L character. I took a lot of screenies but Iíll only share someÖhope this still isnít too much.XD:

Thatís Light beside him:

Hereís one of L, Light, and Misa:

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