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Friday, April 18, 2008

So, the interview with the reporter went well! She came over and started off by taking a bunch of pictures of me while coloring one of my artworks and then she asked me a bunch of questions. It was cool how stinkin’ fast she can write! And most of the time…she wasn’t even looking down at what she was writing…looking at me while scribbling away in her notebook.XD I do the same thing though when I type. I used to freak my roommates out in college when I’d be having a conversation with them while typing on the computer.XD But she was really interested in me, as an artist, but also the whole concept of anime. I don’t know when the article will be printed in the newspaper but she hinted that it would be soon.
And she also gave me like, the biggest compliment ever as an anime fan, as she was getting up to leave she says, “You know, you LOOK like these anime characters.” And I was like, O_O and then she goes, “Yeah, you have the big eyes, long skinny face, narrow chin, elongated body…you look like one. And I mean that as a compliment!” I think she threw that part in because I don’t know if she thought she had offended me or not.XD

Nothing else really new going on except I’m working on a new drawing that should be done in the near future. It’s kinda a sequel to one of my older drawings that has done insanely well on Deviant Art. It involves only 2 characters is the only hint I’ll give.^_~

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass…again. lol! I just have a plethora of Code Geass pictures…probably since there’s so many good ones!! I think the males will enjoy this one for obvious reasons but I like it since it’s got my bishie, Lelouch in it making a funny face since he’s trying to sew CC’s outfit back together with a pin in his mouth and CC is being…well, CC and flirting like crazy with everyone.XD

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